Anokha Cuisine of India

Up to date Anokha Cuisine of India prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Anokha Cuisine of India is available in 2 states.


Aloo Tikki $5.95 Potato patties with ginger peas, red onions and spices, served with chana masala.
Chicken Pakoras $4.95 Boneless white chicken dipped in chickpea flour and deep fried.
Lamb Samosas $4.95 Pastry stuffed with minced lamb and green peas (2 pieces).
Paneer Pakoras $6.95 Indian homemade cheese (paneer) dipped in besan and deep fried.
Platter (Anokha) $7.95 Combination of above appetizers.
Vegetable Pakoras $3.95 Mixed vegetable fritters fried in chickpea flour.
Vegetable Samosas $4.95 Pastry stuffed with potatoes and peas (2 pieces) (vegan).

Soups, Salads, & Side Dishes

Boondi Raita $2.95 Yogurt whisked and garnished with gramflour dumplings.
Brown Rice Eco Friendly $2.95 Steamed indian basmati rice (vegan).
Kashimiri Pillau $2.50 Steamed indian basmati rice (vegan).
Lentil Soup (Dal) $2.95 Mildly spiced lentil soup.
Mango Chutneys $2.95 Indian condiments. (Vegan).
Mixed Green Salad $2.95 Mixed greens served with house made buttermilk ranch dressing.
Papadum $2.95 Combination of organic chicken tikka, tandoori prawn, and seekh kabab.
Pickle (Achar) $2.95 Two thin baked lentil wafers (vegan).

Chicken Curries

Chicken Curry (Surender) $11.95 House special punjabi curry.
Chicken Korma $12.95 Chicken cooked in mildly spiced yogurt sauce.
Chicken Makhni $11.95 Tandoori chicken in a thick buttery gravy (dark meat only).
Chicken Saag $11.95 Chicken cooked with mildly spiced spinach.
Chicken Tikka Masala $12.95 Chicken cooked in mild creamy sauce.
Chicken Tikka Masala $11.95 Chicken cooked with potato and spices.

Lamb Curries

Lamb Korma $13.45 Lamb cooked in mildly spiced yogurt sauce.
Lamb Mattar $12.95 Lamb with green peas.
Lamb Saag $12.95 Lamb cooked with mildly spiced spinach.
Lamb Vindalu $12.95 Spicy hot. Lamb cooked with potatoes and spices.
Rogan Josh $12.95 Lamb cooked in spicy curry sauce.

Seafood Curries

Goa Fish Curry $13.95 Cod fish cooked with creamy based coconut milk.
Prawn Curry $13.95 Prawns cooked in a tomato-onion gravy.
Prawn Saagwala $13.95 Prawns cooked in a creamy spinach.
Prawn Vindalu $13.95 Spicy hot. Prawns cooked with potatoes and spices.
Tandoori Prawn Masala $13.95 Tandoori prawns cooked and served with curry sauce.

Vegetarian Curries

Aloo Gobi $10.95 Fresh cauliflower cooked with potatoes and spices (vegan).
Bengan Bartha $10.95 Eggplant delicacy with blend of spices (vegan).
Bhindi Masala $10.95 Sliced okra with onion, tomatoes and spices (vegan).
Channa Masala $10.95 Chick-peas with fresh tomatoes, herbs and spices (vegan).
Dal Makhni $10.95 Whole lentils cooked in indian spices.
Dal Tarka $9.95 Chana dal cooked with tomatoes, onion, ginger, and green chili (vegan).
Malai Kofta $11.95 Combination of cheese, potatoes, nuts and raisins blended with spices.
Navrattan Korma $11.95 Combination of cheese, potatoes, nuts and raisins blended with spices.
Paneer Tikka Masala $11.95 Homemade cheese cubes cooked with spices.
Saag Paneer $10.95 Fresh spinach and paneer.

Tandoori Special

(Clay pit oven).
Chicken Tikka Kabab $12.95 Boneless breast pieces marinated and roasted, mildly spiced.
Pesto Paneer Kabab $12.95 Home made cheese cubes cooked with holy basil and spices (basil is aruvedic indian spice).
Seekh Kabab $13.95 Ground lamb, pressed on skewers and roasted.
Tandoori Chicken $10.95 Chicken marinated in yogurt and indian spices (dark meat only).
Tandoori Mixed Grilled $18.95 Combination of the above tandoori.
Tandoori Prawns $14.95 Jumbo prawns, lightly marinated and roasted.

Indian Breads

Anokha Naan $3.95 Naan stuffed spiced chicken, cashews, raisins and nuts.
Chapati $2.95 Oven-baked bread (wheat flour) (vegan).
Garlic Naan $2.95 Naan stuffed with garlic.
Garlic Naan $3.95 Naan stuffed with garlic.
Kabuli Naan $3.95 Nann stuffed with raisins and nuts.
Keema Naan $3.95 Naan stuffed with spiced ground lamb.
Naan $2.95 Leavened bread baked in a clay pit over charcoal.
Onion Naan $3.95 Naan stuffed with diced onions.
Paratha $2.95 Oven-baked indian bread (wheat flour) (vegan).
Pesto Garlic Naan $4.95 (Holy basil) naan stuffed with basil and garlic.

Indian Desserts

Gulab Jamun $3.95 Juicy light pastry made from milk, served with hot honey syrup.
Kheer $3.95 Traditional chilled rice pudding flavored with nuts, cardamon and saffron.
Kulfi $3.95 Traditional saffron flavored indian ice-cream enriched with nuts.
Ras Malai $3.95 Homemade cheese patties served cold in sweetened milk flavored with rose water and nuts.


Apple Juice $2.95
Black Tea $2.75
Chai Tea $2.95
Coffee $2.75
Coke $2.25
Diet Coke $2.25
Fanta Orange $2.25
Ginger Ale $2.95
Green Tea $2.75
Herbal Tea $2.95
Iced Tea $2.25
Lassi $2.95
Lemonade $2.95
Mango Juice $2.95
Mango Lassi $3.45
Mineral Water $2.95
Orange Juice $2.95
Root Beer $2.25
Sprite $2.95
Tulsi Chai $2.75 (Organic holy basil tea).
Tulsi Darjeeling $2.75 (Organic holy basil tea).
Tulsi Ginger $2.75 (Organic holy basil tea).
Tulsi Gotu Kola $2.75 (Organic holy basil tea).
Tulsi Green $2.75 (Organic holy basil tea).
Tulsi Tea $2.75 (Organic holy basil tea).
Yogi Tea $2.75

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