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Cuisine: Seafood, Steak, Thai.


Prawn Satay $6.99 Prawns crusted with shrimp mouse and tamarind mayo.
Crab Rangoon $6.99 Crispy wonton pouches of crab meat with a blend of smooth creamy cheese.
Todd-Mun-Pla $7.99 Fish cake patties, sweet chili, cucumber and ground peanut.
Golden Puff Pastry shell filled of ground chicken, sweet onion, mild curry, and potatoes.
Oysters Crisp $7.99 Lightly battered and quick-fried for a crispy outside and creamy inside. Served with spicy honey mustard.
Vegetable Spring Roll $5.99 With sweet and sour dipping sauce. Vegetarian.
Calamari $8.99 Crispy fried and roasted. Served with garlic and shallot sauce.
Crispy Shrimp Wonton $6.99 Sweet white shrimp wrapped in a thin wonton and served with sweet plum chili dip.
Chicken Satay $6.99 Grilled marinated lean chicken on a skewer with peanut sauce and cucumber relish.
Summer Roll $8.99 Mixed fresh vegetables with chicken, shrimp, fresh herbs, vermicelli, Nuck Nam dipping sauce and peanuts.
Daikon Roll $8.99 Shrimp wrapped in paper-thin daikon with pickled ginger, spicy sprout, tobiko and ginger rosemary dipping sauce.
Mussel $9.99 Steamed fresh mussel in clay pot with lemongrass, chili, garlic, shallot and Thai basil.

Salad and Yum

Salad and Yum
Thai Salad $3.99 Fresh crispy iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, bean curd, boiled egg and bean sprout with peanut dressing.
Papaya Salad $6.99 Shredded green papaya with string bean, tomato, cucumber, pickled crab, chili and lime.
Som Tum $7.99 A classic green papaya salad with ground peanuts, dried shrimp, lime, chili and tomato.
Peking Duck Salad $9.99 Crispy boneless duck tossed with smoky roasted chilies, carrots, apple, pineapple, red onion and cashew nuts.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab $9.99 Green mango salad, chili, lime and Thai herbs.
Yum Nuea $7.99 Marinated grilled sliced beef with roasted chilies, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion.
Nam Tok $7.99 Slice grilled beef tossed with roasted rice powder, ground chili, lemongrass, mint and lemon.
Koy $9.99 Steak tartar with tripe and Thai condiments.
Larb $9.99 Ground pork or chicken tossed with fragrant, aromatic condiments, fresh herbs, spices and chili.
Yum Woon Sen $10.99 Glass noodles tossed with ground pork, shrimp, Chinese celery, pickled garlic and peanuts.
Pla Koong $12.99 Poached shrimp tossed with roasted chilies, lemongrass, kaffir lime and mint.
Yum Pla Muk $12.99 Poached squid with Thai herbs, chili, lemon, garlic and onion.
Yum Talay $14.99 Shrimp, scallops, squid and mussels with spicy lime, garlic, onion, mint and onion.
Yum Pladook Foo $10.99 Puffy crispy ground catfish topped with green apple, mango, ginger, Thai chili peanuts and fresh lime.
Nam Koa Todd $8.99 Crispy rice salad with sour pork sausage, fried Thai chili herbs, scallion and lettuce.


Tom Yum Koong $4.99 – $10.99 The world famous hot and sour aromatic shrimp soup.
Tom Kha Kai $4.99 – $10.99 Chicken and coconut soup with galangal and lemongrass.
Gang Jued $3.99 – $10.95 Tofu, ground pork, clear glass noodles and napa cabbage.
Po-Tak $14.95 Fish and seafood combination with a spicy clear broth of Thai herbs.
Gang Som Talay $14.95 Mixed Asian vegetables with fish, shrimps, crab, mussel and squid in a spicy tamarind broth.
Gang Leang $12.95 Head on jumbo prawn with lemongrass, white pepper, basil broth, pumpkin, mushroom and sweet corn.

Chicken Entrees

Chicken Entrees
Pad Phak $9.95 Sauteed with garlic sauce and mixed vegetables.
Gra Praw $9.95 Ground chicken with spicy green chilies and holy basil.
Pad Prink $9.95
Thai Basil $9.95 Sliced chicken breast with chili pepper and onion.
Sweet and Sour $9.95 Crispy chicken breast with sweet and sour sauce, pineapple and bell pepper.
Padkhing Sod $9.95 Sauteed with fresh ginger, zucchini, snow peas and mushrooms.
Panang $9.95 Sliced chicken breast simmering in rich panang curry and kaffir lime.
Gang Dang $9.95 Red curry with bamboo shoot, squash and coconut milk.
Keaw Wan $9.95 Green curry, zucchini and Thai eggplant.
Praram $9.95 With peanut sauce and steamed broccoli.
Cashew Nut $9.95 Special homemade brown sauce with cashew nut, scallion, zucchini and red peppers.

Pork Entrees

Pork Entrees
Moo Prik King $9.95 With ground peanuts, red chili paste and string bean.
Moo Gratiem $9.95 Marinated pork with ground white pepper and crispy garlic.
Preaw Wan $9.95 Sauteed with tomatoes, cucumber and onion.
Pad Prik Yuak $9.95 Sauteed with green chili and sweet yellow pepper.
Kana Moo Krob $9.95 Crispy Asian-style cut of pork with Chinese broccoli.
Gra Praw Moo Krob $9.95 Asian-style pork with garlic Thai basil.
Moo Dad Deaw $9.95 Stir-fry pork jerky with dipping sauce.
Pork Chop Nam Dang $9.95 Crispy pork chop with sweet and sour sauce.
Tom Zapp $9.95 Pork spare ribs with Thai herbs and spicy broth.
Moo Yang $9.95 Grilled marinated pork with palm sugar and soy glaze.

Shrimp Entrees

Shrimp Entrees
Gang Dang $12.95 With mild Thai red curry, bamboo shoot, squash and red pepper.
Keaw Wan $12.95 Delicious green curry, zucchini and Thai eggplant.
Gra Praw $12.95 Sauteed with chili, onion garlic and fresh Thai basil.
Gratiem $12.95 Marinated with garlic, white pepper and napa cabbage.
Preaw Wan $12.95 Sauteed with tomato, cucumber and onion in our own sauce.
Prik Khing $12.95 Cooked in rich Thai curry paste with tamarind and sting beans.
Choo-chee $12.95 With red curry paste, kaffir lime and a hint of coconut sauce.
Pad Woonsen $12.95 With bean tread noodles, black mushrooms, eggs and onion.

Beef Entrees

Beef Entrees
Beef Broccoli $10.95 With mild and flavorful brown sauce.
Mongolian Beef $10.95 With onion, carrots, bell pepper and crispy noodles.
Tom Zapp $10.95 Stew beef hot pot with Thai herbs and tripe.
Gang Phed $10.95 With spicy red curry, Thai eggplant and coconut milk.
Neau Yang $10.95 Grilled marinated Thai beef with dipping sauce on the side.
Panang $10.95 With rich panang curry and kaffir lime.
Kaw Law $10.95 Tender beef stew with sliced beef, beef ball, bean sprouts and beef broth.
Pad Prik $10.95 Thai basil with green chili and onion.
Neu Dad Deaw $10.95 Dry beef strip and salted pepper jerky.

Noodles and Rice

Noodles and Rice
Pad Thai $8.99 Stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, shrimp, tofu, scallion, peanuts and bean sprouts.
Pad See Ew $8.99 Flat rice noodles stir-fried with egg, Chinese broccoli and your choice of chicken, pork or beef.
Rad Nha $9.99 Flat rice noodles in yellow bean gravy with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp or seafood.
Pad Kee Maw $10.99 Spicy flat rice noodles sauteed with chicken or shrimp, garlic, chilies, bamboo shot and Thai basil.
Chicken Noodle Soup $8.99
Noodle Curry $8.99 Crispy egg noodles topped with yellow chicken curry.
Bamee Moo Dang $8.99 BBQ pork over sesame egg noodles with garlic, oil and steamed bok choy.
Guay Jabb $9.99 Pork stew soup with tripe and liver tofu, hard-boiled egg and noodle roll.
Yen Ta Fo $9.99 Seafood, tofu and crispy wonton in tomato miso broth with rice noodles.
Guayteaw Reau $9.99 Beef stew of sliced beef, meat balls and crunchy fry pork skin.
Tom Yum Noodle $9.99 Clear noodle broth with ground pork, ground peanuts, fish ball and shrimp.
Duck Noodle $9.99 Five spice roasted duck over your choice of noodle in aromatic duck broth and bok choy.
Thai Suki Soup $10.99 Mixed seafood, vegetables and clear glass noodles with running yolk and bean curd broth. Served with spicy sesame sauce on the side.
Grab Fried Rice $12.95 Stir-fried crab meat mixed with rice, eggs and scallion.
Thai Fried Rice $7.99 – $8.95 Stir-fried rice, garlic, tomatoes and onion with chicken, pork or shrimp.
Pineapple Fried Rice $8.99 Stir-fried chicken, shrimp, sausage, pineapple, raisin and cashew nuts.
Spicy Fried Rice $7.99 – $9.95 Sauteed with chili, garlic, onion, Thai basil and your choice of chicken or seafood.
Kaw Moo Dang $8.95 BBQ and roasted crispy pork over rice with condiments and pickled soy chili.

Thai Chef Recommended

Thai Chef Recommended
Massaman $13.00 Delicate, mild and aromatic true silky curry with butternut squash, avocado and young peanuts.
Grilled Salmon with Thai Fine Herbs $15.00 Charcoal-grilled to perfection and topped with ground shrimp, shallot and garlic and herbs sauce.
Grilled Salmon with Green Curry $15.00 Homemade green curry, scallops, mussels, chopped shrimp and roasted root of vegetables.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Garlic $16.00 With garlic sauce on a layer of steamed Asian greens.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Chili Peppers $16.00 With chili peppers, garlic and Thai basil.
Pla Rad Prik $19.99 Crispy whole fish with sweet shallot garlic and chilies sauce and served with a side of steamed vegetables.
Duck Tamarind $15.99 Crisp boneless half duck with tamarind sauce and Japanese eggplant fritter.
Bangkok Duck $15.99 Roasted boneless half duck topped with royal pineapple curry.

Arisra Thai Steaks

Arisra Thai Steaks
Chicken Wings $5.00 – $9.00
Pork Chop $15.00 Dusted with spices, roasted with apple, dry fruits, chutney and braised cabbage and pan-seared with panang curry, kaffir lime and green beans.
Lamb Shanks $15.00 Braised until tender with green curry coconut sauce with Thai eggplant or yellow curry sauce with potatoes.
Chaing Mai Steak $21.00 Marinated with soy sauce, palm sugar and cracked black pepper, then slow-roasted to pink medium and served with garlic noodles.
Bangkok Steak $21.00 Crusted with peanuts, Thai herbs and spicy creamy peanut sauce. Served with Thai rice pilaf.
Udon Thani Steak $21.00 Grilled and topped with spicy Thai eggplant salad, ground rice powder, roasted chilies, lemongrass and larb dressing.
Pattaya Surf and Turf Steak $21.00 Grilled steak with horseradish glaze.

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