Armani Ristorante 5th Avenue

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Cuisine: Italian.


Burrata $18.00 with pickled spring onions, red & yellow sundried tomatoes and wild arugula
Tartare Di Tonno $26.00 bigeye tuna tartare with citrus infused olive oil, salad and air dried mullet rice
Capesante Scottate $25.00 smoked sea scallops, heirloom market beets and black truffle
Crudita Di Mare $29.00 wild bramzine tartare, bigeye tuna, kumsmoto oyster and languinne
Vitello Tonnato $24.00 thinly-sliced roast veal loin with velvety tuna-caper sauce, white grapes and fettuccine blend capers
Il Fegato Grasso D’anatra $26.00 venueutino cold marinated duck foie cres with pear confil


Misticanza Di Stacaone $19.00 seasonal market vegetable salad of cipollini onions, peppers, zucchini baby eggplant and mushrooms
La Millefoglie Di Spinacini $18.00 baby spinach salad with pear, pecorino from punta, pistachio, goat cheese and acetaia duck aged white balsamic

Second Platti

Main Course
Branzino Selvatico $33.00 slow roasted wild seed bass and arugula salsa verde with new potatoes
Platessa $32.00 spring flounder with sweet peas, fried beans and fennel consider infusions
Petto D’ Anatra Muta $33.00 roast duck breast with sweet and sour amarne cherries
Cotoletta Di Vitello $44.00 bone in, breaded veal chop milanese with arugula salad and pachiro tomatoes
Filetto Di Malale $32.00 pork tenderloin with swiss chard, pistachio and smoked beer jus
Costoletta D’agnello Scottadito $36.00 grilled lamb chop marinated with juniper berries and crispy polenta
Tagliata Di Manzo $48.00 char-grilled black angus steak with bone marrow and stewed serano beans
Tartare Di Manzo $28.00 black angus beef tartare with finely diced mushrooms, caper berries, parmigiano, and artichaler salad

Primi Platti

First Course
Zuppa Giardiniera $16.00 spring vegetable soup with barley, basil and prosciutto
Spaghetti $26.00 spaghetti pasta with sauteed calamari, lemon zest, sage and air-dried mullet roe
Agnolotti $25.00 homemade agnolotti of veal, cow’s ricotta cheese, savory cabbage, with black olives, pine nuts and tomato sauce
Ravioli $29.00 homemade ravioli of ricotta cheese and quail egg yolk with zucchini and black truffle
Tagliolini Verdi $38.00 homemade spinach tagliolini, langgoushine, mixed mushrooms and black truffle
Lasagnetta Croccante $24.00 homemade lasagna with eggplant, tomato and smoked scamarta layers over parmesan fondue
Risotto Al Castelmagno $28.00 gazzani riserva risotto with rosemary, castelmagno cheese, balsamic, vinegar and crispy speck
Risotto Alla Milanese $27.00 gazzani riserva risotto with saffron and parmigiano

Gingio Armani’s Tasting Menu $45

3 Course. Wine Pairing Available With Tasting Menu $65
Tartare Di Tonno $26.00
Culatello Di Zibello $22.00 thinly shared cured meat, tuscan barley artichokes and parmigiano sharvings
Risotto Vialone Nano’ Gazzani Riserva $38.00 gazzani riserva risotto with 24 months aged parmigiana and black truffles
Guancina Di Vitello $32.00 slow braised veal chek over soft yellow polenta
Composizione Dello Chef $13.00 chef composition of miniature dessert
Caffe Espresso E La Nostra Piccola Pasticceria espresso coffee and our homemade miniardise cookies


Fiore E Miele $13.00 tortino di polenta, merinaga la polline di mpinocchio & gelato al miche di fiori di campo sweet polenta cake with fennel pollen meringue and wildflower honey gelsto
Il Fondente $13.00 al cicecolato super tuscan con gelato al caffe o simbuca warm chocolate fondant with espresso sansbuce gelato
Bomboloni Di Ricotta $13.00 con salsa di cioccolata e crems di lemoncello bumbolanti with chocolate sauce and limoncello cream
La Panna Cotta $13.00 parma cotta al ravarbaro, fragole del contadino, spuma all frisco e biscotto rhubarb prans cotta with farmers’ market strawberries, hibiscus foam and spiced sugar cookie
Il Tiramisu $13.00 con sorbetio al mascarpone tiramisu served with mascarpone sorbet
Selezione $13.00 di gelati e sorbetti selection of homemade ice cream and sorbet
Sottoeosco Di Stagione $13.00 accompagnati da sorbetto al mango fries seasonal mixed berries, accompanied by mango sorbet
La Composizione Dello Chef $16.00
Selezione Di Formaggi $15.00 cheese selection served with fruit mustards and dried fruits

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