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Cuisine: Thai.


Imper9ial Rolls $6.95 minced pork and black mushrooms, served with sweet and sour sauce
Siamese Rolls $5.95 (vegetarian style), stuffed with silver noodles, nock fungus, cabbage carrot and salary.
Tod Mun $7.95 deep fried fish cakes and green beans served with peanut-cucumber salad.
Sate $7.95 bar-b-que beef, or chicken served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.
Goong Gaborg $7.95 shrimp wrapped in egg roll skins, deep fried, served with sweet and sour sauce.
Arawan Combo $11.85 including fish cake, sate spring roll, tofu and goong gaborg, served with sweet and sour peanut and cucumber salad.
Plah Muk Tod $7.95 deep fried calamari served with sweet and sour peanut sauce.
Crispy Tofu $6.95 served with peanut sauce.
Mee Krob $7.95 crispy noodles mixed with sweet sauce, shrimp and bean cakes.
Spicy Angel Wings $6.95 chicken wings deep fried until crispy then sauteed with fresh chili, garlic and crispy sweet basil.


Pla Goong $8.95 (medium), char broiled -prawns in spicy lemon dressing over lettuce.
Yum Pla Muk $8.95 (medium), spicy calamari salad with lemon grass and onion in lemon dressing.
Yum Yai $8.95 (medium), prawn, chicken and pork with lettuce, cucumber and onion seasoned with special dressing.
Yum Talay $9.95 spicy combination seafood salad with lemon grass and onion in lemon dressing.
Yum Woon Sen $7.95 (mild), spicy silver noodles salad with shrimp and chicken, red onion and lemon dressing.
Yum Nua $7.95 (medium), sliced top sirloin mixed with onions, chili pepper and fresh mint leaves in lemon dressing.
Larb Gai $7.95 (medium), minced chicken with fresh mint leaves onion, chili pepper with a little touch of rice powder.
Larb Ped $7.95 (medium), minced duck meat with onions, chili pepper, lemon dressing with a little touch of rice powder.
Som Tom $7.95 (green papaya salad), (medium), sliced tip sirloin mixed with onions, chili pepper and fresh mint leaves in lemon dressing.
Arawan Salad $7.50 chicken and shrimp salad with thai style dressing.
Salad Nua Sun $7.50 mar inated beef on top of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber with style dressing.
Thai Islam Salad $7.95 green lettuce with broiled been sprout, bean curd, tomatoes and cucumber topped with potato chips and peanut dressing.


Tom Yum Goong $10.95 (medium), spicy and sour prawn soup with tomatoes, mushrooms and lemon grass.
Po – Tak $11.95 (medium), spicy and sour combination seafood soup of prawn, scallop, calamari and mussel.
Tom Kha Gai $8.95 – $10.95 chicken, coconut milk soup with golanga and lemon grass.
Tom Yum Gai $8.95 (medium), spicy-sour chicken soup with thai herb, mushrooms, tomatoes and lemon grass.
Tom Kha Pok $8.95 (vegetarian) (mild), assorted vegetables in coconut milk soup with golanga and lemon grass.
Tom Kha Ta-Lay $11.95 combination seafood coconut milk soup with mushroom and lemon grass.
Woon Sen Soup $9.95 silver noodles soup with shrimp and chicken, green onion, black fungus and snow pea.

A La Carte Curry

Mus-Sa-Mun (Chicken Or Beef) $7.95 mild red curry with peanut, onions, potatoes and coconut milk.
Panang Nuer $7.95 (medium), sliced tender beef with spicy red curry, lemon leave, sweet basil, bell pepper and coconut milk.
Kiew Wan (Chicken, Beef Or Pork) $7.95 – $11.95 (medium), green curry and coconut milk with string bean, egg plant and basil leaves.
Kiew Wan Ta-Lay $11.95 (medium), combination seafood with green curry and basil leaves.
Garee Gai $7.95 (medium), sliced chicken with yellow curry, potatoes, tomatoes and coconut milk.
Gang Dang (Chicken, Beef Or Pork) $7.95 – $11.95 (medium), red curry and coconut milk, string bean, egg plant and basil leaves.
Gang Ped $11.95 (medium), boneless roast duck in red curry paste with tomatoes, pineapple and basil leaves.


Gai Kraprow $9.95 sauteed chicken with fresh chili, garlic and basil leaves.
Gai Pad King $9.95 sauteed chicken with fresh ginger, onions and mushrooms.
Gai Himapam $9.95 (mild), sauteed chicken with cashew nuts, onions and crispy chili.
Chicken With Baby Com $9.95 sauteed chicken with baby corn and mushrooms.
Param Gai $9.95 sliced chicken in peanut sauce on top of spinach.
Gai Yang $9.95 sauteed calamari with hot chili, onion and sweet basil.
Spicy Duck $11.95 (medium), sauteed duck neat with tomatoes, onions, chili pepper and fresh basil.


Nua Kra Prow $9.95 (medium), sliced beef sauteed with fresh basil, chili, and garlic sauce.
Nua Pad Pak $9.95 sliced beef sauteed with mixed vegetables in garlic and a light sauce.
Beef Broccoli $9.95 sauteed beef with broccoli and oyster sauce.
Beef With Mushroom $9.95 sauteed beef with mushroom, onion and green onion in light oyster sauce.
Param Ling Srong $9.95 steamed slice beef in peanut sauce on top of spinach.


Moo Ka Tiem $9.95 thin sliced pork pan fried with garlic, black pepper and mushrooms in oyster sauce.
Moo Yang $9.95 bar-b-que pork loin marinated in garlic and thai herbs.
Moo Prig King $9.95 (medium), pork sauteed with string beans, mushrooms and hot chili sauce.
Moo Pad Khing $9.95 sliced pork sauteed with fresh ginger, mushroom and black bean sauce.
Moo Mah Kur $9.95 (mild), pork sauteed with egg plant, snow pea, onion, bell pepper and basil.


Prawn Arawan $13.95 (mild), prawn sauteed with mushroom, yellow curry, green onion and egg.
Spicy Prawn $13.95 prawn sauteed with fresh chili, string bean garlic and basil leave.
Goong Pad Mah Kur $13.95 prawn sauteed with egg plants, snow pea, chill, pepper, garlic and basil leaves.
Garlic And Pepper Prawns $13.95 Prawn sauteed with garlic, pepper, and fresh mushrooms in oyster sauce.
Dancing prawns $13.95 (medium), prawn sauteed with snow pea, pineapple in red curry and peanut sauce.
Spicy Calamari $11.95 (medium), sauteed calamari with hot chili, onion and sweet basil.
Pla Muk Kra Tiem $11.95 sauteed calamari with garlic, pepper and fresh mushrooms in oyster sauce.
Pod Tah-Lay (Sizzling Plate) $13.95 (medium), combination seafood sauteed in spicy chili sauce with lemon leaves.
Pad Arawan (Sizzling Plate) $13.95 combination seafood sauteed with green vegetables, garlic and oyster sauce.
Pad Po-Tak $13.95 combination seafood sauteed with snow pea, lemon grass in green curry sauce.
Pod Royal $13.95 prawn and calamari sauteed with chili pepper, white and green onion snow pea and basil leaves.


Pad Four Musketeer $8.95 sauteed baby corn, black mushroom, snow pea, bamboo shoots and broccoli with garlic and oyster sauce.
Spicy Tofu $8.95 sauteed with onion, string bean, carrot, bell pepper, chili paste, garlic and basil leaves.
Pad Markur $8.95 sauteed eggplant with onion, snow pea, carrot, bell pepper, chili paste, garlic and basil leaves.
Pad Pak Leard Rod $8.95 mixed vegetables sauteed with garlic and oyster sauce.
Param Pak $8.95 steamed mixed vegetables, mushroom, tofu top with peanut sauce.
Pad Kak Nah $8.95 sauteed broccoli in oyster sauce.
Pad Spinach $8.95 sauteed spinach in garlic and bean sauce.
Vegetarian Curry $8.95 (medium), mixed vegetables in red curry, coconut milk and basil.
Gang Dang Tofu $8.95 fresh tofu in red curry, mushroom, string bean and basil.
Tofu Himapam $8.95 sauteed tofu with cashew nut, snow pea, carrot, onion and crispy chili.
Pad Woon Sen $8.95 bean thread noodles stir fried with egg, mushroom, snow pea, baby corn, napa and green onion.
Pad Thai Pak $8.95 (mild), (vegetarian noodles), pan fried thai noodles with mixed vegetables, bean sprouts, bean cake with ground peanut.

Noodles & Fried Rice

Pad Thai $9.95 (mild), pad fried thai noodles with shrimp, ground peanut, bean cake and bean sprout
Pad Sal Roong $9.95 pad fried silver noodles with shrimp, chicken, mushroom, napa, and green onions.
Pad Ke-Mow $9.95 (medium), rice noodles pan fried with chicken or beef, chili, garlic and sweet basil.
Pad-Se-Elw $9.95 stir fried rice noodle, soy sauce, broccoli, egg and a choice of chicken, beef or pork.
Rad-No $9.95 stir fried rice noodle topped with broccoli and gravy with chicken or beef. (with prawn $8.95)
Kao Rad (Fried Rice) $8.95 fried rice with chicken, beef or pork ($2.00 more for shrimps.)
Vegetarian Fried Rice $8.95 pad fried thai noodles with shrimp, ground peanut, bean cake and bean sprout.

Side Order

Shrimp Chip With Sauce $2.00
Peanut Sauce $2.50
Cucumber Salad $2.00
Steamed Jasmine $1.50
Sticky Rice $2.00


Fried Banana With Honey $3.00
Fried Banana With Coconut Ice Cream $4.50
Coconut Ice Cream $4.00
Green Tea Ice Cream $4.00
Tapioca Pudding $3.00
Mango & Sticky Rice $4.50 (season only)

Arawan’s Seafood Favorites

Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns $13.95 (medium), charbroiled tiger prawns topped with sauteed garlic and covered in a sweet spicy sauce.
Soft Shell Crab Curry $13.95 (mild), special soft shell crab, tightly flowered fried until crisp and simmered with vegetables in mild yellow curry sauce.
Deep Fried Whole White Pompano Fish $4.95 a. pla jian topped with sauteed ginger, onion, pepper and yellow bean sauce. b. lad prig topped with thai red chili sauce and basil. c. choo chee topped with snow peas, peanuts and red curry sauce.
Panag Avocado $13.95 (medium), prawn and avocados sauteed in panang curry paste simmered in coconut milk basil leaves.
Seafood Basil $13.95 (medium), combination seafood sauteed with string beans, onions bell pepper chili paste and fresh basil.
Pra Ram Talay $13.95 combination seafood in peanut sauce, served on a bed of fresh spinach.
Gang Dong Talay $13.95 (medium), combination seafood simmered in coconut milk with red curry paste bell peppers and fresh sweet basil.
Chao Praya Salmon $13.95 (fresh), filet of salmon in green curry sauce with zucchini, string beans and basil.
Filet Of Fresh Salmon $13.95 (grilled), a choo chee topping with snow peas peanuts and red curry sauce, & lad prig topping with thai medium spicy red chili sauce.
Shrimp’s Lost In The Woods $13.95 sauteed shrimp with snow peas, bamboo shoot, baby corn and black
Spicy Angel Of The Sea $11.95 (mild), crispy deep fried calamaries sauteed with chili and garlic sauce topped with fresh crispy basil.

Arawan’s Special Appetizers

Miang Kham $7.95 roasted coconut, lime, ginger, onion, peanut, dry shrimp wrapped in spinach and lemon grass sauce.
Cream Cheese Puffs $7.95 cream cheese-bay shrimp wrapped in wonion skin, deep fried and served with our sweet & sour sauce.
Mun Todd $6.95 (sweet Potato), sweet potato dipped in coconut batter, deep fried and served with our sweet & sour sauce.

Arawan’s Meat & poultry Special’s

B.B.Q. Shot Ribs charbroiled, marinated beef ribs served with spicy sweet and sour sauce and fresh spring mixed greens.
Mus-Sa-Mun Lamb mild red curry with onion, potatoes and carrots served with cucumber salad
Yellow Curry Lamb mild yellow curry cooked with onion, carrots and potatoes served with cucumber salad.
Spicy Lambs sauteed lambs with choice vegetables in chili paste in garlic basil sauce.
Golden Gate Roasted Duck $13.95 sauteed roasted dick with snow peas, cashew nuts, mushrooms, onions and arawan magic sauce.
Honey Roasted Duck (Half Duck) $13.95 boneless roasted duck fried to decrease fat. topped with seasoned mixed vegetables and arawan honey sauce.

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