Anise Tapas and Grill

Up to date Anise Tapas and Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Lentil Soup $7.00 Lentils and cauliflower seasoned with a yellow curry blend for a pleasing kick.
Chicken Matzo Ball Soup $8.00
Chicken Dumpling Soup $8.00 Served with ginger and lemon grass slaw.


Caesar Salad $9.00 Homemade Caesar dressing tops of romaine lettuce with seasoned frena croutons.
Chef’s Salad $18.00 Marinated grilled chicken breast, crunchy bits of grilled pastrami, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes and avocado with a side of house ranch dressing.
Nicoise Salad $19.00 Perfectly seared black-pepper-crusted sliced ahi tuna, leafy romaine lettuce, hard boiled egg, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, green beans, black olives and capers. Sweet Dijon vinaigrette.
Israeli Salad $10.00 Chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, and parsley topped with crisp lemon olive oil dressing.


20 oz. Black Angus Bone In Ribeye Steak $55.00
Angus Shish Kebab $26.00 Marinated Angus rib steak and 2 skewers.
Angus Beef Kebab $22.00 3 ground Angus beef patties with special seasoning and herbs.
Pargiot Skewer $21.00 Marinated grilled moist dark meat chicken.
Shawarma $19.00 Layers of dark meat chicken and a touch of lamb seasoned with anise?s own blend of seasonings are delicately shaved off a rotating spit.
Grilled Chicken Breast $20.00 2 chicken breasts marinated in anise?s imported house spices and deliciously grilled.
Schnitzel $20.00 2 breaded chicken breasts with herb blend and sesame seeds and fried to golden brown.


Simplemente Pasta $13.00
Jambalaya Spaghetti Pasta $22.00 Marinated grilled chicken breast and spicy lamb sausage tossed with spaghetti and a spicy tomato marinara.
Tuxedo Pesto $17.00 Bow-tie pasta perfectly prepared with the impeccable flavors of basil and garlic pesto and a light nutty touch.
Truffle Wild Mushroom Pappardelle Pasta $20.00 A medley of seasonal wild mushrooms and satisfyingly thick egg pasta finished with black truffle infused oils.
Delicioso Cappellini Pasta $17.00 Angel hair pasta with spinach, tomatoes, artichoke and black olives tossed in basil garlic oil.


Mushroom Angus Burger $17.00 House burger smothered in mushrooms.
Pastrami Angus Burger $19.00 Grilled pastrami on top of Angus beef burger.
The Ultimate Angus Burger $21.00 House burger with fried egg, grilled pastrami, onion strings and sriracha mayo.
House Angus Burger $16.00 Lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion and garlic aioli.


Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass $32.00 Served with fragrant jasmine rice and sauteed baby bok choy.
Pomegranate Glaze Salmon $26.00 Salmon glazed with fruity pomegranate. Served with mashed potatoes and green beans.

Tapas de Pollo

Shawarma Setas Rellenas $9.00 Baby Bella mushrooms stuffed with ebevarma and saffron tomato sauce.
Paella Para Mi $11.00 Spanish rice with flame grilled tomatoes, onions, peppers, succulent marinated chicken, blackened saffron rice and bits of spiced lamb sausage and topped with scallions.
Hummus con Carne $13.00 Hummus with shawarma consisting of layers of dark meat, chicken and a touch of lamb seasoned with anise’s blend of seasonings.
Gnocco de Pollo $9.00 Pan fried dumplings filled with ground chicken, pine nuts and special spice blend and served with pomzu sauce.
Cigarro Marroqui $9.00 4 crispy fried phyllo dough cigars filled with sinfully and savory spiced Moroccan lamb and Angus beef.
Shawarma Fajita $13.00 Shawarma with peppers and onions served with a flour tortilla.
Moussaka Sliders $13.00 2 mini lamb and Angus beef burgers topped with fried Japanese eggplant medallion and harissa. Served with tzatziki.
Chiquitito Burgers $10.00 2 hamburger sliders and each topped with a pickle and garlic aioli.
Wings Anise $12.00 Crispy chicken wings in a sweet chili glaze.

Tapas Pescado

Atun Tartare $12.00 This petite tower is of the freshest ponzu marinated tuna layered with avocado, firm yolk, pickled ginger and a sprinkle of black sesame. Served with delicate wonton crisps and wasabi aioli.
Fish Taco $12.00 2 fish tacos made with wild cod and served with jalapeno patron sauce and citrus slaw.
Moroccan Fish Tajine $12.00 Served with peppers, tomatoes and garlic in a spicy and rich sauce.

Tapas de Vegetales

Moroccan Frena Pan $8.00
Shakshuka Poco $9.00 Dense, flavourful matbucha of spicy paprika, peppers, onions, tomatoes and garlic. Topped with an egg.
Great Ball of Fire $7.00 Deep Fried, panko crusted matzo ball, served with spicy sriracha mayo.
Crimini Relleno $8.00 Creamy stuffed mushrooms.
Pimientos Shiseido $7.00 The mildly spicy Japanese pepper is flash fried and served with ponzu citrus sauce and toasted sesame and fresh garlic.
Falafel Anise $8.00 6 falafel balls spiced with anise special seasoning. Served with a side of tahini.
Drunken Avocado Empanadillas $12.00 Crisped egg rolls filled with seasoned avocados and fresh cilantro. Served with patron jalapeno agave sauce.
Tomates Ajo Asado $8.00 A magnificent medley of fire-roasted plump tomatoes, cloves of garlic and fresh basil-infused olive oil.
Espinaca Artichoke Fondue $11.00 Topped with panko bread crumbs.
Patatas Bravas $7.00 Roasted fingerling potatoes swirl with garlic aioli and harissa.
Hummus Champignon $12.00 Sauteed mushrooms with slow cooked creamy garbanzo hummus and served with pita.
Duo Hummus $11.00 Smooth hummus surrounds spiced warm garbanzos 9 with aromatic seasonings. Served with pita.
Israeli Salad Assortment $15.00 Eggplant, beet, spicy carrot, corn, baba ganoush, matbucha, red cabbage, green cabbage and served with pita.

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