Apolo Restaurant

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Cuisine: Chinese.


Egg Roll $1.00
Roast Pork $5.00 – $9.50 carne ahumada
Bar-B-Q Spareribs $5.00 – $9.50 costilla ahumada
Chicken Wings $3.50 alas de pollo
Lobster Sauce $2.25 salsa de langosta
Maduros $2.25 maduros
Tostones $2.00 tostones
French Fries $2.00 papitas fritas
Mashed Plantain $5.00 monfongo
Shrimp Cocktail $5.95 cocktail de camarones
Fried Wonton $2.25 – $4.50 wonton fritas
Crab Rangoon $3.50 crab Rangoon
Dumplings $4.95 dumplings
Shrimp Popcorn $3.50 popcorn de camarones


Chicken Soup $1.50 – $3.00 sopa de pollo
Egg Drop Soup $1.50 – $3.00 sopa de huevo
Wonton Soup $1.50 – $3.00 sopa wonton
Vegetable Soup $2.00 – $4.00 sopa de vegetales
Chinese Soup $3.00 – $4.75 sopa China
House Special Soup $3.00 – $4.95 especial de la casa
Wonton Egg Drop Soup $2.25 – $3.75 sopa wonton y huevo
Hot and Sour Soup $2.00 – $4.00 sopa agria y picante

Choice Dishes

Lobster Cantonese langosta a la cantonesa
Shrimps with Lobster Sauce $8.00 camarones en salsa langosta
Butterfly Shrimps $8.75 camarones a la mariposa
Green Pepper Steak $4.75 – $6.75 came de res con pimiento
Beef with Tomato $4.75 – $6.75 carne de res con tomate
Butterfly Steak $8.75 bisteck a la mariposa
Beef with Oyster Sauce $6.75 carne de res en salsa de ostra
Ribs with Black Bean Sauce $6.75 costilla con salsa habichuela negra
Sesame Shrimp $8.00 camarones de sesame


General Tso’s Chicken $6.75 pollo de general
Sesame Chicken $6.75 pollo de sesame
Chicken with Garlic Sauce $6.75 pollo ajillo
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce $6.75 pollo con salsa habichuelas negra
Chicken in Deviled Sauce $6.75 pollo enchillado
Stewed Chicken $6.75 pollo guisada
Chicken with Oyster Sauce $6.75 pollo con salsa de ostra


Beef with Broccoli $4.75 – $6.75 broccoli de carne res
Chicken with Broccoli $4.75 – $6.75 broccoli de pollo
Roast Pork with Broccoli $4.75 – $6.75 broccoli de carne ahumada
Shrimps with Broccoli $5.50 – $8.00 broccoli de camarones
Plain Broccoli in Brown Sauce $3.50 – $5.00 broccoli de salsa
Lobster with Broccoli broccoli de langosta
House Special Broccoli $5.75 – $8.25 broccoli de la casa

Spanish Dishes

servidos con maduros o tostones o papitas fritas a arroz blanco, habichuelas colorada $1.25 mas
Fried Cracking Chicken $6.00 chicharrones de pollo
Chicken Wings $5.50 alitas fritas
Fried King Fish $6.50 pescado frito
Broiled Boneless Fish $6.75 pescado sin hueso asado
Broiled Shrimp $8.75 camarones asado
Broiled Shrimp $13.00 camarones asado
Broiled Lobster Tail langosta asada
Shrimp in Deviled Sauce $8.00 camarones enchillada
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce $8.75 camarones ajillo
Beef Steak $7.00 bisteck de palomilla
Fried Pork Chops $6.50 chuletas fritas
Fried Pork Meat $6.50 masitas fritas
Breaded Shrimps $6.50 camarones empanizado
Fried Shrimp with Salted and Pepper $7.95 fried shrimp with salted and pepper
Pan Fried Fillet Chicken $6.50 pollo a la plancha
Breaded Steak $7.00 bisteck empanizado
Half Chicken $6.00 medio pollo


Yellow Rice with Shrimp $8.00 arroz amarillo con camarones
Yellow Rice with Sausages $6.00 arroz amarillo con chorizo
Yellow Rice with Chicken $6.00 arroz amarillo con pollo
Yellow Rice with Ham $6.00 arroz amarillo con jamon
Squid with Rice $6.00 arroz con calamares
Plain Yellow Rice $3.00 – $5.00 arroz amarillo solo
Red Bean and White Rice $3.00 habichuela colorada y arroz blanco

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour Chicken $6.50 pollo agria dulce
Sweet and Sour Shrimps $8.00 camarones agria dulce


Beef Steak Sandwich $7.00 sandwich de bisteck
Fillet Chicken Sandwich $6.75 sandwich de pollo
Ham Sandwich $6.50 sandwich de jamon
Tuna Sandwich $6.50 sandwich de atun

Chinese Dishes Fried Rice

Roast Pork Fried Rice $3.25 – $6.50 arroz frito con carne ahumada
Chicken Fried Rice $3.25 – $6.50 arroz frito con pollo
Beef Fried Rice $3.25 – $6.50 arroz frito con carne res
Shrimp Fried Rice $3.50 – $6.75 arroz frito con camarones
Lobster Fried Rice arroz frito con langosta
House Special Fried Rice $3.50 – $6.75 arroz frito a la casa
Egg Fried Rice $3.25 – $6.50 arroz frito con huevo
Plain Fried Rice $3.25 – $6.50 arroz frito solo
Young Chow Fried Rice $3.50 – $6.75 arroz frito de young chow
Vegetable Fried Rice $3.25 – $6.50 arroz frito con vegetales
Ham Fried Rice $3.25 – $6.50 arroz frito con jamon

Chow Mein

Beef Chow Mein $4.75 – $6.75 chow mein de carne res
Chicken Chow Mein $4.75 – $6.75 chow mein de pollo
Roast Pork Chow Mein $4.75 – $6.75 chow mein de carne ahumada
Vegetable Chow Mein $3.50 – $5.00 chow mein de vegetales
Shrimp Chow Mein $5.50 – $8.00 chow mein de camarones
Lobster Chow Mein chow mein de langosta
House Special Chow Mein $5.75 – $8.25 chow mein le casa

Chop Suey

Beef Chop Suey $4.75 – $6.75 chop suey de carne res
Chicken Chop Suey $4.75 – $6.75 chop suey de pollo
Roast Pork Chop Suey $4.75 – $6.75 chop suey de carne ahumada
Shrimp Chop Suey $5.50 – $8.00 chop suey de camarones
Vegetable Chop Suey $3.50 – $5.00 chop suey de vegetales
Lobster Chop Suey chop suey de langosta
House Special Chop Suey $5.75 – $8.25 chop suey de la casa

Chow Mai Fun or Lo Mein

Beef $3.50 – $6.00 de carne res
Chicken $3.50 – $6.00 de pollo
Roast Pork $3.50 – $6.00 de carne ahumada
Shrimps $5.50 – $8.00 de camarones
Lobster de langosta
House Special $5.75 – $8.25 de la casa
Vegetable $3.50 – $6.00 de vegetales
Ham $3.50 – $6.00 de jamon

Egg Foo Young

Chicken Egg Foo Young $6.00 egg foo young de pollo
Roast Pork Egg Foo Young $6.00 egg foo young de carne ahumada
Ham Egg Foo Young $6.00 egg foo young de jamon
Shrimp Egg Foo Young $6.00 egg foo young de camarones
Lobster Egg Foo Young egg foo young de langosta
Vegetable Egg Foo Young $6.00 egg foo young de vegetales
House Special Egg Foo Young $8.25 egg foo young de la casa
Beef Egg Foo Young $6.00 egg foo young de carne

Salad – Ensalada

Tomato and Lettuce Salad $2.50 ensalada de lechuga y tomate
Avocado Salad $3.00 ensalada de aguacate con lechuga
Avocado Salad and Tomato $3.50 ensatadade aguacate con lechuga tomate
Chicken Salad $5.50 ensalada de pollo
Shrimp Salad $8.00 ensalada de camarones
Lobster Salad ensalada de langosta


Gumbo with Shrimp $5.50 – $8.00 asopao de camarones
Gumbo with Chicken $3.50 – $5.50 asopao de pollo
Gumbo with Beef $3.50 – $5.50 asopao de carne de res
Gumbo with Lobster asopao de langosta

Special Combination Dishes

served with pork fried rice and maduros change any kind of fried rice add $0.50, change egg roll instead of maduro add $0.50
Chicken with Broccoli $6.50
Beef with Oyster Sauce $6.50
Green Pepper Steak $6.50
Shrimps with Lobster Sauce $6.75
Bar-B-Q Spareribs $6.50
Shrimp with Broccoli $6.75
Sweet and Sour Chicken $6.50
Beef with Broccoli $6.50
Fried Crackling Chicken $5.75
Fried Shrimp $6.75
Beef Steaks $7.00
Fried Pork Chops $6.75
Shrimps with Garlic Sauce $6.75
General Chicken $6.75
Chicken Wings $5.75
Boneless Spareribs $6.75
Sweet and Sour Shrimps $6.75
Pan Fried Fillet Chicken $6.75
Shrimp Enchilada $6.75
Crackling Chicken with General Sc $6.50
Sesame Shrimp $6.75
Kung Pao Chicken $6.50
Breaded Steak $7.00
Pork with Broccoli $6.50
Chicken with Garlic Sauce $6.75

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