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Cuisine: Middle Eastern.


A1. Auzhak $4.25 dumplings filled with and cilantro. served with yogurt, garlic, meat sauce, and sprinkled with mint flakes
A2. Mantu $4.25 steamed dumplings filled with chopped beef, herbs and onions topped with yogurt and sauteed mixed vegetables
A3. Sambosa Veggie $4.25 fried pastry filled with onions, vegetables, chick peas, and spices
A4. Sambosa Goshtee $4.25 fried pastry stuffed with ground beef, chick peas, & spices
A5. Humms $4.50 with afgani bread. purred chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and garlic
A6. Falafel $4.50 with afgani bread. chickpeas fritters served with tahini sauce.
A7. Bab Ghanouj $4.50 with afgani bread. smoked eggplant blended with tahini garlic lemon juice
A8. Boulany $4.50 pastry filled with seasoned potatoes, leeks, cilantro, onions, oven baked or fried served with home made yogurt

Soup $2.95

S1. Aush afghan homemade noodles with mixed vegetables, yogurt & meat sauce
S2. Lental Soup special recipe of cooked lentil with onion


S3. Salata $3.75 – $1.75 chopped cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, cilantro mixed with salt and lemon
S4. Tzatziki Sauce $3.75 – $1.75 yogurt seasoned with cucumber, topped with dry mint.
S5. Side Salad $1.75 mixed greens topped with tomato, cucumber, onions, and house dressing
S6. Falafel Salad $7.95 mixed greens, tom, onion, cucumber, topped with 4 falafel patties & cucumber sauce
S7. Garden Salad $5.95 – $4.50 mixed greens, tom, cucumber, red onions, bell pepper, & house dressing
S8. Caesar Salad $6.95 – $4.95 chopped romaine lettuce in delicious caesar dressing with parmesan cheese & croutons
S9. Greek Salad $6.95 – $4.95 mixed lettuce, juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumber, sliced red onion, green pepper, crumbly feta cheese and kalamata olives
Add To Your Salad $2.95 chicken, beef kabob, kubideh, gyro meat


C1. Rice $2.95 any style
C2. Bourannee Baunjaun $2.95 stir fried eggplant
C3. Nan $1.25 afghani bread
C4. Subzi $2.95 stir fried spinach
C5. Kadu $2.95 sauteed pumpkin
C6. Yogurt Sauce $1.00
C7. Chick Peas Qurma $2.95
C8. Chargrilled Tom Or Onion $2.50
C9. Feta Cheese $2.50
C10. Side Fries $2.75


E1. Chaplee Kabab $10.95 seasoned ground sirloin patties, with scallions and herbs, grilled to perfection served with bread and salad
E2. Kabuli Palow $11.95 tender chunks of lamb under a heaping of sweet carrot stripes and raisins over rice with your choice of one side
E3. Aushak $9.95 filled dumplings with leek & cilantro, served with yogurt garlic meat sauce and sprinkled with mint flakes & afghani bread
E4. Mantu $9.95 filled dumplings with seasoned ground beef and onion topped with yogurt and sauteed veg. served with afghani bread
E5. Palau $9.95 delicately seasoned pieces of tender lamb under a mound of rice served with meat sauce
E6. Afgan Carayee $10.95 lamb or chicken chunks stirred fried with onions, tomatoes, ginger, green peppers and our special sauce
E7. Chaynakee $12.95 lamb soup with potatoes and coleslaw serve with 2 non salad
E7. Gyro Platter $10.95 open faced sliced gyro over bread served with rice, or fries, greek salad, and tazatziki sauce


All Our Kabobs Served With Fresh Afghani Bread, White Rice, Yogurt Sauce And Your Choice Of One Of The Following Sides. Spinach, Kadu (Pumpkin), Qurma (Chick Peas), Grilled Tomato And Onion, Hummus, Babaghanouj Or Fries. Extra Yougurt Sauce $1
K1. Chicken Kabob $9.95 tender chunks of chicken with a special marination, char broiled on a skewer
K2. Kubideh Kabob $9.95 ground sirloin and lamb with a special spice, char broiled on a skewer
K3. Lamb Kabob $13.95 chunks of tender lamb, marinated in special spices with garlic, char broiled on a skewer
K5. Lamb Chops $13.95 special cuts of tender lamb chops, marinated in special spices and char broiled to perfection
K6. Beef Kabob $10.99 tender beef cubes lightly marinated, char broiled on a skewer
K7. Mixed Grill Kabob $14.95 chicken, lamb and beef kabob with special herbs marinated and char broiled on a skewer
K8. Kabob Combo $11.95 the best of both worlds, skewered chicken and beef kabob delicately marinated and char broiled on a skewer

Pita Wrap Sandwiches $6.95

Served With Fries & Torshi Pickle
P1. Gyro Sandwiches strips of delicately spiced gyro meat served on a grilled pita with lettuce, tom, onions, & tzatziki sauce
P2. Chicken Souvlaki tender pieces of grilled marinated chicken topped with tom, lettuce, feta cheese and house dressing
P3. Falafel Sandwich chickpeas fritters, lettuce, tom, cucumber, and hummus spread
P4. Grilled Kubideh Sandwich ground sirloin with fresh herbs, mesclun greens, tom, onion, and a touch of house dressing
P5. Grilled Beef Sandwich stripes of sirloin beef grilled with onion, tom, topped with feta cheese, mesclun greens and a touch of house dressing
P6. Philly Cheesesteak Sub with sauteed onion, lettuce, tomato & mayo on suub roll

Kids $4.95

10 Years Or Under Only. Served With Small Pita & Rice.
Chicken Kabob (3pcs)
Kobideh 1/2 skewer
Gyro 1/2 portion
Chicken Nuggets with ff

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