Antonio’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Up to date Antonio’s Pizzeria & Wine Bar prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Alcohol.

Lunch Menu

Classic Pasta Lunch Special $7.00 make it your own.
Express Lunch Special $9.95 choice of soup, salad and entree.


Fried Calamari $9.50 served with marinara sauce.
Baked Clams $9.50 – $12.95 freshly opened whole littleneck clams topped with garlic and herb breadcrumbs.
Mini Meatballs $8.00 grandma`s recipe brought over from italy simmered in marinara sauce.
Hot Antipasto $13.50 2 pcs eggplant rollatini, 3 pcs mozzarella sticks, 3 pcs baked clams and 2 pcs fried ravioli.
Garlic Bread $5.50
Buffalo Wings $9.00 – $24.00 also available in tuscan or bbq.
Caprese Salad $9.00 fresh mozzarella, red tomato, onion, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, capers, basil and olive oil.
Zuppa Di Mussels $9.00 available in red or white sauce.
Fried Ravioli $8.50 crispy cheese ravioli served with marinara sauce.
Fried Zucchini $8.00 served with our homemade horseradish sauce or tomato sauce.
Mozzarella Sticks $7.50 served with our homemade tomato sauce.
Zuppa Di Mussels $10.50 available in red or white sauce.
Hot Seafood Antipasto $17.95 fried calamari, fried shrimp and 4 baked clams.


Lobster Bisque Soup $7.00 creamy tomato based sauce with lobster broth and lobster meat.
Italian Wedding Soup $6.00 pasta, escarole and mini meatballs in a chicken broth.
Minestrone Soup $6.00 mixed vegetables in a tomato based broth.


House Salad $6.00 mixed greens with corn, tomato, onion, olives and italian dressing.
Spinach Salad $7.00 spinach, bacon and mushroom in a warm balsamic dressing.
Antonio Salad $8.00 mixed greens, corn, candied walnuts, sliced pears, gorgonzola cheese and balsamic dressing.
Caesar Salad $6.00 romaine lettuce, romano cheese and our homemade croutons.
Tuscan Bistro Salad $8.00 field greens tossed with candied walnuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries and raspberry dressing.
Steak Salad $13.95 skirt steak with gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes and onions over mixed greens with balsamic dressing.
Caprese Salad $11.00 fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, capers, roasted peppers and artichokes drizzled with olive oil.


Pepper & Eggs Hero $7.00
Sausage & Eggs Hero $7.00
Veal Parmigiana Hero $8.50
Shrimp Parmigiana Hero $9.00
Chicken Parmigiana $7.00
Sausage Parmigiana Hero $7.00
Meatball Parmigiana Hero $7.00
Eggplant Parmigiana Hero $7.00
Sausage & Peppers Hero $7.00
Grilled Chicken Hero $8.00 lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, garlic and oil.

Paninis $7

The Caprese Panini mozzarella, basil, tomato and olive oil.
The American Panini chicken cutlet, bacon and cheddar.
The Italiano Panini prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers.
The Antonio Panini grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, mixed greens and balsamic dressing.
The Sicilia Panini fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella, mixed greens and sweet peppers.


Personal Round Pizza $8.00
12” Pan Pizza $10.00
12” Bar Pie $10.00
18” Large Pie $14.00
12” Four Corner Pizza $10.00

Specialty Pizzas

Margherita Pizza $17.00 fresh mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce and sliced roma tomatoes.
Grandma Pizza $18.00 thin crust square style pizza with mozzarella and plum tomato sauce.
Sicilian Pizza $16.00 thick crust square style pizza with mozzarella and plum tomato sauce.
White Pie $17.00 fresh ricotta, mozzarella and freshly grated romano cheese.
BBQ Chicken Pie $20.00 white breaded chicken breast with antonio`s famous buffalo sauce.
Buffalo Chicken Pie $23.00 white breaded chicken breast with antonio`s famous buffalo sauce.
Meat Lovers Pie $23.00 sausage, pepperoni, prosciutto and meatballs.
Hawaiian Pie $21.00 freshly caramelized pineapple with boar`s head ham, mozzarella and ricotta cheese.
Antonio’s Special Knockout Pie $21.00 sausage, broccoli, mushrooms, bacon, garlic and oil.
Penne Primavera Pizza $20.00 penne pasta, mixed vegetables, garlic and oil.
Vegetable Pie $20.00 mushrooms, peppers, onions, black olives and broccoli.
Baked Ziti Pie $20.00 penne pasta with antonio`s homemade marinara sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese.
Penne A La Vodka Pie $20.00 penne pasta in a traditional vodka sauce with fresh basil.
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza $24.00 caramelized onions, roasted beef and assorted cheeses.

From Our Pizza Station

Pizza Slice $2.30
Calzone $6.75
Sicilian Pizza Slice $3.00
Zeppole $3.00 6 pieces.
Chicken Roll $5.50
Sausage Roll $5.50
Garlic Knots $2.00 6 pieces.
Pepperoni Stick $3.50
Eggplant & Spinach Roll $6.00
Grandma Pizza Slice $3.00
Hawaiian Pizza Slice $3.25
Margherita Pizza Slice $3.25
Salad Pizza Slice $3.45
Baked Ziti Pizza Slice $3.25
Penne A La Vodka Pizza Slice $3.25
Buffalo Chicken Roll $5.50


Two Meatballs & Pasta $10.95
Penne A La Vodka $10.95 classic tomato cream sauce, sauteed with shallots, splash of vodka and freshly grated romano cheese.
Linguine Clam Sauce $13.95 available in white or red sauce.
Cheese Ravioli $10.95
Linguine Alfredo $11.95 homemade alfredo with butter, romano cheese and cream.
Rigatoni Broccoli Rabe With Chicken Or Sausage $14.95 served in a light garlic sauce with sun-dried tomatoes.

From Our Oven

Baked Manicotti $11.95
Baked Ravioli $10.95
Baked Lasagna $11.95
Gnocchi Al Forno $11.95 made with our homemade vodka sauce with melted mozzarella and fresh basil.

Antonio’s Favorites

Skirt Steak Cassalinga $19.95 cherry peppers, mushrooms and roasted potatoes.
Penne Prosciutto With Shrimp $17.95 tomato cream based sauce with parma prosciutto, sweet onions and basil.
Eggplant Parmigiana $14.95 eggplant lightly fried and layered with marinara sauce, grated romano cheese and melted mozzarella.
Meatball Parmigiana $14.95 hand rolled meatballs stewed in marinara sauce with fresh mozzarella.
Lobster Kiss $17.95 linguine tossed in a lobster brandy sauce with chopped shrimp and chunks of lobster meat then wrapped and served in aluminum foil like a hershey`s kiss.

Chicken $14.95

Chicken Parmigiana breaded fried and baked with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.
Chicken Marsala sauteed with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce.
Chicken Romano portabello mushrooms, smoked mozzarella and marsala sauce.
Chicken Piccata capers and a white whine butter sauce.
Chicken Lucille sauteed chicken breast with portobello mushrooms and fresh tomatoes with a touch of cream.
Chicken Bruschetta grilled or fried with fresh tomato, onion, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and basil.
Chicken Calabria sauteed chicken with sausage and peppers.

Veal $16.95

Veal Parmigiana breaded, fried and backed with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella.
Veal Marsala sauteed with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce.
Veal Francese lemon wine and butter sauce.
Veal Piccata capers and a white wine butter sauce.

Seafood $16.95

Shrimp Parmigiana breaded, fried and baked with mozzarella over pasta.
Shrimp Marinara jump shrimp sauteed in a marinara sauce over pasta.
Shrimp Fra Diavolo jumbo shrimp sauteed in marinara sauce over pasta.
Shrimp Scampi broiled in garlic, oil and butter over pasta.
Grilled Salmon grilled and served over sauteed spinach.
Seafood Bianco mussels, clams and calamari in a lemon butter white wine sauce.
Seafood Fra Diavolo shrimp, mussels, clams and calamari in a lemon butter white wine sauce.


French Fries $3.95
Side Meatballs $4.95
Side Sausage $4.95
Side House Salad $3.95
Side Caesar Salad $3.95
Sauteed Or Steamed Spinach $4.95
Sauteed Or Steamed Broccoli $4.95
Sauteed Or Steamed Broccoli Rabe $5.95


Large Cannoli $3.25 cannoli shaped pizzelle wafer filled with homemade cream.
Mini Cannoli $8.00
Classic Cheesecake $4.95 creme brulee like creaminess baked on top of a graham cracker crust.
Mississippi Mud Cake $4.95
Tartufo $5.95
Tiramisu $4.95 mascapone cream laced zabayon and layered with espresso dipped lady fingers.
Carrot Cake $4.95
Haagen Dazs Ice Cream $3.50 ice cream flavor selection: vanilla, chocolate

From Our Cafe

Coffee $1.50 – $1.25
Hot Chocolate $3.00
Mochaccino $3.25
Cappuccino $3.25
Espresso $2.50
Latte $3.25


Canned Soda $1.25 canned soda selection: coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale.
Soda $2.75 – $1.75 soda selection: coke, diet coke, sprite.
Bottled Water $1.50
Juice $2.00 juice selection: apple, orange, cranberry.
Manhattan Special $3.00
Unsweetened Iced Tea $2.00
Boylan’s Soda $2.50 boyland’s soda selection: root beer, cream soda.

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