Arepera Guacuco

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Cuisine: Latin American, Venezuelan.


Tajadas $4.00 sweet plantains with aged cheese
Arroz Con Caraotas $3.50 rice & beans
Arepitas Fritas De Halley Con Queso $5.00 fried small arepas with guayanes cheese
Tequenos $6.50 venezuela style cheese sticks made with wheat flour
Tostones $7.00 fried green plantains with our combination sauces and cheese


1A. Pernil $7.00 pulled juicy pork shoulder with spices and cheddar cheese
2A. Mariscada $8.00 squids, shrimp, and mussels in red tomatoes sauce
3A. Jamon Con Queso $5.50 grilled ham and white paisa cheese
4A. Salchicha $5.00 sausage in pink sauce
5A. Paisa $4.50 white shredded venezuelan cheese (similar to mozzarella cheese)
6A. Guayanes $6.50 white mild-creamy venezuelan cheese
7A. Reina Pepiada $6.50 shredded chicken mixed with avocado
8A. Cazon $7.00 shredded fish with fresh herbs
9A. Pabellon $7.00 shredded beef, white salty, cheese, sweet plantains and black beans
10A. Pollo $6.00 shredded chicken in juicy red tomato sauce
11A. Parrillada $7.00 grilled slices of steak with chicken, onions & peppers
12A. Vegetariana $6.50 slices of fresh avocados, venezuelan guayanes cheese, sweet plantains & a slice of tomato


Mixta $7.50 lettuce, tomatoes, avocado & carrots with side of balsamic dressing
House Salad $8.50 mixed greens, artichokes, red peppers, sundried tomatoes with side of black beans

Typical Dishes

Asopado De Mariscos $10.00 seafood soup mixed with rice delicioso
Pabellon Criollo $12.50 venezuelan national dish shredded beef, white rice, black beans, and fried sweet plantains, sprinkled with salty cheese with plain arepa
Pabellon Oriental $12.00 from southeastern part of venezuelan shredded fish, rice black beans, and fried sweet plantains sprinkled with salty cheese
Cachapa $10.00 a delightful pancake made with sweet tender corn with guayanes cheese
Cachapa $2.00 add for beef
Carite Frito $13.00 grilled king fish with a touch of garlic with rice, and your choice of salad or sweet plantains


E Queso $4.00 cheese
E Carne Mechada $5.00 shredded beef
E Cazon $5.00 shredded fish
E Jamon Y Queso $5.00 ham and cheese
E Pabellon $5.00 shredded beef, black beans, white salty cheese & sweet plantains
E Vegetariana $5.00 toasted coconut flakes, black beans, jalapenos, sweet plantains and paisa cheese

Desserts $4

Marquesa De Chocolate chocolate cake made with maria cookies
Quesillo venezuelan style flan


Parchita $3.50 passion fruit
Papelon Con Limon $3.00 refreshing molasses with lemon
Malta Polar $1.50 malt
Cocada $4.00 amazing coconut milk shake
Guanabanana $3.00 soursop
Tres En Uno $6.00 nutritional and traditional natural drink beet, carrots, fresh-squeezed orange juice (no sugar added)

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