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Cuisine: Indian, Vegetarian.


Served with homemade chutney Extra chutney : onion 1oz .60, mango chutney or pickles 1 oz .60 and 2 oz 1.10
Samosa (2) $3.50 Savoury potato-filled pastry
Alu chop (2) $3.50 Potato-onion patties
Bhajiia $3.50 Tasty fritters
Bhelpuri $3.50 Puffy bread with chutney and bhel mix
Snack of the Day $3.50 Chosen from specialties such as: Pakora, bonda, dahiwada or alu vada
Farasan Platter $6.25 Snack Sampler: A full meal or appetizer plate for the table


Garden Green Salad $2.95 – $7.25 Leafy greens and garden vegetables
Garbanzo Salad $4.95 – $7.50 Leafy greens, garbanzos, tomatoes, mushrooms and sesame seeds
Greek Salad $6.50 – $8.95 Bouquet of feta cheese & greek olives on leafy greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers & onions
Avocado Salad $7.45 – $9.75 Fresh avocado, leafy greens, peppers, tomatoes, celery & sesame seeds
Tofu Salad $5.50 – $7.95 Bed of garden greens, vegetables and seasoned tofu. High-protein, low calorie
Grilled Cheese Salad $7.95 Warm open-faced cheddar cheese sandwich on a bed of leafy greens and vegetables
Fresh Fruit Salad $3.95 – $5.50 Fruit only
Indian Raita $2.95 Cucumber-tomato salad with spiced yogurt sauce


Indian Dal $2.75 – $3.50 Made from lentils
Indian Sambhar $2.75 – $3.50 Made from lentils and vegetables
Soup of the Day $2.75 – $3.50 Two selections daily

Main Course

Chapatti Roll Up $7.75 Whole wheat indian bread made to order
Indian Style $7.75 Curried vegetables and salad with mayo-tamari sauce
American style $7.75 Brown rice and vegetables, salad with mayo-tamari sauce
Mediterranean Style $9.50 Brown rice, grilled vegetables, salad, feta, mayo-tamari sauce
Dosa Roll-Up $9.50 Rice and lentil crepe replaces chapatti additional
Masala Dosa $8.52 A rice and lentil crepe filled with savoury potato masala
Meatball Kabob $8.50 Skewered soy meatballs and marinated vegetables served over basmatti or brown rice with a choice of sweet and sour sauce, butter-herb sauce or dal. Vegan option.
Indian Kabob $8.95 Skewered bhajia and marinated vegetables on basmatti rice with dal, chutney and pappadam. Vegan option.
Wholesome Potato $2.95 Served with a dab of butter
Wholesome Potato with a Scoop of Curry $5.95
Wholesome Potato with Sag Panir $6.70
Holy Cow $8.95 Grilled vegetables with feta cheese


Served with mayo-tamari sauce
Cheese Griller $4.95 Soy hamburger, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce on a roll
Twinburger $8.75 Double cheese griller
Curryburger $4.95 Curry, salad and tomato sauce in whole wheat pita
Tofuburger $5.25 Sauteed tofu, salad and tomato sauce in whole wheat pita
Saladburger $4.25 Salad, sauce in a whole wheat pita
Gardenburger $5.75 Cheese griller, leafy salad and tomato sauce in whole wheat pita

Burger Platters

Burgers served with mayo-tamari sauce
Cheese Griller Platter $7.95 Griller with salad and fries
Twinburger Platter $11.50 Double griller, fries, salad
Gardenburger Platter $8.25 Gardenburger with fries

Sandwiches and Specialties

Avocado sandwich (seasonal) with tomato, greens, onion, sesame seeds and mayo-tamari sauce. Vegan option.
Bacon & Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich $4.95 On multi-grain bread with sauce
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $3.95
Meatball Hero $5.95 Served with tomato sauce and cheese
Hot Dog $3.50
Naan Pizza $5.50 Individual pizza with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese
Mediterranean Naan Pizza $7.25 Grilled vegetables, feta, onion and tomato sauce


All served with buttered multi-grain toast
Plain Omelette $4.75
Tofu Omelette $7.75
Curry Filled Omelette $7.45 For all omelettes, additional for cheese $1.50, additional for steamed vegetables $2.75

Omelette Platters

A Plain Omelette $6.50 Served with fries and toast
A Plain Omelette $6.50 Served with salad and toast

Daily Specials – Tuesday: Chinese Day

Homemade Vegetarian Spring Roll $2.25
Broccoli with Garlic Sauce $3.50 – $4.95
Szechuan Noodles $3.75
Mixed Vegetables with Tofu $4.50 – $5.95

Daily Specials – Thursday: Italian Day

Spaghetti $2.75 Tomato sauce with grated parmesan cheese
Marinara $4.75 – $5.75 Served with garlic bread and parmesan cheese
Marinara with Meatballs $6.25 – $7.95
Eggplant Parmigiana with Garlic Bread $8.95
Eggplant Parmigiana Casserole $4.95 – $7.95
Eggplant Parmigiana Hero $6.95
Baked Vegetable Lasagna with Garlic Bread $8.95
Baked Vegetable Lasagna Casserole $4.95 – $7.95
Meatball (soy) Hero $6.95 Served with tomato sauce and cheese
Garlic Bread $1.95

Daily Specials – Friday: American Day

Neatloaf $6.95
Neatloaf $9.95 Served with mashed potatoes and fresh mushroom gravy


Pappadam $1.00 A crunchy wafer, fried
Puri $1.50 Puffy, fried multi-grain bread, made to order
Chapatti $1.95 Grilled multi-grain bread, made to order, buttered
Naan $1.50 Tandoori style bread, buttered
Dosa Crepe $2.25 Blend of naturally fermented urid dal and rice
Whole Wheat Bread (2) $1.75

Sides Order

Vegetable Curry $3.50
Sag Panir $3.95
Basmati or Brown Rice $3.00
Indian Dal $1.75
Steamed Vegetables $4.95
Meatballs in Sauce $4.25
Meatballs with Parmesan Cheese $4.50
Sauteed Tofu $3.50
French Fries $2.50
Plain Griller $3.00
Slice of Grilled Chicken $2.50
Bacon $1.00
Tahini 2 oz $0.95
Homemade Cheesecake $3.50 Served with sour cream topping
Homemade Tiramisu $3.50
Homemade Carrot Cake $3.50
Homemade Vegan Double Rich Chocolate Cake $3.50

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