Antojitos Colombianos

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Cuisine: South American.


Breakfast. Served With Home Fries. From 7am-12pm
Huevos Cualquier Estilo $4.75 eggs any style
Sandwich De Huevo Y Jamon $3.50 egg & ham sandwich
Sandwich De Huevo Y Queso $3.00 egg & cheese sandwich
Sandwich De Tocino Y Huevo $3.50 bacon & egg sandwich
Sandwich De Queso, Tocino Y Huevo (Croissant) $4.75 cheese, bacon & egg sandwich
Calentados Con Huevos Pericos $4.75
Calentados Carne Asada Y Huevos Pericos $8.00
Calentados Carne Asada Y Huevos Pericos $8.00
Calentados Con Carne $6.00 mixed rice & beans w/ grilled steak
Calentados Con Huevos Y Carne $7.00 mixed rice & beans, grilled steak & eggs
Calentado Con Chorizo $5.00 mixed rice & beans w/ sausage
Huevos Pericos Con Arroz $5.00 scrambled eggs w/ rice
Calentado Con Chicharron $5.00 mixed rice & beans w/ fried pork skin


Ham And Cheese Omelette $5.50
Mushroom Omelette $5.00
Vegetables Omelette $5.00
Onions And Bacon Omelette $5.00
Tomato And Onions Omelette $5.00
Huevos Pericos $3.50 your choice eggs
Scramble Egg – Home Fries And Toast $4.50 2 eggs- any style with bacon or ham or sausage omelets
Ham Tomatoes And American Cheese Or Mozzarella Cheese $5.50
Antojitos Col. Omelete $5.50 with bacon and ham colombian cheese


Sopas – Pregunte Por La Sopa Del Dia / Ask For Our Daily Soup
Sandwich De Pechuga De Pollo $4.50 grilled chicken cutlet sandwich
Jamon, Huevo, Queso $4.00 ham, egg, cheese on roll
Tocino, Huevo, Queso Cheddar (On Roll) $4.00 bacon, egg cheddar cheese on croissant
Huevos, Chorizo, Queso Americano $4.00 egg, sausage and american cheese on bagel


Arepas Toasted W Butter $1.50
Arepas Toasted W Cheese $2.50
Pan De Bono $1.00
Bunuelos $1.00
Empanadas $1.00
Arepa De Choclo $2.00
Arepa De Choclo Con Queso $2.50
Tamales $2.50
Pan Ecuatoriano De Diferentes Sabores $1.00

Platos Tipicos Colombianos $10

Typical Colombian Platters All These Platters Are Served W/ Rice, Beans And Salad, Sweet Plantains Optional.
Bandeja Paisa typical colombian platters
Bistec Encebollado steak w/ onions, served w/ rice, beans, sweet plantain and salad
Pechuga Al Limon chicken breast in lemon sauce
Pechuga Al Ajillo chicken breast in garlic sauce
Pechuga Con Champimpres chicken breast w/ mushrooms
Pechuga Asada grilled chicken breast
Pechuga Empanizada breaded chicken breast
Pechuga Encebollado chicken breast w/ onions
Milanesa De Res beef steak milanese
Carne Asada roast steak

Platos Tipicos $12

Typical Dishes Domingo / Sunday- Ask For Our Daily Special
Bistec De Res En Salsa beef steak in sauce
Bistec A Caballo Y Huevos, Salsa, Cebolla Y Tomate fried steak in creole sauce
Lomo De Cerdo Asado grilled pork loin
Lomo De Cerdo Empanizado breaded pork loin
Lomo De Cerdo Encebollado pork loin w/ onions
Lomo De Cerdo En Champinones pork loin w/ mushrooms
Lomo De Cerdo Salteado pork loins in sauce

Comida De Mar

Seafood These Platters Are Served W/ Rice, Salad And Green Plantains
Tilapia $10.00
Pescado Asado $12.00 grilled fish
Pescado Frito $12.00 fried fish
Pescado Al Ajillo $12.00 fish in garlic sauce
Pescado Empanissado $12.00 breaded fish
Pescado En Salsa $12.00 sauce fish
Pargo Rojo En Salsa $14.00 red snapper in sauce
Pargo Rojo Frito $14.00 fried red snapper
Pargo Rojo Asado $14.00 grilled red snapper
Pargo Rojo Sudado $14.00 stew red snapper
Pargo Rojo Encebollado $14.00 red snapper w/ onions


Water/San Peregrine $1.25
Hits $1.00 different flavor
Arizona $1.50
Snapple $1.50
Can Sodas, Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Gingerale $1.00

Hot Beverages

Coffee/Tea $1.00
Coffee $1.25
Hot Chocolate $1.50 – $1.25
Aguapanela Con Limon $1.00
Aguapanela Caliente $1.00
Aguapanela Con Queso $2.50

Natural Juice $3.50

Cup Of (16oz)
Apple Carrot Celery
Carrot Apio-Apple Beet
Carrot-Orange Juice
Pina Fresca-Manzana
Paisley Apple-Orange
Fresh Apple Juice
Naranja Toronja

Shakes $3.50

Papaya Con Lecho O Agua

Colombian Sodas $1.50

Pony Malta

Colombian Juices $1


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