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Cuisine: Mexican.

Antojitos Mexicanos

todos los platillos en el menu son cuidadosamente preparados para llevar
Taquitos Dorados Tarascos $7.95 4-golden crisp tacos the of: chicken, served with mixed, vegetables cheese and mexican cream.
Flautas Toluquenas $7.50 3-extra long crisp tacos the chicken, served with mix vegetables cheese and mexican cream.
Enchiladas Poblanas $8.75 3 – corn tortillas dipped in our own home-made mole sauce with rice, refried beans, cheese and mexican cream.
Shrimps Quesadillas Poblanas $7.95 large flour tortillas with , melted cheese, onion and poblano pepper shrimps, guacamole and mexican cream.
Tostadas Michoacanas $6.25 3 – crisp flat tortillas with your choice: chicken or tings served with fresh vegetables, cheese and mexican cream.
Gorditas Estilo Aguascalientes $2.95 home-made tortilla stuffed with your choice of chicken, beef or vegetables ask for other options.
Sopes Estilo Distrito Federal $2.75 homemade corn tortilla, with refried beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, cilantro and mexican cream, with your choice of chicken, beef, wings, chorizo


todos los platillos en el menu son cuidadosamente preparados para llevar. flour tortilla, spread with a generous portions of lettuce, cilantro, onion, tomatoes, beans, cheese homemade mexican cream filled with
Lengua $6.50 beef tongue de tomato sauce.
Carne Asada $6.50 beef steak
Chorizo $6.50 homemade mexican sausage.
Pollo Or Chori – Pollo $6.50 chicken
Tinga $6.50
Carnitas $6.50 fried pork – only weekends
Barbacoa De Borrego $6.50 steamed lamb – only weekends.


served on mexican bread with: lettuce, onions, tomatoes, avocado, jalapenos, cheese and cream.
Chorizo $6.50 mexican sausage.
Pechuga Pollo $6.50 chicken breast
Carne Asada $6.50 beef steak
Milanesa De Res $6.50 breaded beef
Barbacoa $6.50 steamed lamb-weekends
Carnitas $6.50 fried pork weekends
Carne Adovada $6.50 marinated pork

Deliciosas Aguas Frescas De Frutas Naturales

Deliciosas Aguas Frescas De Frutas Naturales $1.50 – $2.50 tamarindo, horchata, pina, melon, jamaica, ask to your server for flavors of the day


Chorizo $2.10 homemade mexican sausages
Lengua $2.10 beef tongue in tomatoes sauce.
Carne Asada $2.10 beef steak with succulent garnish
Tinga $2.10 chicken with spiced home sauce
Carnitas $2.10 fried pork – weekends
Barbacoa $2.10 steamed lamb – weekends


Shrimps On Chipotle Sauce $10.95 shrimps in homemade version of chipotle sauce.
Shrimps Tostadas $3.75 1 – crisp flat tortilla with shrimps, fresh veggie and chipotle mayonnaise.
Shrimps Broth Vegetables $10.95 shrimp soup with chayote, carrots, potatoes, celery and avocado weekend.
Shrimps Marinated On Garlic On White Wine $10.95 shrimps marinated in garlic and white wine seared in its juices
Fresh Fried Tilapia Fish $11.95 fresh fried tilapia fish
Shrimps A La Diabla $10.95 hot special sauce. spicy shrimp fajitas


Queso Con Frijoles $2.25
De Queso $2.25 the cheese
De Chicharron Con Queso $2.25
De Chicharoon $2.25
Rebueltas $2.25 mixed

Yu Ca Frita

Yu Ca Frita $5.75

Beverages – Soft Drink

Coke $1.00 – $1.75
Sprite $1.00 – $1.75
Jarritos $1.75
Cafe $1.25 coffee

Beverages – Beer

Imported $3.00
Domestic $2.75

Postre & Dessert

Churros $1.25
Coconut Pineapple Cake $2.50
Mexican Flan $2.50

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