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Up to date Arbol Cafe prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: American, Peruvian.

Spring Mix Salads

With homemade vegan dressing all served on spring mix
Kahn $8.00 – $5.00 Tomato, carrot, onion, red pepper, capers
Eakins $8.00 – $5.00 Droed cherry, apple, onion, potato, pistachio
Calder $8.00 – $5.00 Mozzarella, tomato, onion, red pepper
Arbol $8.00 – $5.00 Tomato, red onion, carrot, red pepper, mushroom, pistachio, dried cherry

Freshest Veggie Soup

With brioche toastadas & butter add $2.25, with single tortilla add $3.00
Vegetable Broth and Raw Vegetables $3.75
Vegetable Broth and Raw Vegetables $4.75 With chicken and veggies
Vegetable Broth and Raw Vegetables $4.75 With beef broth, beef & veggies

Hot Breakfast Sandwiches

Served all day, every day, except thursdays, all served on soft brioche
Mini Lomlto $7.50 Thin steak, egg, turkey ham & cheese
Amanecer Sunrise $5.75 Broked egg with cheese & mushrooms
Poplar Breakfast $5.00 Broken egg, red onion & cheese
Jamon y Queso $6.25 Tureky ham, broken egg & provolone
Society Hill $6.75 Turkey, ham, broken egg, red pepper, red onion, mushroom & cheese, fancy indeed

Munchtime Sandwiches

BLT $7.00 Seared turkey, ham, romaine, tomato & mayo pilled onto a soft brioche
Lunch Box Ham & Cheese $6.50 Fresh cut turkey, ham, romaine, tomato, onion american or provolone cheese & mayo
Lunch Box Cheese Sandwich $6.50 American & provolone cheese, romaine, tomato, onion, mushroom & mayo
El Chico Grilled Cheese $4.75 Center cut brioche golden grilled with american of provolone cheese

Beef Sandwiches

Lomito Especial (The Works) $9.75 Thin steak, romaine, tomato, mushroom, red pepper, red onion, broken egg, turkey, ham, cheese & mayo
Tradicional Sandwich De Lomito $7.75 Thin steak, broken egg, turkey ham, romaine, tomato, cheese & mayo
Asuncion $8.00 A capital sandwich with thin steak, broken egg, turkey ham, mushroom, red onion, tomato, cheese & mayo
Cacique Lambare $7.50 The warrior sandwich of thin steak, broken egg, red onion, mushroom. cheese & mayo
Tierra Colorada $8.00 An earthly delight of thin steak, broken egg, red onion, red pepper, cheese & mayo

Two Egg Omelet Sandwiches

All served on lebus brioche
Carpenter $8.75 Egg omelet, mushroom, onion, red pepper, spinach
Franklin $7.50 Egg omelet, spinach, onion, cheese
Alan $6.75 Egg omlete, mushroom, cheese
George $6.75 Egg omelet, cheese, tomato

Hot Veggie Sandwiches

Philadelphia sophistication all served on soft lebus brioche add one egg for one dollar
Logan $7.00 Spinach, onion, mozzarella, tomato
Trolley $6.75 Spinach, provolone, red pepper
Washington $7.00 Spinach, apple, onion, mozzarella
Laurel $5.75 Spinach, tomato, cheese
Bodine $7.00 Mushroom, onion, red pepper, provolone
Eastern State $5.75 Mushroom, onion, cheese
Cambridge $7.00 Mushroom, onion, red pepper, spinach, cheese

Chicken Sandwiches

Own hand cut chicken breast
Ryguasu Especial (The Works) $9.75 Thin chicken breast, turkey ham, romaine, tomato, mushroom, red pepper, onion, cheese & mayo
Tradicional Sandwich De Pollo $7.50 Thin chicken breast, romaine, tomato, onion, cheese & mayo
Honga Y Pimlento $7.75 Thin chicken breast, mushroom, red pepper, onion & cheese
Abuela Ida $8.75 Thin chicken breast, turkey ham, tomato, onion, provolone & mayo

Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Served on big bagel or croissant
Oympla $8.75 Smoked salmon, cream cheese, spring mix, onion, tomato
Diamond $8.75 Smoked salmon, honey, dried cherry, apple, onion, cream cheese
Coltraine $8.75 Smoked salmon, spinach, red pepper, cream cheese
Willow $8.75 Smoked salmon, spring mix, mozzarella, apple, onion
Landlocked $8.75 Smoked salmon, tomato, romaine, cream cheese, blanched onion, honey & mayo

Seared Potato

Better than home fries, healthier than fries ask for spicy, no extra cost, also specify, spicy ro regular ketchup
Papas $2.75 Seared potato, salt & pepper
Pegg’s $2.75 Spicy seared potato
Penn’s $4.75 With veggies
Noble’s $5.75 With veggies & cheese
York $3.75 With cheese
Oscar’s $7.75 With veggles, cheese & two eggs

Tortilla Paraguaya

Two traditional rice patties or rice, onion & cheese boung with milk, egg and flour. With mini side salad add $3.75
Tortilla Paraguya $5.75 Available as tradtional
Tortilla Paraguya $6.75 Veggies mixed

Baked Empanada Paraguaya

Stuffed & baked crescent shape hot pocket filled with beef, hard boiled egg and cranberry
Baked Empanada Paraguaya $4.75 Singal empanada
Baked Empanada Paraguaya $8.25 With side salad

Egg This Way & That

Fried, omelet style, over easy, or broken sorry we do not offer scrambled or poached
Two Eggs $3.00 With one tortilla paraguaya add $3.00 with one veggie tortilla add $3.75 with brioche & butter add $2.25
Croissant $2.50 – $2.75 With bagel add $2.00
Two Eggs $3.00 Plain, sesame, multigrain, everthing. With bagel & butter add $2.25, with bagel & cream cheese add $2.75, jelly, nutella or peanut butter add $0.75, with fancy cream cheese add $1.75
Three Eggs $4.00 Spicy cayenne, veggie caramelized onion, preserves, guava or smoked salmon. American, provlone cheese add $1.00, with seared veggie & cheese add $3.75, red pepper, tomato, spinach add $0.75 ea , roma

Two Egg Omelet with Bagel & Butter

Veggie & Cheese Omelet $8.25
Cheese Omelet $6.25
Ham & Cheese Omelet $8.25
Veggie, Ham & Cheese $8.75

Yerba Mate

Add 1 oz. of any tea or herb $1.00 mate cocida like a tea $2.75
Yerba Mate in Gourd $6.00 With hot water
Terere in Gourd $6.00 With ice water
Pot of Hot Mate $5.00
Mate Cocido $2.75


Peper doggie cups are $0.75 plus 1 for 3rd refill top plastic doggie cups are $1.00 plus 1 for 3rd refill top
Coffee to Go $2.00 Zero refill
Coffee $2.00 One refill
Decaf $2.00 Zero refill
Cafe Leche $2.50 Coffee with steamed milk
Espresso $2.00
Double $3.00 Two shots of italian espresso
Latte $3.50 Espresso with steamed milk
Cappuchino $3.50 Espresso steamed milk & froth extra shot add $1.00
Steamer $2.50 Steamed milk & add flavor $0.50
Mocha $4.00 Latte with chocolate
Cafe Mani $3.50 Steamer, peanut butter & chocolate
Monkey $3.50 Steamer w/chocolate & banana syrup
Mate Dulce $3.00 Steamer with sweetend coconut milk
Hot Cocoa $3.00 Steamer with chocolate
Tooth Fairy $3.00 Hot or iced milk with flavor syrup
Coffee $2.50 Half coffee, half milk on ice
Ice Coffee $2.00 Refill one dollar
Ice Tea $2.00 Refill one dollar
Hot Tea $2.00 Prepackaged leas
Pot of Tea $5.00
Lemon $1.00

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