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Chicken Skewers With Spicy Sauce $4.95 chunks of chicken meat marinated in lemon grass and garlic. served with spicy peanut curry sauce.
Jumbo Fried Shrimp $6.95 breaded shrimps served with cocktail sauce and creamy citrus dressing.
Golden Fried Oyster (6) $5.95 breaded oysters served with cocktail sauce and creamy citrus dressing.
Smoked Salmon With Sesame Stick (6) $6.50 crunchy sesame stick wrapped with flavored cream cheese and smoked salmon
Steamed Clams In Garlic Wine Sauce $6.95 fresh manila clams, chopped onion and red pepper simmered in a delicious chardonnay garlic – basil broth of claim juice. dip your bread into this garlicky sauce too.
Garlic Breaded (2) $2.50

Salad & Soups

Caesar Salad $6.95 a classic caesar topped with croutons and a blend of fresh parmesan cheese.
Garden Salad W/ Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette $4.50 fresh seasonal greens tossed in a refreshing dressing made from fresh lemon juice, garlic, basil, fresh grounded pepper and white vinegar.
Grilled Chicken Salad $6.95 fresh garden salad topped with grilled chicken breast.
Shrimp Salad $6.95 bay shrimps and fresh seasonal greens tossed in a creamy citrus dressing.
Calamari Salad $6.95 with spicy thai vinaigrette
Soup Of The Day $2.50 – $3.50

Fresh Pasta

Seafood Linguini $11.95 fresh pacific prawns, bay scallops, fish fillets and calamari, choice, of tomato-basil or creamy sauces,
Prawn Or Scallops Carbonara Linguini $10.95 fresh pacific prawns or bay scallops with bacon, choice of tomato- basil or creamy – basil sauce.
Chicken & Fresh Mushrooms Angel Hair $8.95
Shrimp Brochettes With Garlic- Herb Angel Hair $10.95 skewed shrimps, mushrooms and zucchini, served with our delicious garlic- herb pasta.

Meat Poultry

(serve with soup or green salad, seasonal vegetables and fruit garnish)
Braised Lamb Shank W/ Garlic and Rosemary $10.95 tender lamb shank braised with fresh herbs and laced with burgundy wine.
Grilled Rib-Eye Steak $14.95 served with a choice of sizzling hot black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce.
Spicy Onion-Garlic Veal $11.95 slices of tender veal sauteed with onion and mushrooms in a light brown sauce
Grilled Chicken Breast W/ Lemon Butter & Peppercorns $10.95 breast of chicken marinated with lemon, fresh peppercorns, and butter.
Thai Curry Chicken With Basil & Coconut Milk $10.95 boneless chicken meat sauteed with coconut milk, spicy peanut-basil curry sauce and served over a bed of spinach
Aloha Chicken $10.95 breast of chicken topped with our delicious fruity apricot sauce.

Seafood Delicacies

(serve with soup or green salad, seasonal vegetables and fruit garnish)
Butter Garlic Jumbo Prawns $13.95 jumbo pacific prawns lightly battered and sauteed with butter, garlic and fresh herbs.
Honey Jumbo Prawns With Tossed Almonds. $13.95 chefs favorite jumbo pacific prawns lightly battered and sauteed with our heavenly creamy fruity dressing and topped with tossed almonds
Spicy Prawns Creloe $12.95 fresh prawns sauteed with zucchini, carrot, onion in a robust spicy tomato sauce seasoned with red paprika, request for mild if you don’t want to dry.
Scallops With Creamy Basil Sauce $12.95 fresh bay scallops and mushrooms cooked with our creamy- basil sauce and served over spinach and laced with fume blanc
Fisherman’s Platter $13.95 deep fried shrimps, oysters and fish fillet, served with cocktail sauce and creamy citrus dressing
Sole Almondine (Seasonal) $10.95 fresh petrale sole fillets pan-fried with lemon butter, parsley, dry white wine and topped with creamy -basil sauce and tossed almonds.
Teriyaki Sea Bass $13.95 fresh canadian sea bass steak braised with a rich Teriyaki sauce.

Assorted Desserts

available from our dessert tray
Assorted Desserts our heavenly desserts will delight you, adorn your table and make any occasion memorable.

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