Arnolds Burgers

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Cuisine: Burger.


All burgers served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions with choice of mayo., or mustard or both on the bottom bun
Double Meat Cheeseburger With steak cut fries
Single Meat Cheeseburger With steak cut fries
Junior Meat Cheeseburger With steak cut fries
Junior Burger Jalapeno, bacon, pepper jack, cheese, fries
Baby Meat Cheeseburger With steak cut fries
Small Burger or Cheeseburger With steak cut fries

Family Burgers

All burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mayo, mustard ketchup steak cut fries tator tots. All on the side all family burger pricing with no cheese
9; Burger Feeds 4 adults
12; Burger Feeds 6 to 8 adults
14; Burger Feeds 8 to 10 adults
16; Burger Feeds 10 to 12 adults
18; Burger Feeds 12 to 16 adults
24; Burger Feeds 16 to 24 adults. Please order 24; burger 1 day in advance

Specialty Burgers

All burgers served with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions choice of mayo, mustard
Texas Shaped Single Meat Cheese Burger With steak cut fries
Texas Twosome Meal for 2 includes, fries, tator tots an 2 drinks
Arnold’s Sizzling Fajita Burger Grilled peppers, onions, with american cheese salsa on the side beef or chicken. Large with fries, small with fries
Arnold’s Club Burger Double burger with cheddar cheese, 3 slices of toast, 4 slices of bacon with chips
Patty Melt Single meat with grilled peppers & onions on texas toast. With fries.
Vegetarian Burger Junior bun with grilled peppers & onions, jalapeno, mushrooms & ranch dressing with chips

Spice Up Your Burger

Chili $1.67
Green Chilies $1.07
Grilled Onions $1.07
B.B.Q. Sauce $0.97
Mushrooms $1.07
Grilled Peppers $1.07
White Gravy $1.17
Bacon (2 Slices) $1.57
Salsa $1.07
Jalapenos $0.97
Jalapeno Bacon $1.67
Pepper Jack Cheese $0.50
Swiss Cheese $0.40
American Cheese $0.40

Dinner & Sandwiches

All dinners & sandwichs served with texas toast lettuce, tomato, an choice of fries or chips
Hamburger Steak With grilled onions and fresh made brown gravy
Salisbury Steak With grilled mushrooms an fresh made brown gravy
Chicken Strips With fresh made white gravy
Corn Dogs (2) With pickles & mustard
Hot Dog With or with chili. With pickles & onions
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwich

Side Orders

Steak Cut Fries $1.87
Tator Tots $2.97
Onion Rings $2.97
Fried Okra $2.37
Fried Mushrooms with Ranch $4.97
Fried Pickle Chips with Ranch $5.97
Fried Green Tomatos with Ranch $3.97
2 Small Burgers $1.00 To go only
1 Chicken Strips $1.00 To go only
Hot Dog $1.00 To go only
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $1.00 To go only
Chicken Nuggets $1.00 To go only
Corn Dog $1.00 To go only

Kids Meals

All kids meals served with steak cut fries or chips and pickles
Mini Cheeseburger
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $3.21
Chicken Nuggets $3.61
Corn Dog $2.91


Fountain Drinks $1.87
Ice Tea $1.87
Water $0.25

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