Up to date Apna-Dhaba prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Sweet Lassi $1.99
Salt Lassi $1.99
Mango Lassi $2.49
Masala Tea $1.99
Soda $1.99


Samosa $5.99 A tasty Indian snack made with potatoes, peas and vegetables.
6 Piece Hara Bhara Kebab $7.99 Made with the spinach bound together by mashed chana dal and green peas served with mint chutney. Veggie.
Irani Pakora $5.99 An assortment of vegetables coated with chickpeas and flour then fried. Veggie.
Pepper Crab $10.99 Pan fried crab delicately spiced with pepper and light garlic.
Liver Jalfrezi $9.99 Chicken liver deep fried with herbs and delicate spices.


Akbari Tikki Paneer $9.99 Cottage cheese marinated in a paste of fresh mint, coriander, ginger, garlic, green chilies and grilled in a tandoor.
Tandoori Murgh $8.99 Grilled half chicken marinated in ginger and garlic paste, yogurt, ground spices, skewered and broiled in the clay oven.
Patrani Ki Machchi $11.99 Steamed fish coated in coconut and mint chutney mixture wrapped in banana leaf.
Galouti Lamb Boti $13.99 Marinated cubes of lamb, in grounded spices, grilled in tandoor and served with mint chutney.
Jingha Tandoori Shrimp $14.99 Large juicy shrimp marinated and grilled in tandoor.
Tandoori Champ Kandahaari $16.99 Succulent lamb chops tenderized with garlic, grounded spices and grilled in tandoor.
Tandoori Lobster $29.99 Spiced shellfish cooked to perfection in a tandoor oven.

Classic Curries of India

Junoon Daal Makhini $8.99 Black lentils simmered and cooked with onions and traditional Indian spices. Veggie.
Paneer Tikka Masala $9.99 Fresh cottage cheese, cooked in creamy tomato sauce. Veggie.
Paneer Kadai $9.99 Fresh cottage cheese cooked in creamy tomato sauce. Veggie.
Saag Paneer $9.99 Fresh cottage cheese cubes in a spicy spinach puree. Veggie.
Aloo Pasanda $8.99 Spiced sauce made with yogurt, cream and nut. Veggie.
Aloo Kurma $8.99 Spiced sauce made with yogurt, cream and seed paste. Veggie.
Channa Masala $8.99 White chick peas cooked with onion, tomatoes, Indian spices and garnished with fresh cilantro. Veggie.
Xacuti Goat $10.99 Goat cooked with ginger, garlic and tomato gravy with spices and garnished with cilantro. Spicy.
Lamb Curry $10.99 Lamb cooked with ginger, garlic and tomato gravy with spices and garnished with cilantro. Spicy.
Home Style Chicken Curry $8.99 Chef’s favorite chicken cooked with ginger, onion, tomato gravy and garnished with cilantro. Spicy.
Chicken Tikka Masala $9.99 Chunks of chicken, roasted in a clay oven and then folded into a mildly spiced tomato sauce. Spicy.
Egg Khagina $7.99 Scrambled egg with sauteed onion, chilies and Indian spices.


Murgh Biryani $10.99 Spicy.
Vegetable Biryani $9.99
Steam Rice $2.99


Naan $1.49 Leavened white flour bread freshly baked in tandoor.
Garlic Naan $1.99 Leavened white flour basted with fresh garlic, coriander baked in a tandoor.
Aloo Paratha $4.99 Whole wheat bread prepared with a stuffing of mildly spiced mashed potatoes.
Methi Roti $2.99 Whole wheat bread stuffed with fenugreek.
Chapati $1.99 Whole wheat flattened bread.


Double Ka Meetha $3.99 Pudding of fried bread slices soaked in hot milk.
Rasmalai $3.99 Cheese balls served with saffron flavored creamy milk.
Gulab Jamun $3.99 Deep fried cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup.
Ice Cream $3.99

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