Ariel’s Tapas Lounge

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Cuisine: Latin American, Tapas.


Ensalada Mixta $7.00 mix green, carrots, red onions, pepper jack cheese, raspberry vinaigrette
Ensalada De Cinco Granos $8.00 white beans, black beans, corn, lentil, green split pea
Empanadas De Chorizo $8.00 yellow pepper vinaigrette, green & yellow plantain spanish chorizo
Pollo Croquettes $8.00 chicken, bechamel, garlic & parsley
Salmon Curado $8.00 cured salmon, mango sauce
Sopa De Calabaza $8.00 butternut squash, carrots, onions & celery
Bacalao Croquettes $9.00 codfish mix in a salsa criolla
Alas Criollas $9.00 grilled chicken wings in a latin style sauce
Calamares Rellenos $10.00 calamari stuffed with red roasted pepper
Ceviche De Pulpo $10.00 octopus, red onions in a citrus latin style sauce
Pastel De Cangrejo $10.00 crab cake, jalapeno honey sauce
Mejillones $10.00 mussels steamed in a tequila tomatillo sauce
Sopa De Lubina $11.00 black sea bass soup with spanish vegetable
Tartar Latina $11.00 tuna tartar, avocado & mango latin style


All Entree Come With One Side Dish
Pernil Rellenos $15.00 roasted pork stuffed with pork belly, orange glazed
Pollo A La Parrillada $16.00 half grilled chicken, green tomato sauce
Costilla Al Horno $16.00 mango glazed short ribs, mango sauce, crispy onions
Churrascos A La Parrillada $18.00 grilled marinated skirt steak, ariel’s signature sauce
Cordero A La Parrilla $20.00 grilled lamb chops, guanavana mint au jus


Arroz Amarillo $4.00
Yuca Fries $4.00
Calabaza Fries $4.00
Polenta $4.00
Arroz Moro $5.00


Pudding De Banana $6.00 banana pudding
Tarta De Queso $7.00 cheese cake
Tres Leches $8.00 three milk cake
Torta De Chocolate $8.00 chocolate cake
Arroz Con Leche $8.00 rice pudding
Cuajada De Limon $8.00 lemon curd


Espresso $3.00
Americano $3.00
Cafe Con Leche $4.00
Cappuccino $4.00
Latte $4.00


Amara Caipirinha $10.00
Guava Or Kiwi Caipirinha $10.00
Ariel’s Mojito $10.00
Coconut Or Passion Mojito $10.00
Watermelon Or Jalapeno Margarita $10.00
Mango Martini $11.00
Coco Martini $11.00
Latin Beso Martini $11.00
Lychee Martini $11.00


Vivanco 2013 $8.00 spain/rose
Epica 2012 $8.00 chile/sauvignon blanc
Cadi Ponti 2012 $8.00 italia/pinot grigio
Alfredo Roca 2013 $10.00 argentina/chardonnay


Silver Ridge 2011 $8.00 cali/pinot noir
Arauco 2012 $8.00 chile/cabernet sauvignon
Wild Meadow 2011 $8.00 usa/merlot
25 Lagunas $8.00 argentina/malbec
Alfredo Roca 2012 $10.00 argentina/malbec

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