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Cuisine: Coffee, Sandwiches, Coffee & Tea, Other.

Jasmine Teamosa

Our Season’s Favorite refreshing fusion of green tea white jasmine tea and sparkling orange juice
Jasmine Teamosa a fusion of fresh brewed white jasmine tea, orange juice and a splash of sparkling water

Pebre Chicken Panini

Swiss Cheese, Pebra Salsa, All Natural Tea Poached Chicken.
Breakfast all-natural bites and parfaits to start your day
Panini tea-poached ingredients freshly toasted on artisan breads
Grains And Salads tea-infused whole grains, fresh greens, and argo tea signature flavors
Bakery freshly baked pastries, both sweet and savory

Green Tea White Jasmine

A Rare Green Tea Varietal Scented With Jasmine Flowers.
Chocolate Mint revive with a cool blend of freshly brewed varietal tea and velvety dark chocolate
Green Tea Ginger Twist fresh ginger blended with lemon and mild green tea for a mellow and spicy twist of flavor and unique texture.
White Tea Acai Squeeze immunity boosting with brazilian acai berry, white tea and lemonade made from real lemon and natural cane sugar. enjoy the energizing effects and high amounts of antioxidants.
Tea Sparkle refreshing choice of varietal tea and one of natural flavors splashed with carbonated water.
Chai energizing assam black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and vanilla.
Iced Pom Tea renew with antioxidant rich pomegranate juice blended red tea.
Earl Grey Vanilla revitalize with the signature blend of black tea from the anhui province in china, blended with bergamot oil and madagasgar vanilla
Tea Squeeze revitalizing and refreshing blend of hibiscus and lemon
Carolina Honey energizing blend of niligri black tea, honey and fresh lemon.
Iced Mate Late energizing antioxidant rich yerba mate blended with real almond and milk.
Hibiscus Steamer regenerate with vitamin c abundant hibiscus and crisp apple cider.
Mojitea refreshing cool mint tea, lime and cane sugar.
Iced Chai energizing assam black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and vanilla.
Teappuccino recharge with your favorite tea and an airy layer of perfectly steamed milk. add hint of natural flavor for an array of endless combinations.
Smootea rejuvenating icy blended signatures. berry, chai, acai, pom or green tea vanilla.
Bubble Tea refreshing choices of freshly brewed black, green and red tea blended with milk and all natural de coco jelly pearls splashed with one of our natural mango, raspberry or coconut infusions.
Tea Sangria refreshing blend of vitamin-rich hibiscus tea infused with fresh red and green apples, oranges and grapes.
Red Velvet enticing red tea blended with natural raspberry and white chocolate

Signature Drinks

Red Velvet red tea, raspberry & white chocolate (12oz)
Chocolate Mint steamed cocoa, mint & tea (12oz)
Green Tea Ginger Twist ginger & iced green tea (16oz) (12oz)
White Tea Acai Squeeze acai berry, white tea and lemonade (16oz)
Tea Sparkle carbonated iced tea (16oz)
Chai sweet and spicy favorite (12oz) (16oz)
Iced Pom Tea pomegranate juice & iced red tea (12oz) (16oz)
Earl Grey Vanilla Creme sweet vanilla, steamed milk & earl grey (12oz)
Tea Squeeze fresh-squeezed lemonade & hibiscus iced tea (16oz)
Carolina Honey blend of tea, honey & lemon (12oz) (16oz)
Iced Mate Late almondy mate over ice (12oz) (16oz)
Hibiscus Steamer vitamin rich hibiscus & apple cider (16oz) (12oz)
Mojitea cool mint & fresh lime juice (16oz)
Iced Chai delicious chai over ice (12oz) (16oz)
Teappuccino tea and frothy milk (12oz) (16oz)
Smootea ice blended signature drinks (16oz)
Bubble Tea milky iced tea & chewy ‘pearls’ (16oz)
Tea Sangria fresh fruits & hibiscus iced tea (16oz)


Green Tea $12.95 japanese sencha blended with matcha
Green Tea Chocolate Mint $10.95 green tea infused with chocolate and mint
Genmaicha $12.95 japanese green tea with roasted and popped rice.
Green Tea Ginger Twist $12.95 green tea with ginger pieces and a touch of lemon
Moroccan Mist $10.95 green tea with a refreshing burst of mint.
Green Tea Strawberry $12.95 green tea blended with strawberry pieces and vanilla.
Green Tea Cinnamon Orange $10.95 green tea and orange peel infused with cinnamon.


Nilgiri Black $8.95 aromatic and flavorful indian black tea.
Earl Grey Creme $11.95 smooth black tea with bergamot and vanilla.
Darjeeling Champagne $12.95 the tea features a fruity, muscatel aroma.
English Breakfast $9.95 blend of indian assam and chinese black teas.
Masala Chai $12.95 indian assam blended with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla.
Black Currant $10.95 black tea infused with black currants.
Mango Mambo $11.95 black tea blended with fragrant mangoes.
Ginger Peach $11.95 black tea blended with spicy ginger and sweet peach.
Carolina Honey $10.95 black tea blended with bits of lemon and notes of honey.


Red Tea $9.95 antioxidant-rich south african rooibos tea.
Green Rooibos Vanilla $11.95 antioxidant-rich, unfermented red tea with a hint of vanilla.
Rooibos Chai $11.95 antioxidant-rich red tea blended with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and vanilla.
Rooibos Pomegranate $10.95 antioxidant-rich red tea with hints of pomegranate and cranberry.

White & Rare

White Tea $9.95 a rare and delicate white tea, high in antioxidants.
Blueberry White $8.95 delicate white tea blended with sweet blueberries.
Oolong Formosa $10.95 classic and popular semi-oxidized tea from taiwan
Pomegranate White Tea $10.95 white tea with tart and fruity flavor notes.


Mate Late $10.95 argentinean mate blended with toasted cocoa and almond.
Chamomile Blossoms $5.95 a lightly aromatic herbal tea that is naturally soothing.
Hibiscus Apple $10.95 tangy hibiscus petals blended with sweet apples.
Fruit Sangria $12.95 an infusion of hibiscus petals, dried fruits and rosehips.
Armenian Mint $5.95 mint tea with a revitalizing, refreshing effect.
Charitea $12.95 hibiscus petals blended with dried cherries and vanilla


Brie & Cherry freshly baked panini layered with trie cheese, spinach and chai-infused cherries
Roasted Tomato & Spinach baby spinach, roasted tomatoes, swiss and garlic & herb cheese
Red Pepper Chicken & Brie roasted red pepper, tea -poached chicken and creamy trie
Wasabi Ham & Swiss ham, swiss cheese, crunchy pickle and spicy wasabi yogurt
Pebre Chicken tea-poached chicken, pebre salsa and swiss cheese

Whole Grains And Salads

Teapot Grains mate-infused whole grains and tea infused ingredients with our signature dressings.
Chai Curry Chicken & Quinoa tea-poached chicken, chai curry yogurt and quinoa
Mediterranean Vegetable & Brown Rice (v) (gf) diced tomatoes, garden weggies and brown rice
Special Tea Salads Chickpea Salad (v) (gf) chickpeas carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers and parsiey
Garden Lentil Salad (v) lentlls, carrots, onions and bell peppers

Signature Muffins

Banana Nut
Green Tea (v)
Lemon Poppy Seed (v)

Artisan French Pastries

French Croissant
Dark Chocolate Croissant
Raspberry Apple Turnover
Apple Tart

French Macarons


Freshly Baked Cookies

Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Raisin

Gluten-Free Cookies

Lenom Drop
Chocolate Duet

Hand Made Ruggeleh

Raspberry Almond
Apricot Pecan

Raw Bars

Flax (v)
Cherry (v)
Peanut Butter (v) (gf)


All Natural Signature Flavors Baked With Egg Whites And Croissant Dough
Tomato Basil
Canadian Bacon And Swiss

Special Tea Parfaits

Mixed Berry
Strawberry Banana
Green Tea
Honey Apple Walnut

Savory Snacks

Empanadas fresh baked south american pastry with a serving of pastry with a serving of pebre salsa on the side
Spinach & Artichoke

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