Apple Peddler Restaurant

Up to date Apple Peddler Restaurant prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Belgian Waffles, Right Out Of The Iron, Light & Crisp

Hot Apple-topped Waffle $8.49 with steaming sliced-apple topping and a tempting circle of whipped cream
Strawberry Waffle (in Season Only) $8.49 topped with strawberries and whipped cream
Bacon Waffle $7.99 strips of sizzling bacon are cooked right in the waffle served with maple syrup and whipped butter
Hot Belgian Waffle $6.79 hot from the iron with whipped butter and syrup

Hearty Breakfast

these breakfasts are served with three golden pancakes or two biscuits and country gravy or hash browns and toast. hearty breakfasts are meant to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. down home and delicious
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs $8.99 farm-fresh goodness. tasty corned beef hash and two eggs
Pork Chops & Eggs $10.99 two breaded dinner chops served along with two eggs
Chicken-fried Steak & Eggs $9.99 tender chicken-fried steak and eggs. a country favorite
Sirloin Steak & Eggs $11.49 tender & juicy, one-half pound of top sirloin with two eggs, any style

Eggs Any Style

served with three large pancakes or hash browns and toast. biscuits and gravy may be substituted
Bacon Or Sausage & Egg $8.49 four links of sausage or bacon strips and two eggs
Ham & Eggs $8.79 savory slice of ham and two eggs, any style
Minced Ham & Scrambled Eggs $8.49 two eggs scrambled with flavorful ham
Polish Sausage Breakfast $8.79 split and griddle-fried, this sausage is great with two eggs, any style
Two Eggs Any Style $6.99

Side Orders

Biscuits & Gravy $5.49
Biscuits $3.29
Toast $1.99
English Muffin $2.29
Juice $1.99 – $2.89
Coffee $2.00
Cold Cereal $3.39
One Egg $1.69
Polish Sausage $3.99
Ham $3.99
Bacon Strips (4) $3.79
Sausage Links (4) $3.79
Sausage Patty $3.79
Burger Patty $4.50
Hash Browns $3.69 – $4.60

Peddler Pancakes

light and fluffy, an american tradition. these cakes are served with maple syrup and whipped butter
Stack Of Cakes $5.99 three large fluffy cakes
Apple Cakes $7.99 three cakes topped with our hot spiced apple filling and whipped cream
Pancake Sandwich $7.99 sausage links or bacon strips and three large pancakes topped with ranch-fresh eggs
Strawberry Cakes (in Season Only) $7.99 strawberries nestled between three golden cakes, topped with whipped cream

French Toast

your choice, thick cinnamon or egg bread dipped in egg batter, hot off the griddle
French Toast Plus $8.89 made with two slices of egg dipped bread, two strips of bacon and two sausages and an egg, any style
Just French Toast $7.29 made with three slices of egg dipped bread
Apple Peddler’s Toast $8.49 made with three slices of egg dipped bread. ladled with hot apple topping and whipped cream


three fresh-cracked eggs, whipped and filled with your favorite ingredients accompanied by either three large fluffy pancakes or hash browns and toast or hot biscuits and country gravy
Cheese Omelette $7.99 tangy. grated cheddar fills this omelette for the cheese lover in you
Taco Omelette $9.49 filled with spicy taco meat, topped with a dollop of sour cream and grated cheddar cheese, accompanied by a dish of zesty salsa
Ham Omelette $8.99 the flavor of the ham makes this distinct. a generous amount throughout
Vegetable Omelette $9.29 a combination of nature’s best-broccoli, diced onions, mushrooms, and tomato. a garden delight
Mushroom & Cheese Omelette $9.49 mushrooms and cheese! this omelette is loaded with them
Sausage Or Bacon & Cheese Omelette $9.29 your choice-chunks of flavorful sausage or crisp bacon along with melted cheese
Denver Omelette $9.49 chopped ham, onions, and diced bell pepper, plus cheddar cheese fill this western favorite
Broccoli & Swiss Omelette $9.49 a duo of fresh broccoli and swiss cheese wrapped up in a delicious dish
Combination Omelette $9.99 this combines the works-diced ham, bell peppers, cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions, and bacon-all to please the omelette lover
Ham & Swiss $9.49 flavorful diced ham and melted swiss cheese. a pleasing combination
Southwestern Omelette $9.29 if you like mexican food, you will love this! onions, green chilies and cheddar cheese topped with a scoop of sour cream. served with a side of salsa


Breakfast Burrito $8.79 we fill a flour tortilla with scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon, diced onion and cheddar cheese, then wrap it. topped with sour cream and more cheddar cheese. with salsa on the side. also served with
Southern Breakfast $8.79 two biscuit halves topped with fluffy scrambled eggs and covered with sausage gravy and served along with hash browns and two strips of bacon
Old-fashion Oatmeal $4.69 served with raisins and brown sugar


the apple peddler’s sandwich selection is special. you will find a wide range of sandwiches, all served with crisp french fries, coleslaw or potato salad and a dill pickle garnish
Cold Roast Pork Sandwich $8.49 sliced roast pork with lettuce, tomato and your choice of bread
Reuben $9.29 thin cuts of corned beef, zesty sauerkraut and melted swiss cheese are accented by a touch of 1000 island dressing and come together on grilled rye bread
Chicken Club $9.79 golden fried chicken breast topped with crisp bacon, swiss cheese and tomato slices on a french roll
Corned Beef On Rye $8.49 delicious shaved corned beef with lettuce and tomatoes on rye bread. for a little zest, request dijon mustard
Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato $8.69 three strips of crisp, sizzling bacon, lettuce and tomato slices on toasted white, wheat or rye
French Dip $9.29 deli-style beef nestled in a french roll and served with a cup of au jus, just for dipping
Tuna Salad San $8.49 light, tasty tuna between white, wheat or rye bread
Fish Fillet Sandwich $9.49 delicate ocean fillet, lightly breaded, deep fried served on a french roll with lemon and tarter sauce
Philly $9.79 sliced roast beef with bell peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese on a french roll
Hot Roast Beef $9.49 flavorful, tender beef served open-faced atop two slices of bread with mashed potatoes smothered in rich, brown gravy and your choice of coleslaw or vegetables
Super Size Steak Sandwich $11.49 8oz. top sirloin broiled to your specification, set atop grilled sourdough bread. a beefeater’s delight
Polish Sausage $9.29 a sizzling split and grilled polish sausage in a french roll, topped with tangy sauerkraut and swiss cheese
Hot Meatloaf $9.49 the apple peddler’s meatloaf, generously portioned, served open-faced with whipped potatoes, smothered in rich, brown gravy and your choice of coleslaw or vegetables
Club House $9.79 a traditional favorite with roast turkey, grilled bacon and sliced tomato on three toasted pieces of the bread of your choice
Hot Pork Sandwich $9.49 sliced oven roasted pork on the bread of your choice with our rich pork gravy, mashed potatoes and choice of coleslaw or vegetables

Super Sandwich Melts

Veggie Melt $8.99 crisp lettuce, cucumber, red ripe tomatoes & both swiss & american cheeses melted between your choice of bread, whole wheat, rye or sourdough
Ham And Swiss Melt $9.49 generous slices of deli-style ham and swiss cheese along with juicy tomato slices. perfectly grilled between large slices of sourdough bread
Beef And Pepper-jack Melt $9.49 thinly sliced roast beef, melted pepper-jack cheese and green chilies grilled between sourdough bread
Beef And Cheddar Melt $9.49 savory shaved roast beef and sliced tomatoes enhanced with melted cheddar cheese between sliced sourdough bread
Turkey And Swiss Melt $9.49 tender white meat only, shaved and placed between slices of sourdough bread, along with swiss cheese and tomato slices, then grilled to perfection
Tuna Melt $9.29 tuna salad with melted swiss cheese on grilled rye bread
Tremendous Triple-Decker $9.69 lean turkey, crisp bacon, red ripe tomatoes and three sourdough slices with melted cheddar cheese and swiss cheese. “a terrific melt”
American Lobster & Seafood Melt $9.99 lobster and seafood salad atop a grilled english muffin with melted swiss cheese and tomato, finished with a sprinkle of parmesan

Big Burgers

all of our hamburgers are a big juicy one-third pound of ground beef. we broil them when they are ordered to retain their flavor and serve each with crisp lettuce, chilled tomato slices and pickle. fresh sliced onions are available upon request. all burgers served with french fries, coleslaw or potato salad
Thick Juicy Hamburger $7.79 served on a sesame seed bun with 1000 island dressing
Teriyaki Burger $8.99 our thick burger glazed with tangy teriyaki sauce and topped with sweet pineapple
Mushroom Bacon & Swiss Burger $9.79 three treats top our one-third pound burger
Bacon & Cheese Burger $9.29 our big burger, slice of swiss cheese and two bacon strips. served on a sesame seed bun with a of 1000 island dressing
Veggie Burger $8.99 a delicious veggie burger served with crisp lettuce, tomato and onion, and your choice of mayo or 1000 island dressing
Patty Melt $8.99 a one-third pound burger patty served on grilled bread with melted swiss cheese. we grill onions for you if requested
Chili Burger $9.29 our mexican chili and beans smother this burger, we top it with grated cheddar cheese and also serve it with diced onions on the side


French Fries $3.59
Hash Browns $3.69
Baked Potato $3.29
Mashed Potato & Gravy $3.99
Hash Browns & Gravy $4.69
French Fries & Gravy $4.49

Soups & Chili

clam chowder bread bowl, fridays only
Home Made Soup $3.79 – $4.89 hot and hearty from the apple peddler’s kitchen, robust and savory. we feature two daily choices
Zesty Chili $5.89 – $6.89 spicy and satisfying. our south-of-the-border combination of meat and beans. with crisp tortilla chips


Zucchini $5.49 deep fried, crispy and delicious. served with ranch dip
Onion Rings $5.49 a skillet full, served with ranch dip
Quesadilla $5.99 – $8.29 flour tortillas loaded with cheese, onions and green chilies, grilled, and complimented with sour cream & salsa
Combination Platter $8.79 chicken strips, zucchini, mushrooms, onion rings and hot wings served with ranch dip
Jalapeno Poppers $5.69 filled with cream cheese, breaded and deep-fried served with ranch dip
Wings & Rings $7.79 hot chicken wings along with batter dipped onion rings, served with ranch dip
Chicken Strips $7.49 tender white meat fillets, deep-fried served with ranch dressing
Hot Wings $7.29 he have-em! a tongue sizzler served with ranch dip
Deep Fried Mushrooms $5.69 batter dipped, deep fried & served with ranch dip
Super Fiesta Nachos $8.79 mexican-style. corn tortilla chips covered with seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, diced green chilies, tomatoes, onions, and sour cream, complimented by a side of Spanish salsa

Apple Peddler Dinners

each entree is enhanced with your choice of hearty soup or crisp green salad, steaming vegetables, along with rice pilaf or potato. baked potato available from 5pm to 9pm
Fried Chicken Dinner $11.99 over a pound of plump juicy chicken, honey dipped and deep fried
Chicken-fried Steak $11.99 a southern favorite, resting on rich country gravy
The Apple Peddler’s Meat Loaf $11.99 a generous portion of our meat loaf, served with savory brown gravy
Country Chops $12.99 rich moist pork chops, breaded, grilled and served country style on a bed of cream gravy with sweet applesauce
Grilled Liver & Onions $11.99 the perfect combination, a flavorful portion of liver grilled among simmering onions
Teriyaki Chicken $11.99 we baste our skinless double breast of chicken with teriyaki sauce and broil it to perfection. a grilled pineapple ring accents this polynesian dinner
Top Sirloin Steak $14.99 tops in flavor. our generous 10-oz. thick-cut steak
Teriyaki Steak $15.49 a 10-oz. top sirloin, basted with a tasty teriyaki sauce
New York Steak $15.99 10-oz. of savory, tender, broiled new york strip
Steak & Teriyaki Chicken $15.99 a half pound of top sirloin steak and a petite teriyaki chicken breast. with a broiled pineapple ring
Surf & Turf $16.99 a great combination. petite sirloin, broiled to perfection, with shrimp, scallops and our grilled red snapper. you will love it
Pork Dinner $11.99 select oven roasted pork, sliced and served with rich pork gravy and apple sauce

The Ocean’s Bounty

a sea harvest of entrees. we at the apple peddler serve a fine selection form the ocean’s depths. all seafood is served with full dinner accompaniments
Salmon Steak $14.69 broiled, grilled or poached, this steak is truly marvelous always flaky and flavorful. served with butter sauce and lemon
Parmesan Crusted Cod $14.69 moist & tender cod fillet topped with parmesan, then grilled to perfection
Grilled Snapper $13.49 the delicate flavor of this fillet is protected by light breading before grilled. served with tarter sauce and lemon
Cajun Snapper $13.99 cajun style snapper, louisiana inspired favorite, served with lemon and tarter sauce
Shrimp $12.99 half dozen golden fried, breaded fan tails, served with shrimp sauce and lemon
Captain’s Plate $15.29 a combination of four wonderful treats-shrimp, scallops, snapper, and clam strips-accompanied with tailor sauce, shrimp sauce and lemon
Fried Clam Strips $11.89 golden fried clam strips, tender and tasty. served with tarter sauce and lemon
Deep Fried Scallops $12.99 breaded and deep-fried. these delicacies are joined by tarter sauce and lemon
Fish & Chips $11.99 freshly prepared, a generous portion of cod fillets, golden fried, moist and tender

Crisp Cool Salads

Large Dinner Salad $5.69 tossed green salad, crisp croutons and assorted fresh vegetable. your choice of dressing. served with a dinner roll
Caesar Salad $7.79 crisp romaine lettuce and caesar dressing tossed together and topped with parmesan cheese and seasoned croutons served with a dinner roll
Chicken Caesar Salad $10.69 tender, broiled chicken breast set atop crisp romaine, tossed with our caesar dressing and garnished with parmesan cheese and croutons
Soup & Salad Combo $7.79 two favorites-crisp tossed greens and a cup of hearty homemade soup-along with a dinner roll
Fajita $10.29 seasoned chicken breast with sauteed peppers and onions over a bed of tossed green salad, served in a tortilla shell, with a side of salsa, a dollop of sour cream & tomatoes
Chef Salad $9.99 julienne of ham, cheddar cheese, boiled egg and tomato. accented with assorted vegetables and sprinkled with croutons. served with a dinner roll and your choice of dressings
Taco Salad Ole $9.99 a deep-fried tortilla basket is filled with tossed greens, then this mexican inspired salad is topped with seasoned ground beef, grated cheese, green chiles and sour cream. served with a side of sals
Oriental Chicken $9.99 tossed greens, crispy chicken breast, chopped nuts, oriental noodles, cucumber, tomato and boiled egg all enhanced with our sesame dressing


Mini Pan San $6.99 two sausages or two bacon strips and two pancakes topped with a farm fresh egg
Senior Omelette $7.39 two eggs with ham, bacon or sausage and cheddar cheese, choice of pancakes or biscuits
French Toast $7.39 two triangles, your choice of cinnamon or thick sliced egg bread, one egg and two bacon strips or two sausage links


Half Sandwich & Soup $7.49 beef, ham, smoked turkey or tuna and a cup of today’s soup
Half Sandwich $7.29 beef, ham, smoked, turkey, tuna served with fries, potato salad or cole slaw
Senior Chef Salad $7.69 salad and dinner bread
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $8.29 served with vegetable, tossed green salad and a hot dinner roll


Pork Chop $8.79 pork chop served with tossed green salad, vegetable, applesauce, choice of potato and dinner roll
Corned Beef Hash $8.79 tasty corned beef hash along with two eggs, tossed green salad, hot vegetables and dinner roll
Chicken Breast $8.79 this chicken breast is breaded and deep fried or can be un-breaded and broiled. tossed green salad, vegetable, choice of potato and dinner roll
Meatloaf $8.79 a smaller portion of our own meatloaf served with brown gravy, accompanied by a tossed green salad, choice of potato, vegetable and dinner roll
Liver & Onions $8.79 a classic favorite! served with vegetables, choice of potato, tossed green salad and dinner roll
Red Snapper $9.29 smaller portion of lightly breaded grilled snapper along with vegetable, choice of potato and dinner salad
Sirloin Steak $10.39 a 6oz. sirloin steak broiled to perfection. served with tossed green salad and your choice of potato or rice pilaf, steaming veggies and a dinner roll
Fish & Chips Basket $8.99 three pieces of cod lightly battered. with coleslaw or potato salad
Chicken Strips Basket $8.89 five chicken strips with fries and coleslaw or potato salad


Fresh Brewed Coffee $2.00 free refills
Hot Chocolate $2.00 one free refill
Soft Drinks $2.19 one free refill
Tea $1.89
Gourmet Tea $2.00
Ice Tea $2.00 free refills
Milk $1.99 – $2.99
Lemonade $2.00 one free refill
Juice $1.99 – $2.89 many choices


Corona $3.00


Budweiser & Bud Light $2.75
Coors & Coors Light $2.75
Michelob Ultra Light $2.75


Widmer Hefeweizen $3.25
Deschutes Black Butte Porter $3.25
Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale $3.25

E & J Gallo Splits

Chardonnay $3.95
Merlot $3.95
White Zinfandel $3.95

House Wine

Chablis $3.00 – $12.75
Blush $3.00 – $12.75
Burgundy $3.00 – $12.75

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