Up to date Aoyama prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Aoyama is available in 2 states.

Thai Menu – Appetizers

Golden Curry Puff w/Cucumber Relish $8.00
Vietnamese Spring Roll $8.00
Mussels Steamed $10.00 W/lemongrass thai basil, dried chili & coconut juice
Spicy Thai Fried Chicken Wings Mango & Mint $8.00
Shrimp Sate w/Plum Sauce, Cucumber & Peanut $12.00
Chicken Sate w/Peanut Sauce & Cucumber Relish $8.00
Soy-Cured Salmon Asian Pear & Cilantro Creme Fraiche $16.00
Chicken Soong $16.00 W/ pine nuts & water chestnuts in lettuce wraps
Roti w/Curry Sauce $7.00
Steamed Clams w/Ginger Garlic Sauce $13.00

Japanese Menu – Hot Appetizer

Golden Eyes $10.00 Baked sea scallop wrapped w/ salmon
Lobster Nacho w/Yoghurt Cilantro Sauce $12.00
Salmon Asparagus Roll w/Coffee Sauce $11.00
Steam Buns w/Crispy Duck & BBQ Sauce $12.00
Peking Duck Crepes $16.00 Roast duck wrapped in scallion pie w/julienne scallions, cucumber & sweet bean sauce
Steam Eggplant Shigiyaki $9.00
Edamame $6.00
Gyoza Shrimp, Vegetable or Pork $7.00
Shrimp Shumai $8.00
Beef Negimaki $13.00
Fried Calamari $9.00
Tempura Shrimp, Vegetable or Pork $9.00

Japanese Menu – Cold Appetizer

Tuna Tataki $14.00
Naruto-Sashimi Cucumber Roll – Yellowtail or Spicy Tuna $13.00
Naruto-Sashimi Cucumber Roll – Toro or King Crab $16.00
Tuna or Salmon Tartar $16.00
Sushi (5pcs) $10.00
Sushi (5Pcs) $14.00
Yellowtail in Yuzu Sauce $15.00 Yellowtail sashimi wrapped w/jalapeno & radish sprout, served w/wasabi miso & yuzu sauce
Wonton Sushi Tacos $13.00 Fried wonton tacos fills w/ tartars of fresh tuna, wasabi salmon or jalapeno yellowtail mixed w/soy sauce, tomato, cilantro & onion. Choice of 2
Salmon or Red Snapper Carpaccio $14.00 Sliced Scottish salmon or Japanese red snapper served w/spicy yuzu dressing

Thai Menu -Salads

House Salad $7.00 With choice of dressing
Arugula Apple & Fennel $10.00 With parmesan cheese & juniper vinaigrette
Green Papaya Salad $8.00 With roasted garlic, peanuts, lime, vinaigrette & sticky rice crouton
Peking Duck Salad $12.00 Roasted duck tossed w/apple, pineapples, cashew nuts & thai dressing
Grilled Prime Beef Salad $11.00 Tossed w/ ground chili, red onions, mint & herbs
Grilled Squid Salad $12.00 Tossed w/mixed baby green, mango, tomatoes, shallots & Asian condiments

Japanese Menu – Salad

Lobster Tail Cucumber $12.00 W/fresh mint salad
Baby Spinach w/ Fruke Salad $12.00
Tuna Tataki Sashimi $16.00 W/mix green salad
House Salad w/ Ginger Dressing $7.00
Avocado Salad $8.00
Spicy Crab Meat Salad $10.00
White Fish Tempura Salad $10.00
Seaweed Salad $8.00
Monkfish Liver Salad $10.00

Thai Menu – Soups

Tom Yum Koong $7.00 Hot and sour soup w/ shrimp, lemongrass & mushrooms
Tom Ka Kai $7.00 Coconut milk & galangal soup w/ chicken & wild mushrooms
Shrimp Dumplings $9.00 W/ fragrant lemongrass Broth
Soup De Jour $6.00
French Onion Soup Au Gratin $7.00

Japanese Menu – Soups

Miso Soup $3.00
Clear Soup $3.00
Tofu Vegetable Soup $4.00
Hot and Sour Seafood $5.00

Thai Menu – Main Entrees

Gang Keaw Wan $15.00 – $17.00 Homemade green curry w/coconut milk, eggplant, string beans & bamboo shoots. Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
Suko Thai Curry $15.00 – $17.00 Homemade red curry w/coconut milk, Asian eggplant, bamboo shoots. Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
Royal Massaman Curry $16.00 – $20.00 Prepared w/coconut milk, tamarind, peanuts & avocados. Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
Pad Khing $15.00 – $17.00 Sauteed w/mushrooms, snow peas, onion scallion & ginger sauce. Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
Gra Praw $15.00 – $17.00 Sauteed w/Thai basil, chili peppers, mushroom & string beans. Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
Pla Pad Prik $26.00 Crisp fried whole fish seasoned w/ tamarind, chili, garlic & sweet shallot sauce
Phuket Jumbo Shrimp $22.00 Served w/herbs, chopped scallops & garlic sauce on a layer of spinach
Bangkok Duck $22.00 One half duck-boneless-roasted crisp served w/ bean cards, green peas, pineapples & curry
Red Curried Duck $20.00 One half duck-boneless-roasted crisp served w/butter squash, fresh chili & red onion
Roasted Free Range Chicken $20.00 W/five spices & sesame seeds served w/shiitake mushrooms, asparagus & sticky rice pancake
Steak Au Poivre $25.00 Classic pepper steak prepared w/ haricot verts & braised carrots served w/French fries
Pan Seared Ostrich $27.00 W/mustard glaze berry marmalade sauce & sweet potato croquettes
Roasted Rack of Lamb $31.00 W/lamb jus, Thai basil, chili peppers & leek potato tarte
Baby Back Ribs $22.00 W/baby broccoli & rainbow rice
Steamed Red Snapper $27.00 W/shiitake mushrooms, ginger, scallion & tarragon
Striped Bass $22.00 Wok fried napa cabbage, water chestnut & cucumber
Steamed Lobster $35.00 W/garlic ginger & basil sauce
Seared Shrimp $23.00 W/gingered butternut squash
Charred Sirloin $28.00 W/soy, garlic & coriander
Black Sea Bass $23.00 W/fragrant coconut juice
Snap Peas, Shiitake & Water Chestnut $12.00

Japanese Menu – Entrees from the Sushi Bar

With miso soup or house salad
Sushi Dinner $25.00 12 pcs sushi & 1 california roll
Sashimi Dinner $28.00 18 Pcs of assorted fresh fish
Sushi & Sashimi Combo $27.00 5 pcs sushi, 12 pcs sashimi & 1 tuna roll
Super California Platter $15.00 3 Rolls of super california
Maki Platter $17.00 Salmon roll, tuna roll & yellowtail roll with 3 color soybean papers
Tekka & Hamachi Don $22.00 4 Pieces tuna, 4 pieces yellowtail on a bed of sushi rice
Chirashi Sushi $24.00 Variety of shashimi & japanese pickles on a bed of sushi rice
Paradise Plate $27.00 3 Pcs Tuna, 2 pcs salmon, 3 pcs yellowtail & 1 california roll
Sushi For Two $48.00 16 Pcs of sushi, 1 california roll, 1 spicy tuna roll & 1 dragon roll
Sashimi For Two $60.00 32 Pcs of assorted fresh fish
Love Boat (For Two) $60.00 10 Pcs of shshi 15 pcs of sashimi & 3 rolls
Cooked Sushi Special $23.00 8 pcs Cooked sushi & 1 dragon roll
Vegetarian Sushi Special $15.00 5 Pcs sushi & vegetable roll
Christmas Entree $28.00 Christmas roll & 6 pcs special tuna sushi
Spring of Paris Entree $36.00 Spring of paris roll, special red snapper & salmon sashimi
Beautiful Hawaiian Entree $30.00 Hawaiian roll & 5 pcs special salmon sushi
Lady?s Moon Entree $35.00 Lady?s moon roll & 5 pcs special sushi
Winter of London $36.00 Winter of london roll & 5 pcs special sushi

Japanese Menu Entrees From the Kitchen – Tempura

With miso soup or house salad
Vegetable Tempura $17.00
Chicken Tempura $19.00
Shrimp Tempura $23.00

Japanese Menu Entrees From the Kitchen – Teriyaki

With miso soup or house salad
Beef $23.00
Chicken $18.00
Salmon $20.00
Shrimp $22.00
Seafood Combo $26.00

Japanese Menu Entrees From the Kitchen – Noodle

With miso soup or house salad
Nabeyaki Udon $15.00 Shredded chicken, vegetable & egg in soup tempura shrimp on the side
Yaki Soba or Udon $14.00 Stir fried noodles with chicken, onion, mushrooms & vegetable
Tokyo Miso Romian $11.00
Zaru Soba (Cold) $12.00
Sukiyaki $23.00 Sliced beef & vegetables with noodles cooked in hot pot
Yosenade $23.00 Seafood and vegetables with noodles cooked in a hot pot.

Thai Menu – Noodles

Pad Thai $13.00 Stir fried rice noodle w/shrimp, egg, bean curd, bean sprouts, scallion & peanut
Pad Kee Maow $15.00 Sauteed flat rice noodle w/chicken, shrimp, squid, fresh chili, shallot, onion & Thai basil
Lad Nar $12.00 – $14.00 Pan fried flat rice noodle w/Asian broccoli in gravy sauce. Choice of chicken, beef or shrimp
Pad See Ew $12.00 – $14.00 Sauteed flat rice noodle w/egg, Asian broccoli & Aoyama seasoning. Choice of chicken, beef or Shrimp
Noodle Curry $12.00 – $15.00 Crispy Hong Kong noodles w/coconut milk, curry, shallot, sweet radish & tofu. Choice of chicken or shrimp

Thai Menu – Grilled to Perfection

Grilled are served w/steamed sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves, grilled vegetables & trio of dipping sauce
Jumbo Shrimp $21.00
Prime Steak $25.00
Fresh Squid $20.00
Snapper or Sea Bass $23.00
Seafood Platter Combination $32.00
Range Grown Young Chicken Marinated $19.00

Japanese Menu – Sushi or Sashimi A La Carte

Maguro (Tuna) $4.00
Sake (Salmon) $3.00
Hamachi (Yellowtail) $4.00
Saba (Mackerel) $3.00
Sawara (Spanish Mackerel) $3.00
Chuutoro (Fatty Tuna) $7.00
O-Toro (Blue Fin Tuna Belly)
White Tuna $3.00
Smoked Salmon $4.00
Red Snapper (From Japan) $6.00
Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) $4.00
Botan Ebi (w/Head) $6.00
Ebi (Shrimp) $3.00
Kani (Crab Stick) $3.00
Ika (Squid) $3.00
Ikura (Salmon Caviar) $5.00
Tako (Octopus) $4.00
Tamago (Egg Omelet) $3.00
Tobiko (Flying Fish Egg) $4.00
Unagi (Eel) $4.00
Kampachi $6.00
Alaska King Crab $6.00
Uni (Sea Urchin) $6.00
Hotategai (Scallop) $4.00
Aji (From Japan) $6.00
Spicy Tuna $6.00
Eel Avocado $5.00
Live Scallop

Japanese Menu – Rolls & Hand Rolls

Crab Roll $5.00
Tuna Roll $6.00
Alaskan Roll $8.00
California Roll $6.00
Salmon Roll $5.00
White Tuna Roll $6.00
Philadelphia Roll $7.00
Salmon Avocado Roll $6.00
Yellowtail Scallion Roll $6.00
Eel Avo . or Cucumber Roll $7.00
Spicy Tuna Roll $7.00
Spicy Salmon Roll $7.00
Spicy Lobster Roll $13.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $7.00
Spicy King Crab Roll $13.00
Spicy Tuna California Roll $13.00
Mexican Roll $10.00
Boston Roll $6.00 Shrimp, cucumber, lettuces & mayo
Christmas Roll $11.00 Tuna, avocado, masago & seaweed powder
Dragon Roll $11.00 Eel cucumber roll topped w/ avocado
Spider Roll $12.00 Fried soft shell crab
Cucumber Roll $4.00
Avocado Roll $6.00
Vegetable Roll $6.00
Sweet Potato Roll $5.00
Chicken Tempura Roll $8.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll $9.00
Rainbow Roll $13.00

Japanese Menu – Sushi Special Roll

Aoyama Roll $18.00 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, masago & scallion, wrapped in sesame soybean paper with Aoyama special sauce
Yukimaki $12.00 Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber wrapped in white seaweed, topped with chili sauce
Godzilla Roll $14.00 Fried spicy tuna avocado roll, topped with masago & a special sauce
Caviar Rainbow Roll $14.00 Rainbow roll topped with 3 kinds of caviar
Mickey Roll $14.00 Eel & avocado inside topped with crunchy spicy tuna & black caviar
TNT Roll $15.00 Spicy tuna, cucumber inside topped with spicy salmon
Red Dragon Roll $16.00 Eel & cucumber inside topped with tuna & avocado
Unaju Roll $15.00 Shrimp tempura inside topped with eel.
Titanic Roll $15.00 Spicy tuna inside, salmon avocado on top
Hawaiian Roll $11.00 Salmon, avocado & pineapple wrapped in green soybean paper, topped with cashew nuts powder
Italian Roll $15.00 Tuna, sundried tomato, avocado & radish sprout wrapped in soybean paper, topped with tempura flakes & Oba
Caribbean Roll $12.00 Tuna, banana & avocado inside, topped with sweet walnut and seaweed powder
Sicilian Roll $16.00 Tempura lobster, tomato, cucumber & avocado wrapped in soybean paper with chili sauce
Tiffany Roll $11.00 Fried california roll topped with masago, seaweed powder & spicy mayo
Spring of Paris Roll $18.00 King crab meat, tuna, salmon, lettuce, cucumber & avocado wrapped in rice paper
Tokyo Roll $16.00 Tempura shrimp inside, topped with mango & avocado, eel sauce & spicy mayo
Holiday of Roma Roll $17.00 King crab meat, spicy tuna, radish sprout & cucumber wrapped in green & yellow soybean paper with chili sauce
Lady?s Moon Roll $17.00 Tempura salmon, tempura crab meat & avocado inside, wrapped in yellow soybean paper, topped with mango, oba & eel sauce
Winter of London Roll $16.00 Fried oyster & apple wrapped in soy bean paper, salmon on top
Hudson River Roll $15.00 Spicy yellowtail, jalapeno wrapped in soy bean paper, seaweed salad & crabmeat on top
Garden State Roll $18.00 Lobster tempura, apple, basil, cucumber wrapped in three color soy bean paper topped with crispy potato & a special sauce
Dream and Dream $19.00 Alaska king crab, radish sprouts & cucumber wrapped in rice paper, with chili sauce, tempura lobster, pearl crunch & masago wrapped in soybean paper, with eel sauce
Time of Red & Black $19.00 Red: Smoked Salmon topped of spicy tuna served with chili sauce Black: Spicy tuna inside, topped with eel & eel sauce
Angry Dragon Roll $18.00 Fried soft shell crab inside, eel & avocado on top
Black Pearl Roll $15.00 Tempura pacific oyster, sauteed shitake mushrooms & cucumber with a Thai chili ginger soy reduction
Spicy Tuna Wrap $15.00 Spicy tuna, tempura flakes inside, pepper tuna & avocado on top
Volcano Roll $18.00 Seared oeooered Salmon on top of spicy lobster tail, fresh mangos & cucumber.

Japanese Menu – Kitchen Specials

Miso Black Cod $22.00
Chilean Seabass $22.00 Lightly breaded fried with sweet & sour sauce
Citrus Soy Chilean Sea Bass $26.00 Seared chilean sea bass with a citrus soy glaze served over soba noodles
Seafood Toban Yaki $23.00 Lobster tail, shrimp, scallop, mussels, clam, mushroom, baby bok choy with red miso sauce

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