Arnold’s Drive-In

Up to date Arnold’s Drive-In prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Fabulous 50’s Features

Elvis P B & Banana $4.29 Dipped in our secret batter and deep fried for the king served on a cinnamon raisin bread
Aunt Mildred BBQ Pork $3.79
Grilled Pork Tenderloin $4.79 Mouthwatering tenderloin pork pork sitting on a fresh baked kaiser roll served with lettuce tomato and pickle
Cheese Toastie $2.79 Swiss and american cheese paired on sourdough add bacon or tomato for a twist $3.99
RIchie Cunning Ham n Cheese $3.99 Our cheese toastie cuddled with four slices of ham and tucked between two slices of sourdogh
Fried Egg with Cheese $1.00 Two eggs with swiss and american cheese served on sourdough like grandma used to make add grilled tomato & onion
Mom’s Homemade Meatloaf Sandwich $4.29 Served with our special red sauce and two cheese made with TLC
American Bandstand $4.29 We teamed our ham and cheese with a fried and made a trio even dick clark would
Big Popper $4.99 Boneless rib sandwich dipping with our secret BBQ sauce topped with pickled and onion on a hoagies roll
Breaded Pork Tenderloin $5.29
BLT $3.99 Served on toasted sourdough bread
Mickey Mouse Toasted Club $5.79 Piled high with fresh turkey ham and seasoned smoked bacon then topped off with two cheese lettuce tomato and fresh baked sour dough bread
Rockin Reuben $5.99 Tender corned beef stacked under our mile sauerkraut and swiss cheese. Made complete with thousand island dressings on thick marbled rye bread
Charlie Tuna Melt $4.49 Tuna swiss cheese lettuce and tomato make a cozy family on toasted rye breaded
Fonzie Fried Bologna $4.29 Sandwiches the way they were quarter deep fried with cheese tomato and a pickles
Flo Fish’n Chips $4.99 Crispy battered cod sandwich served with fries and tarter sauce


Arnold Burger $5.59 Handle our 12 oz. arnold ran baby through the garden
Arnold Burger with Cheese $5.89
Arnold Fabulous Steakburger $3.29 Served with lettuce tomato and pickle
Arnold Fabulous Steakburger with Cheese $3.59
Slaw Burger $3.89 Our steakburger with a scoopful of coleslaw straight
Breaded Cheeseburger $3.79 Our fabulous steak burger topped with cheese and lightly breaded served with lettuce tomato and pickle on the side

All Star Burger

La Bomba $4.59 Our steakburger with pepper jack cheese purple onion and salsa on a seeded bun
Route 66 Burger $4.99 Our fabulous steakburger topped with provolone sweet baby ray BBQ sauce and three strips of bacon
Leave it to Beaver $4.59 Steakburger with our secret recipt coney sacue topped with shredded monterey and jack cheese and diced onion sirting atop a seeded bun
Potsie Melt $4.59 Our fabulous steak burger blanketed with swiss cheese topped with thousand island dressings then smothered with grilled onions served on your choice of sourdough or marbled rye
Blue Moon Burger $4.99 Our famous steak burger topped with bleu cheese and three strip of bacon

Old Fashioned Fountain Service

Our Original Banana Split $3.79 Vanilla and strawberry ice cream with pineapple marshmallow and strawberry toppings
Rin Tin Tin $3.29 Ice cream with hotfudge and spanish peanuts
Sundaes $2.99 Strawberry cherry pineapple butterscotch hot fuge chocolate or caramel
Turtle Sundae $3.29 Hot caramel hot fudge and pecans
Cool Soft Serve Cones $2.29 – $1.29
Flavor Burst Cone $2.29 – $1.29
Black Cow $1.99 Root beer float
Big Cow Buna $3.99 Root beer float for two
Red Pop or Dreamsicle Float $1.99
Ice Cream Soda $1.99 Cherry chocolate vanilla strawberry and lime
Boston Cooler Vernor ginger ale teamed up with strawberry
Boston Cooler $1.99 Vernor ginger ale teamed up with our ice cream
Boston Cooler $1.99 Vernor ginger ale teamed up with our ice cream
Cherry Flip $1.99 Cherry soda served with chocolate ice cream
The Red Dog Float $1.99

The Chicken Coupe

All chicken coupe sandwiches are served on a kaiser bun, unless indicuted
Honey I’m Home $4.99 Grilled chicken topped with honey mustared and provolone accompanied by lettuce tomato and pickles
Char Grilled Chicken Breast $4.29 Tender chicken breast with lettuce tomato and pickle
Buffalo Bill $4.99 Hand breaded chicken breast coasted with our own special sauce purple onion BC dressings lettuce tomato and pickle
Teriyaki Chicken Breast $4.49 Marinated and grilled to perfection served with lettuce tomato and pickle
Henny Penny $4.99 Grilled chicken provolone purple onion lettuce tomato and pickle dripping with parmesan peppercorn dressings
Lucy’s Chicken Salad $4.29 A heaping mound of all white meat chicken salad salad atop sourdough bread
Chicken Stripe $4.29 Tender seasoned stripe served with your choice sauce
Chicken Bacon Swiss $5.29 Char grilled chicken breast topped with melted swiss cheese bacon and sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce


Dressings: buttermilk ranch thousand island honey mustared poppyseed golden parmesan peppercorn bleu cheese fat free toasted sesame fat free french fat free ranch
Blondie Favorite $5.99 A bed of lettuce with tomato shredded cheddar purple onion and choice of grilled chicken or deep fried chicken stripe
Side Salad $1.79
Ty Cobb Salad $6.29 A mound of our fresh leaf lettuce topped with cheddar cheese crumbled bacon black olives bleu cheese chunks avocado and tomato. Add chicken for $1.99
Half Sandwich & Soup or Salad $4.49 Choose a half sandwich BLT chicken salad or ham & cheese toastic paired with a cup o soup of the day or a side salad
Lite Plate $5.79 Choice of chicken salad tuna salad or seafood salad stop a bed of green and accompanied by a cup of soup and choice of one side

The Dog House

57 Classic Coney $2.29 Served with chili sauce mustared and onion
Hound Dog $2.29 A plain hot dog
State Fair Corn Dog $2.49
Wooly Bully $2.79
The Dirty Dog $2.79 Coney sauce slaw and shredded cheese
The Memphis Frank $1.79 Mustared & slaw
The Decatur Dog $2.79 Mustared relish onion pickles and tomato
Smoked Sausage $3.39

Start Your Engines

Chili Cheddar Fries $4.99 A big basket of waffle fries paired with a cup of chili cheddar sauce
French Fries $1.59
Cheese Fries $2.59
50/50 $4.29 Hoola hoops and fried with ranch for dipping
Chedar Battered Cauliflower $3.29
Hoola Hoops $3.29 Hand dipped giant onion rings
Battered Poppered $3.99 Jalapenos peppers stuffed with cream cheese
Fab Four $4.99 Fried veggie basket with all of your favorite mushrooms cauliflower sweet corn nuggets and hoola hoops
Beer Battered Mushrooms $3.49
Sweet Corn Nuggets $3.29
Limbo Stix $3.29 Beer battered mozzarella sticks with sauce for dipping

By the Scoop

Vanilla $2.59 – $1.59
Chocolate $2.59 – $1.59
Strawberry $2.59 – $1.59
Rocky Road $2.59 – $1.59
Rainbow Sherbet $2.59 – $1.59
Butter Pecan $2.59 – $1.59
Cinnamon $2.59 – $1.59

Yummie Desserts

Strawberry Funnel Iscious $4.29 Deep fried funnel cake with creamy vanilla ice cream smothered with strawberry and dripping with syrup
Hot Fudge Brownie Supreme $4.29 Homemade brownies and heaps of vanilla ice cream with hot caramel and hor fudge drizzled on top
Hot Apple Dumpling $4.29 MAde from scratch bursting with apple and cinnamon sauce then topped off with our own cinnamon ice cream
Warm Homemade Bread Pudding with Cranberries $4.29 This one coated with butterybrown sugar caraml sauce and cinnamon ice cream
Deep Fried Cherry Cheesecake $4.49 Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and smothered in cherry toppings
Old Fashion Sugar Cream Pie $2.29


Coke Diet Coke, Mellow Yellow Sprite & Fanta Orange $1.49
Minute Maid Lemonade $1.49
Freshley Brewed Iced Tea $1.49
Maxwell House Coffee $1.19
Apple Juice $1.39
Milk or Chocolate Milk $1.39
Fresh Vanilla Cappuccino $1.49
Fountain Cokes $1.89 – $1.59
Phosphates $1.89 – $1.59 Cherry chocolate vanilla
Shirley Temple $1.89 – $1.59
Red Dog $1.59
Hot Cocoa $1.49 Topped with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon

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