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Charcoal BBQ

Yangyum Galbi Annangol special sauce, beef short prime ribs marinated, charcoal BBQ
Chadolbaegi Cooked at the table, thin slices of brisket beef
Sam Gyup Sal-Pork Belly Choice of non spicy and spicy, cooked at the table, pork belly, thinly sliced
Galbi-Jumulruk Charcoal BBQ, specially treated sliced beef marinated
Motnanee Dweji Galbi Annangol spicy sauce, charcoal BBQ, marinated, sliced prime pork ribs marinated, sliced tender
Taeneung Dweji Galbi Annangol special sauce, charcoal BBQ, marinated, sliced prime pork ribs marinated, sliced tender
Yooksoo Bulgogi (serving for 2) Annangol special sauce, beef, finely sliced tender, marinated
Goonmandu Fried dumplings, made with meat and vegetables
Bibimbab Fried egg, mushrooms and bean sprouts, rice topped with various cooked, served with red chili paste, vegetables, which should be mixed in thoroughly.
Haemul-Pajeon Pencake made with green onion, seafood
Shrimp Bokkeum Choice of chicken, or vegitable, seafood
Bakban Consisting of rice, korean traditional set menus, seven side dishes, soup, stew consisting

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