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Up to date Anton Restaurant & Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Breakfast Specials!

Available Tuesday-Friday, 8am-11am. Includes Coffee or Tea for $6.99. Enjoy our Saturday & Sunday brunch with open bar.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit (cut to order) $5.00
Honey Dew or Cantaloupe $4.75
Fresh Grapefruit Segments $4.75


Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $5.00
V8 $2.50
Apple $2.50
Cranberry $2.50
Pineapple $2.50
Tomato $2.50

Breakfast Sandwiches (Two Eggs)

Eggs on a Roll $3.25 – $4.25
Eggs with Cheese on a Roll $4.25 – $5.25
Western Omelet on Roll $5.25 Red and Green Pepper, Ham and Onions

Traditional Omelets (3 Eggs)

All orders include: home fries and toast-­White, Rye or Whole Wheat. Additional items: Bacon, Ham or Sausage $3 extra. Others $1 extra. Made w/ Egg whites $1.50 extra. English muffin, bagel or roll $1 extra
Fresh Mushroom $7.25
Western $8.00 Red & Green Pepper, Ham, Onions
Fresh Broccoli, Cheddar Cheese $8.00
Spinach, Feta Cheese $8.50
Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato, Basil $8.25
Ham or Bacon or Sausage $8.25
Tortilla Espanola $11.00 Egg, Potato, Onions, Spanish Chorizo
Tex-Mex $9.95 Mex. Chorizo, Sausage, Red Beans, Jack Cheese, Pickle, Jalapeno, Homemade Salsa

Eggs Any Style

Two Eggs Any Style $5.75 served with home fries and toast: Rye, White or Whole Wheat
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs $8.25 served with home fries and toast: Rye, White or Whole Wheat
Breakfast Wrap $8.25 Scrambled eggs, chorizo, black beans, roasted plum tomato salsa. Served with home fries
Huevos Rancheros $11.00 Eggs over easy, crispy corn tortilla, black beans, fresh guacamole, jalapenos, light tomato sauce
Grecian Wrap $9.00 Scrambled eggs, tomato, spinach, feta cheese. Served with home fries
South Western Wrap $9.00 Scrambled eggs, ham, green peppers, onions, Monterrey jack cheese. Served with home fries

Gourmet Combination Omelets (3 Eggs)

(No Substitute Items) Served with home fries and toast. Additional items: Bacon, ham or sausage $3. extra Vegetables $1 extra. Made with Egg Whites: $1.50 extra. English muffin, bagel or Roll: $1 extra
Serrano Ham $10.50 Serrano ham, Manchego cheese
Asparagus $10.50 Asparagus, goat cheese, onion, roasted tomato
Italian $10.50 Italian sausage, roasted red pepper, fresh mozzarella cheese
Hudson $10.75 Smoked salmon & onions
Croton $10.50 Homemade Ground Turkey breast, mushrooms, imported Swiss cheese
Riverside $10.50 Homemade Ground Turkey breast, avocado, imported Swiss cheese


Served with Maple syrup and butter
Pancakes $6.00
Banana Pancakes $7.00
Blueberry Pancakes $7.25
Banana Walnut Pancakes $8.00
Walnut Pancakes $7.50
Chocolate Chip Pancakes $8.00

French Toast

Served with maple syrup and butter
French Toast $8.00
French Toast Supreme $11.50 With two eggs any style, bacon, ham or sausage

Anton Super Specials

Angus NY Strip Steak with Two Eggs Any Style $17.75
Traditional Egg Benedict $9.95 Toasted English muffin, ham, melted American cheese, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce
Anton Egg Benedict $18.75 Toasted English muffin, grilled FILET MIGNON, poached eggs and Bearnaise sauce
Poached Scottish Egg $12.00 Toasted English muffin, smoked salmon, poached eggs, capers & hollandaise sauce
Eggs Florentine $11.00 Toasted English muffin, sauteed spinach, melted American cheese, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce
Bagel with Smoked Salmon $13.75 Toasted bagel, cream cheese smoked salmon, red Bermuda onions, lettuce, tomato, capers & virgin olive oil

Belgian Waffles

Waffle $6.75
Walnut Waffle $7.75

Breakfast Sides

Home fries $3.75
Corned beef hash $4.75
Single Egg $2.00
Two Eggs $3.50
Strawberries $3.00
Bananas $3.00
Fresh fruit $5.00
Bacon, ham or sausage $3.00
Roll $1.50
English muffin $1.50
Toast $1.50


Old Fashioned Hot Oatmeal $5.00 Served with brown sugar and milk

Hot Beverages

Coffee $2.00
Decaf Coffee $2.00
Cappuccino $3.75
Espresso $2.50
Tea $2.00
Decaf Tea $2.00
Herbal Tea $2.25

Cold Beverages

Soda $2.00
Bottle juice $2.50
Iced Coffee $2.00
Iced Tea $2.00
Iced Cappuccino $3.75
Water bottle $1.50
20oz soda bottle $2.50


Homemade Beef Empanada $4.00
Homemade Chicken Empanada $4.00
Charcuteria $13.00 Serrano ham, manchego cheese, chorizo from Spain, solomillo, olives
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce $13.00
Potato Skins with crispy bacon, Cheddar Cheese, sour cream $8.00

Homemade Soups

Split Pea $4.25
Soup of the Day $4.25


Below salads available with: Our special Homemade Dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese or Honey Dijon Mustard. Add $4 for Grilled Chicken, $7 for Grilled Shrimp, $7 for Grilled Salmon, $4 for Buffalo Chicken
House Salad $8.00 Fresh mixed greens, iceberg, romaine, green and red leaves, shredded carrots, red cabbage, cucumber & tomato
Mesclun Salad $9.00 Blend of mixed greens, cucumbers, tomato, shredded carrots & red cabbage
Anton Salad $10.00 Fresh mixed greens, iceberg, romaine, green and red leaves, shredded carrots, red cabbage, white asparagus, hearts of palms, olives, fire roasted red peppers
Caesar Salad $9.00 Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese & homemade croutons
Spinach Salad $10.50 Fresh spinach, endive, pears, walnuts,hard boiled egg,grated carrots& crumbled blue cheese
Arugula Salad $10.50 Fresh arugula, gorgonzola cheese, fire roasted red peppers, red onions, cucumber, tomato
Chef’s Salad $12.00 A delightful combination of lettuce, ham, Homemade Roasted turkey, American, Swiss cheese, tomato wedges, sliced egg, cucumbers and grated sweet carrots

Steak Sandwiches

Served on a Hero with Chimichurri Sauce, and Small Salad. Add $2 for French fries or Sweet Potato. These steak sandwiches are available also on platter, with rice and vegetables, add $3 extra
Angus NY Strip Steak Hero $17.00
Filet Mignon Hero $18.50

Try our Special

Lomo Saltado $18.50 Peruvian dish with Asian flavors. Stir fried rib eye steak, sauteed onions, tomato, parsley, seasoned with soy sauce. Served with French Fries and rice

Special Heroes

All Heroes are served with a small salad. With any sandwich below: Add $2 for sweet potato fries, or french fries. Add $2.50 for onions rings
Jamon Serrano $12.25 Spanish cured ham, manchego cheese, fire roasted red pepper, extra virgin olive oil
Cuban Sandwich $10.50 Fresh roasted pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickle and chipotle mayonnaise sauce
BBQ Pork Sandwich $10.50 BBQ pulled pork, jalapeno, black beans, chipotle mayonnaise sauce
Fish Sandwich $10.50 Beer battered tilapia, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce
Grilled Chicken $10.50 Breast of chicken, lettuce, tomato & chipotle mayonnaise sauce
Grilled Buffalo Chicken $11.25 Breast of chicken, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato & Buffalo sauce
Grilled Chicken with Avocado $12.00 Breast of chicken, avocado, sauteed onions, fire roasted red peppers & piquillo sauce

Terrific Burgers

8 oz. Handmade Angus Burger. Served with your Choice of French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries or Onion Rings
California Burger $11.75 Fresh ground beef, grilled, to your taste, Monterrey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, Fresh Avocado
Argentinean Burger $11.75 Grilled fresh ground beef, Manchego cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions & Chimichurri sauce
Spanish Burger $12.00 Fresh ground beef, grilled to your taste. Serrano ham, manchego cheese, lettuce, tomato, piquillo pepper, smoked paprika aioli sauce
Breakfast Burger $11.00 Fresh ground beef, grilled to your taste, topped with bacon and egg of your choice
Tex-Mex Burger $14.50 Fresh Ground Beef,sauteed Onions, Monterrey Jack Cheese, Fresh Homemade Guacamole Lettuce, Tomato, pickle
Riverside Burger $11.75 Fresh ground beef, grilled to your taste, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, fried onions, mixed greens
Hamburger $10.50 Fresh ground beef, grilled, lettuce, tomato, pickle &chimichurri sauce
Cheeseburger $10.75 Fresh ground beef, grilled, American cheese, lettuce, tomato &chimichurri sauce
Turkey Burger $13.00 Homemade Fresh Ground Turkey Breast, grilled to your taste with lettuce & tomato


Choice of Tortilla: Plain, Tomato Basil, Spinach. All Wraps Served With Small Salad. Below Items: Add $2 with French Fries or Sweet Potato
Grilled Salmon Wrap $14.00 Grilled salmon, avocado, mixed greens & wasabi mayonnaise sauce
Grilled Shrimp Wrap $14.75 Grilled shrimp, mixed greens, cucumber, avocado, tomato & Tzatziki cilantro sauce
Grilled Chicken BLT Wrap $12.00 Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, manzanilla olives mayonnaise sauce
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap $10.75
Grilled Vegetable Wrap with Mozzarella Cheese $10.50
Grilled Chicken Vegetable Wrap $12.00

Side Dishes

Vegetable of the Day $4.00
French Fries $4.00
Onion Rings $4.00
Mashed Potato $4.00
Home Fries $4.00
Sweet Potato Fries $4.00
Homemade Potato Salad $4.25
Garlic Bread $3.00
Rice $3.50
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce $9.95
Small Salad $7.00

Children Menu

Children 12 & Under. Below Items served with French Fries & Ice Cream. And your choice of milk, juice: Apple Juice, cranberry or Pineapple or soda
Breaded Chicken Fingers $8.00
Hamburger $8.50
Cheeseburger $8.75
Grilled Cheese $7.00


served with Ice Cream and your choice of milk, juice or soda
Macaroni and Cheese $8.75
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce $8.00

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