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Plin $16.00+ La tur ravioli, house pancetta and arugula.
Pappardelle $15.00+ Wagyu beef cheeks, roasted carrots, green onion and Dijon bread crumb.
Gnocchi $14.00+ House poultry, grape tomatoes, fontina, tarragon, chili flake and potato crumb.
Arancini $9.00 Fried saffron Gorgonzola risotto balls and pink peppercorn basil cream.


Burger Panini $12.00+ 2 Piedmontese patties, fontina, pickles and savage sauce.
Carbonara Panini $13.00 House pancetta, creamed caramelized onions, parmigiano and sunny egg.
Caprese Panini $14.00 House poultry, crispy fresh mozzarella, spicy basil salsa verde and tomato fonduta dip.
Verdure Panini $11.00 Chickpea and quinoa farinata, mushrooms, goat cheese cream and bitter greens.


Fegato $13.00 Rabbit livers, thyme, mushrooms, shallots, Madeira and toast. Deep cut and untraditional parts.
Animelle $14.00 Bacon wrapped sweet breads, spicy Belgian endive leaves, mustard honey. Deep cut and untraditional parts.
Lingua $15.00 Wagyu beef tongue, puttanesca ragu, parsley leaves, garlic crostini. Deep cut and untraditional parts.
Sanguinaccio $10.00 Blood sausage and puff pastry, la tur citrus cream, lentils. Deep cut and untraditional parts.
Trippa $11.00+ Tripe, pancetta and jalapeno green Chile, sunny egg and farinata. Deep cut and untraditional parts.

In Piu

Chunky Puppies $4.00+ House thick cut fries and savage sauce.
Ferocious Puppies $13.00 Fries, pancetta, peppered onions, calabrian chiles, arugula, fontina and sunny egg.
Insalata $6.00+ Arugula, Belgian endive, roasted carrots, parmigiano, grape tomatoes and cumin croutons.
Vegetables of The Day $6.00 Call restaurant for daily selection.
Panna Cotta $5.00 House vanilla pudding, chocolate, hazelnuts and raspberry.
Gepade Caffe All Natural Gelato and Sorbet $4.00 Call restaurant for daily selection.

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