Argo Georgian Bakery

Up to date Argo Georgian Bakery prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Bakery, Bakery & Pastries, Eastern European.

Bakery Products

Georgian Round Bread $2.75 lavash
Long Bread $2.25 shoti
Hachapuri $2.60 mozzarella, farm and feta cheese pie
Lobiani $2.10 beans pie
Tapluna $2.10 honey and walnut pie
Spinach Pie $1.70
Meat Pie $1.70 beef
Chicken Pie $1.70
Potato & Mushroom Pie $1.70
Potato Pie $1.40
Cabbage Pie $1.70
Apple Pie $1.70
Cherry Pie $1.70
Humintash $2.00 poppy seed pie
Napoleon $4.00 sweet layer cake
Farmer Cheese And Raisin Pie $1.90

Hachapuri By Order

Adzharuli $7.00
Imeretian $8.00

Frozen Products

All Bakery Products Are Available In Frozen State
Frozen Dough $2.25 puff pastry
Fresh Frozen Yeast $2.50
Pelmeni $11.00 russian dumplings
Hinkali $8.50 georgian dumplings
Vareniki (Pierogi) $6.00 mushrooms & potato
Vareniki (Pierogi) $7.00 farmer cheese
Vareniki (Pierogi) $8.00 cherry


Coffee $1.00
Tea $1.00
Borjomi $2.10 – $1.80 georgian mineral water


Different Kinds Of Preservatives, Jams & Canned Foods
Black Caviar
Red Caviar cans or jar

Georgian Sauces

Home Made Adjika $3.00
Tkemali $4.50 green or red
Sacebeli $4.50 hot or mild
Churchkhela $3.00
Jonjoli In Brine $4.50
Georgian Salty Garlic $3.00
Suluguni $7.50 georgian aged feta cheese
Hmeli-Suneli $1.60 georgian spice

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