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Cuisine: Chinese.

Cold Appetizers & Salads

CO01. Hot and Numbing Chicken On The Bone $8.00
CO02. Sliced Beef Shank with Minced Peanuts $8.00
CO03. Sweet Lotus Roots with Rice Vinegar $6.00 Vegetarian.
CO04. Cold Whole Wheat Noodles with Shredded Chicken $8.00
CO05. Chinese Spinach with Sesame Paste $8.00 Vegetarian.
CO06. Wild Fern Salad with Bamboo Shoots $9.00 Vegetarian.
CO07. Rabbit in Black Bean Sauce $8.00
CO08. Country Style Pig Ears $7.00

Poultry & Meat

PM01. Schezuan Style Frying Chicken on the Bone $16.00
PM02. Chicken with Broccoli $12.00
PM03. General Gao’s Chicken $12.00
PM04. Battered Chicken Breast $15.00 With schezuan black bean sauce.
PM05. Ma Po Tofu $13.00 With minced beef.
PM06. Orange Flavored Chicken $12.00 With roasted sesame.
PM07. Schezuan Aromatic Half Duck on the Bone $17.00
PM08. Double Cooked Pork Bellies $12.00
PM09. Sliced Beef $15.00 With sliced chili powder.
PM10. Sliced beef $13.00 With tangerine peel.
PM11. Sliced Beef $13.00 With sesame in sweet and sour sauce.


SO01. Fava Bean with Sour Mustard Greens $6.00 Vegetarian.
SO02. Gremini Mushroom, Bamboo Shoots & Ginger $6.00 Vegetarian
SO03. Seaweed with Shredded Duck $6.00
SO04. Oyster Mushrooms with Shredded Chicken $6.00

Chef’s Specials

CS01. Rabbit on the Bone Braised $18.00 With fresh tanerine peals.
CS02. Duck Meat with Chinese Flower Chives $19.00
CS03. Duck Tounges with Soy Bean Paste $19.00
CS04. Braised Frog Legs $19.00 With bamboo shoots and baby ginger.

Hot Appetizers

HA01. Lettuce Wrap with Minced Chicken $9.00
HA02. Spring Roll with Mushroom and Chinese Chives $6.00 Vegetarian
HA03. Seasame Pancake $6.00
HA04. Pork Wontons with Rice Vinegar $6.00
HA05. Pork Dumplings $6.00
HA06. Dan Dan Noodles with Pork $6.00
HA07. Peking Ravioli $7.00
HA08. Garlic-Flavored Chicken Wings $8.00
HA09. Sweet Pork Ribs Glazed with Rice Vinegar $8.00
HA10. Sliced Pork Belies with Minced Garlic $8.00
HA11. Traditional Schezuan Style Flower Tofu $5.00 Vegetarian
HA12. Fried Calamari $8.00 Served with chili powder.


SE01. Wild Shrimp $15.00 With fresh minced garlic.
SE02. Spicy Wild Shrimp $15.00 With dry peppers.
SE03. Wild Shrimp $16.00 With papaya flavored cream topping.
SE04. Jumbo Scallops $15.00 With dry pepper sauce.
SE05. Green Lake Scallops $16.00 With white sauce.
SE06. Scallops $16.00 With schezuan garlic sauce.
SE07. T ofu Stewed $14.00 With mixed seafood.
SE08. Marinated Salmon Fillet $15.00 With black pepper sauce.
SE09. Red Snapper Fillet $18.00 With hot bean sauce and tofu.
SE10. Steamed Wild Seabass $18.00 With ginger and scallion
SE11. Fried Red Snapper Fillet $18.00 With sesame seeds.
SE12. Whole Stripe Bass $23.00 With schezuan basil sauce.


VE01. Chinese Baby Bak Choy $12.00 With cremini mushrooms.
VE02. Green Bean $12.00 With special schezuan pickles.
VE03. Steamed Vegetarian Delight $12.00
VE04. Eggplant $13.00 With garlic sauce.
VE05. Pea Leaves $13.00 With plain seasoning.
VE06. Chinese Baby Spinach $11.00 With fresh garlic.


DE01. Ice Cream $4.00 Your choice of flavor.
DE02. Sweet Sesame Dumplings $4.00
DE03. Sticky Rice Pudding $7.00


Soda (20oz Bottles) $1.75
Arizona Green Iced Tea (23.5oz) $2.25
Poland Spring Water (16.5oz) $1.75
Poland Spring Carbonated (16.5oz) $1.75

Lo Mein, Moo Shi & Fried Rice

LMF01. Lo Mein $9.00 Your choice of vegetable or meat.
LMF03. Moo Shi $9.00 Your choice of vegetable or meat.
LMF02. Fried Rice $9.00 Your choice of vegetable or meat.

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