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Cuisine: Diner.


Fresh mixed greens, sweets croutons, rolls & butter included
Side Salad $2.25 Dressings: Ranch, french, italian, thousand island, basalmic, house sweet & sour
Spinach Chicken Salad $7.99 Mozz cheese, bacon, croutons, house dressing. Roll & butter
Chef Salad $7.99 Ham, turkey, bacon, american, swiss, provolone, tomato, onion, egg on bed lettuce. Served roil and butter
Italian Antipasto Chef Salad $7.99 Lettuce, tomato, onion, mild peppers, g. peppers, pickles, ham, salami, pepperoni, provolone, american. Roll & butter
Grilled Chicken Salad $7.99 Fries, cheese, tomatoes & onions on a bed of crisp lettuce
Grilled Steak Salad $7.99 Angus sirloin beef fries, mozz cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion
Caesar Salad $7.99 W/grilled chicken, boiled egg, bacon, mozz cheese
Tuna Fish Salad $7.99 On lettuce, tomato, onions, w.bacon & sliced egg
Turkey Bacon Swiss Salad $7.99 W/swiss & american cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions & sliced egg roll & butter
Greek Gyro Salad $7.99 Greens w.olives, lamb, tomatoes, cucumbers, w.tzatziki sauce & grilled pita bread
Hot Bacon Spinach Salad $7.99 Baby leaf spinach, cheeses, bacon, croutons, w.egg. Roll & butter
Mexican Salad $7.99 Chill, tomato, onions, mild & hot peppers, nacho cheese, chips, sour cream & salsa
Buffalo Chicken Salad $7.99 Lettuce, tomato, onions, peppers & egg. Bleu cheese dressing roll & butter

Best Burgers & Dogs

Grilled Dog on Bun $1.99
Kraut Dog on Grilled Bun $2.25
Chill Cheese Dog Onions, on Grilled $2.50
Cheese Dog on Grilled Bun Onions, Relish $2.25


Big 1/3 pounders
Plain $3.79
Cheese Burger $4.29 All platters includes ruffles
Double Decker Cheese Burger $8.99 2/3 pounder on
Bacon Cheese Burger Platter $4.59
Pizza Burger Platter $4.59 W. pepperoni cheeses
Chili Cheese Burger Platter $4.59
Western BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger Platter $4.59
Jalapeno Cheese Burger Platter $4.59
Cajun Black Bleu Burger Platter $4.59
Swiss Mushroom Burger Platter $4.59
Big Chief Burger Approx a 1 ib $8.99 Sandwich a bacon
Little Chief Mini Cheese Burger Platter $2.99 – $5.99

Double Decker Country Club Sandwiches

Ham Club $5.95 Black Forrest Ham, Bacon, L T O Cheese
Turkey Club $5.95 Roast turkey, bacon, L.T.O cheese
Combo Turkey $5.95 Ham Bacon L.T.O cheese

Hot Sandwiches

Country Fried Chicken Tender $4.49 Sandwich on grilled roll w L.T.O
Hot Meatloof Sandwich $6.49 On texas toast, mashed & gravy
Hot Roast Turkey Sandwich $6.49 On texas toast, mashed & gravy
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich $6.49 On texas toast,mashed & gravy
Fish Sandwich Fried $6.49 Haddock w lettuce & tartar sauce add $25 for cheese
Grilled Tuna Melt $5.95 On texas toast, cheese, tomato
Crab Cake Sandwich $5.95 On grilled roll, lettuce tartat sauce
B.L.T. $4.29 Bacon, lettuce & tomato on toast w mayo
Grilled Rueben Double Decker $5.99 Corn beef, swiss, sauerkraut
Grilled Rachael Double Decker $5.99 Turkey, swiss, coleslaw
Grilled Cheese $3.75 On texas toast. Add $0.50 for bacon & tomato
Monte Cristo $6.49 On french toast grilled chicken, ham & swiss
Grilled Cordon Bleu $5.99 Grilled chicken, ham & swiss cheese on choice of bread
Greek Gyro $4.95 W. lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers tzatziki sauce grilled pita bread
Meatball Sandwich $3.99 On grilled garlid bun w.cheese and sauce


French Dip Angus Choice Beef $6.49 W. melted provolone cheese side of horseradish & aujus
Hot Black Forrest Ham & Cheese Sub $6.49 W. L.T.O choice of dressing
Italian Submarine $6.49 Ham, pepperoni, salami bologna provolone & american cheese L.T.O w house dressing on 10; grilled garlic roll
Meatball Sub $6.95 Homemade meatballs & sauce w melted cheese on grilled garlic roll
Fresh Grilled Chicken Sub $6.95 W. spices, cheese, L.T.O & choice of dressing
Philly Cheese Steak $6.95 W. green peppers, mild peppers, onions, cheese on grilled roll
Turkey Bacon Sub $6.49 Cheese w L.T.O on grilled roll choice of dressing
Ham Turkey Bacon Combo Sub $6.95 Cheese L.T.O on grilled roll


Meatloaf Dinner $8.49 Potato vegetable, salad roll & butter
Roast Beef Dinner $8.49 Choice angus beef potato, vegetable, roll
Roast Turkey Dinner $8.49 W. stuffing, potato, vegetable, salad & roll
Grilled Seasoned Chicken Dinner $8.99 W. potato, vegetable, stuffing, salad & roll
Ground Steak Dinner $8.99 W. mushrooms & onions mashed potatoes, vegetable, salad & roll
4 Piece Fried Chicken Dinner $8.99 W.mashed potatoes & gravy, vegetable, salad & roll
BIG Texan 16 oz $13.95 Freshly on choice angus steak w/grilled peppers & onions potatots vegetable, salad & roll
Sirloin Beef Tips & Noodles $9.49 Carved & grilled to order mashed potato, mushroom rich brown grovy salad
Sirloin Beef Stroganoff $9.49 W. noodles, mashed potato, mushrooms & onions, rich brown gravy, salad & roll
Blackened Cojun Chicken Breast Dinner $8.99 W. potato, vegetable, salad & roll
Tender Beef Live w. Grilled $8.99 Onions mashed potato, vegetable, salad & roll
Grilled Ham Steck Dinner $8.49 W. pineapple, potato, vegetable, salad & roll
Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken $8.99 W. potato, vegetable, salad & roll
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken $8.99 W. pineapple potato or rice vegetable salad & roll
Grilled Teriyaki Sirlion Beef Strips $8.99 W.roasted sweet red peppers, onions and pineapple, potato or rice, vegetable salad & roll
Western BBQ Chicken $8.99 W.potato, vegetable, salad rolls
Chicken Marsala $9.49 Mushroom, onions, tomato sauteed in marsaka wine, pasta or potato salad roll
Chicken Cacciatore $9.99 On pasta, salad & garlic toast
Pork Chop Dinner $9.99 Grilled w/spices choice of potato, vegetable, salad & roll

Seafood Dinners

Beer Battered Haddock Dinner $9.99 Potato vegetable salad, roll
Baked Haddock Dinner $9.99 Potato vegetable salad roll
Jumbo Fried Shrimp 7 $10.99 Fries, veg, salad & roll
Shrimp Alfred $10.99 On fettuccine pasta salad & garlic toast
Shrimp Scampi $10.99 On fettuccine or rice salad & garlic toast
Stuffed Flounder $11.99 W. crabmeat & sauce, vegetable salad & roll
Imperial Crab Cakes (2) $9.99 Potato, vegetable salad or coleslow & roll
Popcon Shrimp or Clam Strips Platter Rice Veg, Salad & Roll $10.99
Captain’s Platters $17.95 1/2 Lb crab legs 1/2 hoddock, 4 fantail shrimp, clam strips fries veg
Pan Fried Tilapia $9.99 W.walnut cheese butter crust w. white sauce 2 sides salad & roll
Snow Crab Legs $13.95 1 Lb. steamed crab legs potato, vegetable, salad & rolls

Desserts & Ice Cream

Add a scoop of ice cream to any cake or pie for $1.25
Hershey’s Ice Cream Vanilla $1.50
Chocolate $1.50
Moose Tracks $1.50
White House $1.50
Butter Pecan $1.50
Cake $1.89
Cake & Ice Cream $3.00
Ice Cream Cone $1.50 – $2.75
Lemon Meromque Pie $2.79
Coconut Cream Pie $2.79
Chocolate Peanutbutter Silk Pie $2.79
Fruit Pie $2.79 Dutch apple, blueberry, cherry, sugar-free mauntain berry
Ice Cream Float $2.50 Root, beer, pepsi, cherry pepsi and big scoop of ice cream
Apple Dumpling w. Ice Cream $4.95
Sundaes $2.95 Chocolate, peanut butter or pimeapple or caramel
Milk Shakes $2.95 Vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, caramel peanutbutter, butter pecan


Coffee $1.49
Hot Tea Milk $1.49
Chocolate $1.49
Chocolate Milk $1.49
Juice $1.49 Orange, grapefruit, tomato or cranberry
Fountain Drinks $1.49 Free refills: pepsi diet pepsi cherry pepsi sierra mist root beer

Italian Dinners

Homemade red and white sauces
Spaghetti and Meatball w. Salad and Garlic Toast $6.75 – $7.50
Gnocchi and Meatblls w. Salad and Garlic Toast Alfredo Sauce $1.00 $7.99
Veal Parmesian w. Spaghetti Pasta, Sauce, Salad G Toast $10.95
Chicken Parmesian w. Spaghetti Pasta, Sauce, Salad G. Toast $9.95
Manicotti Stuffed w. 3 Cheese, Meatball, Salad and Garlic Toast $9.95
Cheese Ravioli and Meatballs, Salad and Garlic Toast $9.95
Fettuccine Noodles W. Alfredo sauce, salad & garlic toast
Grilled Italian Chicken $10.95 Alfredo on fettuccine, salad & garlic toast
Italian Hot Sausage $10.95 Red peppers on fettuccine, alfredo, salad g. toast
Italian Hot Sausage, Meatball Combo on Pasta $10.95 W. marinara sauce, salad g. toast
Clam Linguini Bone in an Alfredo Sauce $10.95 W/ mushrooms, onions, tomato, wine bread

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