ANQI Sushi Express

Up to date ANQI Sushi Express prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi, Asian.


Hot Bubble Tea $3.29
Cold Bubble tea $3.29
Hot Bubble Milk Shake $3.29
Cold Bubble Milk Shake $3.29


Ika Salad $4.59 Japanese octopus salad.
Chuka Salad $4.59 Japanese seaweed salad.
7 Dumplings $4.59 Pork or vegetarian.
5 Inari $4.59 Fried tofu with rice.
Brown Sushi Ball $4.59 Cooked dried pork, bonito, seaweed, sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce.


Miso Soup $1.19
Cucumber Soup with Pork $1.19


10 Piece Nigiri Combo $11.49 Chef’s choice of salmon, tuna, shrimp eel and egg cake.
12 Piece CA Sample Tray $6.09 Four kinds of regular rolls.
14 Piece CA Combo $6.09 California roll and mini veggie roll.
14 Piece Spicy Creamy Combo $6.09 Spicy California roll and mini creamy roll.
9 Piece Inari Combo $6.09 California roll and inari sushi.
9 Piece Spicy Fish Combo $6.89 Spicy fish roll and spicy CA roll.
14 Piece Mini Fish Combo $6.89 Regular roll and mini fish roll.
14 Piece Seafood Combo $6.89 Cooked fish roll and mini fish roll.
13 Piece Lansing Combo $6.89 Lansing roll and regular roll.
11 Piece AnQi Special $11.49 One piece nigiri sushi, rainbow roll, green dragon roll and orange roll.
16 Piece Seafood Special $10.39 Two pieces of nigiri sushi, fish roll and mini fish roll.
22 Piece Sample Platter $9.19 California roll, orange roll, mini fish tuna roll, mini fish salmon roll and mini veggie roll.
12 Piece California Roll $5.59
12 Piece Crab Stick Roll $5.59
9 Piece Orange Roll $5.59
12 Piece Philly Roll $5.59
12 Piece Spicy Philly Roll $5.59
12 Piece Vegetarian Roll $5.59
12 Piece Salmon Roll $6.89 Raw.
12 Piece Tuna Roll $6.89 Raw.
12 Piece Tilapia Roll $6.89 Raw.
12 Piece Shrimp Roll $6.89 Cooked.
12 Piece Smoke Salmon Roll $6.89 Cooked.
8 Piece AnQi Dragon Roll $9.19
8 Piece Black Dragon Roll $9.19
8 Piece Pink Dragon Roll $9.19
8 Piece Fire Dragon Roll $9.19
11 Piece Green Dragon Combo $9.19 Green dragon and orange roll.
10 Piece Lansing Roll $7.29
10 Piece Downtown Roll $7.29 Lansing roll and California roll.
10 Piece Jumbo Combo $7.29 Lansing Roll and Downtown roll.
Soba $5.79 Buckwheat noodles, shredded carrot and cucumber, half boiled egg and special sauce.

Hot Food

Udon $8.09
Udon Combo $9.29 Udon and four pieces California roll.
Beef Don $9.19
Beef Don Combo $9.29 Beef don and miso soup.
Braised Pork Rice $5.79

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