Antonio’s Cafe

Up to date Antonio’s Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Coffee, Caribbean.


Beef Pattie $1.75 A flaky turnover filled with spicy ground beef
Vegetable Pattie $2.00 A flaky turnover filled with mixed vegetables
Chicken Vegetable or Chicken Curry Pattie $1.95
MeatLoaf $1.85 A doughy turnover filled with mild ground beef
Jerk Chicken Sandwich $5.00 A delicious piece of our coco bread filled with Jerk Chicken, Lettuce and Special Sauce
Ropa Vieja Sandwich $6.25
Fish Sandwich $5.75
Jerk Chicken Salad $6.95
Jerk Drummettes $6.85
Coco Bread $1.10
Soft Taco $2.95 Beef, Chicken, or Veggie
Quesadilla $7.75 Cheese &/or Veggie
Quesadilla $8.75 Beef or Chicken
Chicken Tamale $3.25
Tostadas $2.85


Soup of the day $3.50


Served with Rice & Peas and Salad
Curried Chicken $7.95 Savory but subtle curry
Fricassee Chicken $8.25 Chicken sauteed and stewed in delicious spices
Jerk Chicken $8.95 Chicken marinated and smoked in special seasoning
Curried Goat $10.25 Stewed goat in a savory sauce
Oxtail $10.75 Stewed oxtail
Jerk Drummettes Dinner $8.75
Ropa Vieja $12.95 Slowly cooked pot roast sauteed in wine, garlic, tomato sauce and herbs
Carne Asada $12.95 Marinated and grilled steak
Quesadilla Platter $10.75 Beef, Chicken, or Veggie
Fajita $11.95 Beef, Chicken, or Veggie
Charbroiled Chicken Platter $8.50 Served w/ 2 sides, choices are Yuca fries, Rice & Peas, or Salad


Chicken Roti $7.25 Chunks of chicken in a pancake like dough
Goat Roti $8.75 Chunks of goat meat in a pancake like dough
Curried Shrimp Roti $11.75
Vegetable Roti $7.00 Vegetable Stew in a pancake like dough


Served with Rice & Peas and Salad
Escoveitched Red Snapper Fried and served in a special sauce
Tilapia Fried or Steamed
Steamed Red Snapper
Curried Shrimp $12.95 Shrimp in a mild curry sauce
Shrimp Antonio?s $12.95 Garlic Tomato Sauce
Shrimp Fajita $12.95


Served with Rice & Peas and Salad
Curried Vegetables $7.95 Chick peas, eggplant and stewed tomatoes
Vegetable Stew $7.95 Broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, red peas and plantains
Boca Burger $5.95
Veggie Chicken Burger $6.50
Jerk Tofu $10.50
Vegan Curry Shrimp $12.95
Vegan Shrimp Roti, w/ Potatoes $12.50
Vegan Shrimp $13.95 w/ Coconut-Mango Salsa
Vegan BBQ Drummettes $9.95
Vegan Orange Chicken $10.95
Vegan Chicken Ham Salad $8.95
Vegan Chicken Nuggets $7.95 Served w/ French Fries
Vegan Dessert $3.95 – $5.95
Vegetable Tamale $3.75


Fried Sweet Plantains $2.75
Fried Sweet Plantains $3.95 Served w/ sour cream & refried beans
Rice and Peas $2.95
Tostones $2.95 Fried green plantains w/ garlic sauce
Pupusas $1.80 Ayote, squash, Bean, Cheese, Pork
French Fries $2.25
Yuca Fries $2.95
Tortilla $0.50


Served with homemade lemonade
Mini Jerk Chicken Sandwich $3.50
Curry Chicken $4.25 w/ Rice & Peas and Salad
Chicken Nuggets $4.95 w/ French Fries
Soft Taco $4.25 w/Rice & Peas
Quesadilla $4.95


Tres Leches Cake $4.50
Carrot Cake $2.95
Rum Pound Cake $2.95
Assorted Cakes & Brownies $3.95 – $5.95

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