Arepas Las Gorditas

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Canned Soda $2.00
Water $2.00


Carne Mechada Arepa $8.00 Shredded beef.
Pollo Arepa $8.00 Shredded chicken with honey mustard.
Puerco Arepa $8.00 Shredded pork.
Reina Pepeada Arepa $8.00 Mixed chicken avocado salad.
Queso Amarillo Arepa $8.00 Shredded gouda cheese. Veggie.
Pelua Arepa $9.00 Shredded beef and shredded gouda cheese.
Sifrina Arepa $9.00 Mixed chicken avocado salad and shredded gouda cheese.
La Gordita Arepa $9.00 Shredded pork and soft white cheese.
Princesa Arepa $8.00 Chicken, avocado salad and soft shredded cheese.
Rumbera Arepa $9.00 Shredded pork and shredded gouda cheese.
Domino Arepa $9.00 Black beans and shredded white cheese. Veggie.
Pabellon Arepa $10.00 Our specialty. Shredded beef, black beans, plantains and shredded white cheese.
Queso Rallado $8.00 Shredded white cheese. Veggie.
Pollo con Amarillo Arepa $9.00 Shredded chicken and shredded gouda.
Caraotas Arepa $8.00 Black beans. Veggie.
Create Your Own Arepa $8.00
Plain Arepa $3.00


5 Tequenos $5.00 Veggie.

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