Arizona BBQ Shack

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Cuisine: Barbecue.

Daily Specials

Daily Specials
Monday Chili Dog Special $4.59
Tuesday Meat Trio Sliders Special $7.95
Wednesday Pork Rib Tips Special $7.95
Friday and Saturday Boss Hog Special $7.95 Sliced pork with cheese and coleslaw on a sandwich.


Soda $1.50
Ice Tea $1.00
Lemonade $1.00


Dinner Caesar Salad $7.00
Dinner Asian Salad $7.00
Greek Salad $7.00
Spinach Salad $7.00
Side Caesar Salad $2.50


Meat Plate Combo $20.95 1/2 lb. meat, sausage, two sides and cornbread.
1/2 Rack of Ribs Combo $27.00 1/2 lb. meat, two sides, corn bread and chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.
2 Rack of Ribs Combo $82.00 2 lbs. of meat, two double pints sides, cornbread and chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.
Rack of Ribs Combo $42.00 1 lb. meat, two pints sides, cornbread and chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.
1 lb. Meat $7.00 – $13.00

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs
Baby Back Ribs $13.99 – $22.00

Sandwiches and Wings

Sandwiches and Wings
Tri Tip Sirloin Sandwich $8.59
French Dip Sandwich $7.99 Includes dipping sauce and cheese.
1/2 lb. Beef Brisket Sandwich $7.99
Bratwurst Sandwich $4.59 Served on a bun.
1/2 lb. Pulled Pork Sandwich $6.99
Sausage Link Sandwich $4.59 Served on a bun.
1/2 lb. Pulled Chicken Sandwich $6.59
Chicken Wings $6.59
1/2 lb. Burger $6.29
Chicken Nuggets $6.59
Fried Chicken Wings $6.29

Russian Menu

Russian Menu
Vinigret $3.50 Potatoes, pickles, onions, cabbage, carrots, green peas, vegetable oil and beets.
Olivie $3.50 Potatoes, pickles, carrots, ham, onion, green peas and mayonnaise.
Holodets $3.50 Jelly with beef, pork and pigs legs.
Salted Fish $6.00 Onions, green peas and vegetable oil.
1 Piece Chicken Cutlet $4.50
2 Piece Pork and Beef Meatballs $6.00
2 Piece Cabbage Rolls $6.00
Borsch $5.00
2 Piece Blini $5.00 Stuffed with meat and rice.
Pelmeni $6.00
Vareniki $6.00
Pirozhki $2.00


Baked Beans $2.00
Green Beans $2.00
Mac and Cheese $2.00
Potato Salad $2.00
Coleslaw $2.00
Southwest Beans and Rice $2.00
Mustard and Collard Greens $2.00
French Fries $2.00
Onions Rings $2.00
Cornbread $2.00
Side Asian Salad $2.50
Side Greek Salad $2.50
Side Spinach Salad $2.50
Side Caesar Salad $2.50
Side House Salad $2.00

Homemade Dessert

Homemade Dessert
Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream $6.00

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