Up to date Aqua prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Aqua is available in 3 states.


Roti Canai ( Indian Pancake) $4.95 it’s malaysian all-time favorite crispy indian style pancake served with potato curry.
Roti Telur (Egg Pancake) $6.95 a traditional indian pancake filled with egg and onion served with potato curry.
Vegetable Spring Roll $6.95
Satay Chicken $6.95 marinated chicken on skewer charcoal grilled to perfection, served with peanut sauce.
Rice Net Spring Roll $6.95 fried spring roll with shrimp and crab meat, onions, glass noodle skin and taro crusting served with plum sauce.
Shrimp Puff $6.95 fried shrimp cake wrapped with bacon served with house special sauce.
Satay Tofu $6.95 crispy fried tofu stuffed w/ cucumber and bean sprout served with peanut sauce.
Crispy Golden Fried Squids $10.95 w/ pepper and sweet onion


Tom Yum (Lemon Grass Soup) $4.95 spicy lemon grass soup, chili paste, lime, mushrooms, onion and pepper. choice of shrimp or chicken.
Tom Kha ( Galanga Soup) $4.95 coconut, onion, mushrooms, lemon grass, galanga and lime juice. (shrimp or chicken).
Wonton Soup (Shrimp & Pork) $4.50
Seafood Tom Yum Soup $5.95

Salad $10.95

Thai Beef Salad/Chicken spring mix, tomato, onion, cucumber and carrot tossed with spicy lime dressing.
Green Papaya Salad shredded fresh green papaya, shrimp, carrot and ground peanut tossed in tropical dressing.
Thai Mango Salad shredded mango with squid tossed in sweet and spicy lime dressing.

Noodle Soup

Kueh Teow Thong $8.95 noodle with chicken, shrimp and bean sprouts in homemade chicken broth.
Pho-Beef Rice Noodle Soup $8.95 rib eye beef noodle soup served w/basil and bean sprout.
Wonton Mee $8.95 special egg noodle served w/. wonton and vegetable in homemade chicken broth.
Kari Mee $8.95 noodle served in coconut curry broth with chicken, shrimp and bean sprout.
Tom Yum Rice Noodles Soup (Chicken) $8.95 rice noodles served in spicy lemon grass broth.
Tom Yum Rice Noodles Soup $11.95 w/ seafood

Fried Noodles

Pad Thai Chicken/Shrimp $10.95 stir-fried thin rice noodles with egg, shrimp, tofu, bean sprout and scallion topped with crushed peanut and lime.
Thai Basil Noodle $10.95 flat noodle stir-fried w/ shrimp, chicken, onion, pepper, vegetable, chili and basil.
Chow Kueh Teow $10.95 malaysian famous stir-fried flat rice noodle w/ shrimp, squid, bean sprouts, egg, soy sauce and chili.
Singapore Rice Noodles $10.95 singapore style stir-fried rice noodles in special mild sauce with shrimp, bean sprouts, scallion and egg.
Beef Chow Fun $10.95 stir-fried flat noodles in a special sauce w/ beef, onion, scallion & bean sprouts.
Capitan Noodle $10.95 stir-fried flat noodles in brown sauce w/ chicken, shrimp, squid and vegetable.
Mee Siam $10.95 stir-fried rice noodle w/egg, tofu, shrimp and chive in spicy thai chili sauce.
Belacan Fried Noodle $10.95 stir-fried egg noodle w/ shrimp, egg, vegetable in shrimp paste sauce.
Seafood Fried Noodle $12.95 stir-fried egg noodle with egg, shrimp, squid, scallops and vegetable.

Rice Dishes

Vegetable/Chicken Fried Rice $9.95
Shrimp Fried Rice $10.95
Malaysian Style Fried Rice $10.95 fried rice with egg, onion, tomato and shrimp.
House Special Fried Rice $11.95 chef special fried rice with shrimp, sausage, egg, onion, scallion, basil and garlic soy.
Seafood Fried Rice $11.95
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice $11.95 with shrimp
X.O. Fried Rice $11.95

House Specials

Lemongrass Chicken/Beef $14.95 – $13.95 stir-fried chicken or beef w/fresh lemongrass chili sauce
Kari Ayam $12.95 chicken cooked over low heat with lemon grass & chili paste then simmered in thick rich coconut curry served with cucumber.
Beef Rendang $14.95 tender beef cooked w/onion paste, lemon grass and chili in spicy aromatic curry.
Thai Lettuce Wraps Chicken/Tofu/Shrimp $9.95 – $9.95 sauteed onion, pepper, and basil served with lettuce.
Thai Pepper Chicken/ Beef $12.95 – $13.95 sauteed chicken or beef cutlet with garlic, pepper, onion, scallion, and hot chili.
Thai Basil Chicken, Eggplant/Beef $12.95 – $13.95 sauteed chicken, beef, or eggplant w/pepper, onion, and basil in thai chili basil sauce.
Thai Red Or Green Curry Chicken/Beef $12.95 – $13.95 choice of chicken or beef in a spicy coconut curry broth.
Thai Red Or Green Curry With Seafood $17.95 shrimp, squid, & scallop.
Panang Curry Chicken/Beef $13.95 – $12.95 panang curry in a spicy coconut curry broth.
Thai Pineapple Chicken/ Beef $14.95 – $13.95 chicken or beef with fresh pineapple chunks, pepper, and onion in a mild pineapple sauce.
Mango Chicken/ Beef $14.95 sauteed chicken or beef with shredded mango and pepper in a sweet and spicy mango sauce served on mango shell.
Ginger Scallion Chicken/ Beef $12.95 – $13.95 sauteed chicken or beef with sliced ginger and scallion in a brown sauce.
Masak Chicken/ Beef $13.95 – $14.95 sauteed chicken or beef w/carrot, pepper, ginger and scallion with house special sauce.
Volcano Sparerib $13.95 deep fried sparerib serve in chef special sauce.
Sizzling Chicken Or Beef $14.95 – $13.95 with black pepper
Sizzling Seafood Combination $17.95 with black pepper
Pineapple Tofu $13.95 stir-fried soft tofu with fresh pineapple.
Aqua Triple Delight $17.95 stir-fried shrimp, scallop, squid, and new zealand mussels in thai herb garlic soy.
Pad See Ew $12.95 stir-fried flat rice noodle w/egg, chinese broccoli, and shrimp in dark soy.


Malaysian Eggplant, Broccoli Or String Bean $11.95 sauteed eggplant, broccoli or string bean with spicy malaysian bean paste.
Malaysian Buddhist $11.95 mixed vegetables w/ dried bean curd and mushroom in chef special sauce.
Vegetable Curry $12.95 choice of thai red, green or panang coconut cream curry broth.
Mango Tofu (Home Made Tofu) $13.95 sauteed tofu with shredded mango and pepper in sweet and spicy mango sauce.
Aqua Tofu (Home Made Tofu) $12.95 sauteed tofu with mushroom, tomato and basil in chef=s special sauce.
Sizzling Malaysian Tofu ( Home Made Tofu ) $13.95
Basil Vegetable/ Basil Tofu $12.95 stir-fried vegetable with thai basil chili sauce.
Tofu Curry (Home Made Tofu) $12.95 choice of panang, red, or green curry coconut broth mixed with vegetables.


Soft Shell Crab $16.95
House Special Shrimp $15.95 sauteed shrimp with lemon grass and chili in an authentic sauce.
Thai Chili Shrimp $15.95 sauteed shrimp w/ pepper, sweet onion, scallion and basil in spicy thai sauce.
Mango Shrimp $15.95 sauteed shrimp with shredded pepper and mango in sweet & spicy sauce served in mango shell.
Coconut Shrimp $15.95 shrimp in aromatic coconut batter
Lemongrass Seafood $17.95 stir-fried lemongrass, basil, sweet onion, and bell pepper chili sauce
Steam Fish $16.95 w/fresh ginger and black bean sauce
Thai Chili Fish $16.95 crispy fried fish in thai chili sauce.

Side Order

Jasmine Rice $1.50
Coconut Rice $2.50
Brown Rice $1.50


Ice Cream $4.50 coconut, vanilla or red bean
Peanut Pancake $5.95 crispy pancake stuffed with ground peanuts and chocolate syrup.
Peanut Pancake $6.95 w/ ice cream
Roti Kaya (Coconut Paste) $5.95 it’s the all time favorite malaysian crispy indian style pancake stuff with kaya.
Roti Kaya (Coconut Paste) $6.95 w/ ice cream
Roti Banana $5.95 crispy pancake stuffed with banana and coconut paste.
Roti Banana $6.95 w/ ice cream
Fried Banana $5.95 with ice cream
Fried Ice Cream $5.95

Gluten Free

Avocado Salad $10.95
Papaya Salad $11.95 shrimp
Tom Kha $5.50 shrimp or chicken
Tom Yum $5.50 shrimp or chicken
Pad Thai $12.95 shrimp, chicken or vegetable
Thai Basil Noodle $12.95 shrimp or chicken
Mee Siam $12.95 shrimp, chicken or vegetable
Beef Chow Fun $12.95
Lettuce Wrap $10.95 chicken or tofu
Fried Rice $11.95 shrimp, chicken or vegetable
Thai Basil $15.95 – $13.95 tofu, chicken or vegetable / beef
Thai Pepper $15.95 – $13.95 chicken or vegetable / beef
Panang, Red $13.95 – $15.95 green curry (tofu, chicken or vegetable) / beef
Mango Tofu $15.95 – $14.95 chicken or beef
Thai Chili Shrimp $16.95
Chilean Sea Bass Basil Sauce $20.95

House Selections

Sycamore Lane $6.00 cabernet/ merlot/ chardonnay/ pinot grigio

Cocktail $8

Aqua Princess sparkling wine, peach puree, peach liqueur
Bangkok Mimosa sparkling wine, pomegranate juice, orange juice
Asian Monkey malibu, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, cranberry juice
White Lotus stoli vanilla, lychee puree, pineapple juice, lime juice
Thai Mojito barcadi rum, fresh mint, lemongrass syrup, lime juice. choice of mango & lychee
Spicy Basil Margarita tequila, orange liqueur, sour mix, fresh basil chili
Frozen Malaysian rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice
Aqua Sangria red wine or white wine with fresh fruit, peach liqueur, simple syrup

Bottled Beer

Domestic $4 & Imported $5 Monday-Saturday: 4pm-7pm Beer $3, Wine $4, Appetizers $5, Cocktails $6.
Miller Lite
Yuenling Lager
Singha Beer
Tiger Beer


Thai Ice Tea $2.95
Regular Ice Tea $1.95
Malaysian Ice Coffee $3.50
Mango Juice $2.95
Watermelon Drink $2.95 seasonal only
Hot Tea Or Hot Coffee $1.95 regular coffee only
Soda $1.95 pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, ginger ale
Pina Colada $3.95 non-alcoholic
Fresh Mango Smoothie $3.95
Fresh Watermelon Smoothie $3.95 seasonal
Fresh Lemonade Spritzer $2.95
Lychee Drink $3.95

Whites $8

Riesling seaglass, california
Pinot Grigio zonin, italy
Sauvignon Blanc dona paula, argentina
Chardonnay mainstreet, california
Moscato peter lehmann, australia


Proseco $9.00 zonin, italy
Blancd’blanc $6.00 freixenet, spain


Cabernet $8.00 eco balance, chile
Merlot $8.00 cellar 8, california
Malbec $9.00 highnote, argentina
Pinot Noir $9.00 trivento, argentina
Zinfandel $8.00 montevina, california

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