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Up to date Art Gallery Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Appetizers $89.50 A beautifully displayed tray of assorted salads in mini tartlet shells or cherry tomatoes. Shrimp, chicken, tuna, herbal cream cheese, hummus, and tabooleh.
Antipasto Tray $7.95 The best of Italian meats, roasted sweet peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, and mushrooms. The Antipasto is served with focaccia or seasoned bread sticks.
?Art Gallery? Finger Sandwich Tray $6.50 Mini croissants stuffed with sliced roasted turkey breast, baked Virginia ham, roast beef, tuna or chicken salads. The Sandwich Tray is served with lemon-caper butter. (Focaccia Bread also available)
Cheese Board $5.95 Wedges of havarti, provolone, sharp cheddar, imported Swiss and boursin cheeses. The Cheese Board is served with an assortment of gourmet crackers and French baguettes.
Seasonal Fruit and Cheese Tray $6.95 The freshest of seasonal fruits together with an array of imported and domestic cheeses. Assorted crackers and French baguettes included.
Crudite Platter $4.50 A variety of fresh artfully presented garden and exotic vegetables. Also, your choice of our homemade dipping sauces, including our famous hummus or yogurt-ranch style dressing.
Chicken Drummies $85.00 A tray of perfectly seasoned chicken drummies with barbecue and ranch dipping sauces.
Mini Cocktail Meatballs $70.00 Swedish or Italian style
Meat Rosettes $19.95 In homemade dough.
Stuffed Grape Leaves $49.50 Vine leaves with stuffed vegetables and lemon.
Tabooleh Bites $10.95 Cherry tomatoes stuffed with tabooleh.
Pita Pocket $7.95 Mini pockets willed with choice of: Grilled chicken salad, roasted turkey breast, roast beef, and tuna salad.
Falafel Tray $10.95 Tray of falafel garnished with hummus, tomatoes, pickles, and peppercorns.
Sampler $12.95 Falafel, hummus, tabooleh, and kibi. Sampler served with mini pita pockets and homemade pita chips.
Tabooleh salad $4.95
Hummus dip with pita chips $4.95
Baba ghannouj $4.95
Kefta $9.95 Skewers of char-grilled kefta.
Kibi Kebab $19.95 Ground sirloin or lamb filled with burlghul shell, pine nuts, and sauteed onion.
Spinach Triangles $19.95 Homemade dough stuffed with spinach, onion and lemon. Spinach and cheese triangles also available.
Cheese Sambousik $19.95 Flaky pastry crescents with burlghul, walnut and pomegranate filling.
Pumpkin Kibi-Kebab $19.95 Ground pumpkin with burlghul, walnut and pomegranate filling.
Shrimp Brochette Lightly grilled and skewered jumbo shrimp, with herbal seasoning, served with snow peas and mushrooms.
Chicken Brochette $14.95 Lightly grilled and skewered marinated breast of chicken, served with onion, grilled peppers and cherry tomatoes
Mushroom Caps $12.95 Filled with one of the following: Italian sausage, spinach, artichoke or crab.
Vegetable brochettes $10.95 Lightly grilled assorted skewered vegetables.
Wheel of Brie $68.00 – $57.00 With apricot preserves, Canadian blue cheese and topped with roasted almonds served with French baguettes.
Homemade white corn chips $2.95
Salsa $10.50
Guacamole $11.95

Daily Combo

A cup of today?s soup, a half tuna salad or chicken salad sandwich and a petite garden salad $10.25 with a cookie/brownie.

Luncheon Platters

Two of the following choices are available with your #1 and #2 platters: Homemade potato salad, Homemade coleslaw, Pasta Primavera, Chips
Freshly Sliced Deli Meats (#1) $10.95 Including fresh roast turkey, fresh baked Virginia ham, roast beef cooked to order, extra lean corned beef, and pastrami. Also available, your choice of fresh baked breads: white, wheat, deli rye, pu
Salad Platter (#2) $9.95 Chicken, tuna or egg. Our homemade salads are available on your choice of fresh baked breads. (Shrimp salad additional $2.00 per guest)

Sandwich Selections

Deli Sandwiches $11.95 Assorted Deli sandwiches Two gourmet side salad selections Cookies or brownies Hot Corned Beef, Pastrami, Fresh Roasted Turkey, Baked Ham, Egg Salad, White Albacore Tuna Salad, Chicken Breast Salad,
Specialty Sandwiches $13.95 Assorted specialty sandwiches Two side salad selections A selection of desserts: Cookies, Brownies, Blondies. Spring Chicken, Triple Decker Club, Peter’s De-light, Rooster, Greek Salad Sandwich, Shaw
Luncheon Platter $12.50 Meat, cheese and salad deli platter Two gourmet side salad selection Fresh baked brownies and blondies
Freshly Sliced Deli Meats (#1) Including fresh roast turkey, fresh baked Virginia ham, roast beef cooked to order, extra lean corned beef, and pastrami. Also available, your choice of fresh baked breads: white, wheat, deli rye, pu
Entre Salad Lunch Platters $14.95 Salad selection comes with homemade pita chips and hummus Pie – cherry, apple Traditional Greek, Greek with grilled chicken & tri-colored pasta, Caesar, Spinach & Romaine, Thai beef and vegetable, Gr
Entre Salad Lunch Platters $14.95 Salad selection comes with homemade pita chips and hummus Pie – cherry, apple Traditional Greek, Greek with grilled chicken & tri-colored pasta, Caesar, Spinach & Romaine, Thai beef and vegetable, Gr

Specialty Sandwiches

(All sandwiches served with your choice of homemade cole slaw, potato salad or chips)
Spring Chicken Sandwich $9.95 Grilled breast of chicken, red and yellow peppers, Vidalia onions, and blanches asparagus with melted provolone on a French kaiser roll.
Triple Decker Club Sandwich $9.95 Your choice of turkey, roast beef, or ham with lettuce, tomato, and crisp bacon on toasted whole wheat or white bread.
Peter’s De-Light $9.25 Mouth watering roast beef with roasted red peppers, Maui onions, and melted Brie cheese on a crusty French baguette.
Rooster Sandwich $9.95 Served with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, Maui onions, and melted mozzarella on a sesame baguette.
Greek Salad Sandwich $8.95 Served in a pita with grilled chicken and dressing on the side.
Shawarma Sandwich $9.95 Shawarma is available with grilled chicken or London broil. This sandwich is rolled in a large pita bread with hummus, sumac, tomatoes, Maui onions and lettuce.
Santa Fe Chicken $9.95 Grilled chicken with havarti cheese, crisp bacon, avocade, salsa and mayo on focaccia bread
Pinana $9.95 Grilled chicken breast, eggplant and melted mozzarella cheese on a French baguette
The Euro Veggie $8.95 Chevre cheese, tomato, cucumber and cracked pepper with balsamic vinaigrette on a French roll.
Distinct Cheese Steak $10.95 Grilled steak on a toasted subroll covered with sauteed mushrooms, onions, peppers and cheese served with French fries.
Mediterranean Sandwich $9.95 This sandwich is served with grilled chicken, vine ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh basil vinaigrette on the side. Served on a hearty seven grain or focaccia bread.
;Our Famous; Reuben Sandwich $9.95 Extra lean corned beef, tangy sauerkraut and melted Swiss on toasted rye, with Russian dressing.
Turkey Reuben $9.95 ;A twist on the original,; served with fresh baked turkey breast, cole slaw and melted Swiss on toasted rye, with Russian dressing. Delicious!
California Sandwich $9.95 Sliced turkey breast, avacado, alfalfa srpouts, Munster cheese, with lettuce and tomatoes all on focaccia bread with honey mustard or jalapeno mayonnaise.
Mid-East Sampler $10.95 A variety of the ;Pick a Pita; served with pita bread, pita chips and pepperocini.

Light Salads & Sides

Bow-Tie $3.95 with Pesto and Pine Nuts
Radiator Pasta Salad $2.95 with Veggies
Red Skin Potato Salad $3.95 With lemon juice and olive oil.
Sour cream and chives. $3.95
Broccoli or Green Beans $2.95 Almondine with vinaigrette. (hot or cold)
Rice Salad with Confetti-style Vegetables $3.95 With lemon, garlic and parsley.
Sides $2.95 Garden salad, homemade coleslaw, potato salad, and pasta salad and also available.
Our ;House – Special; hummus $3.95 is also available

Homemade Soups

Cold gazpacho $4.25 Garnished with cucumbers, parsley and green pepper.
Cream of Mushroom or Tomato $4.00
French Onion $3.95
Corn Chowder $3.95
Clam Chowder $3.95
Cream of Broccoli $3.50
Crab Soup $4.95

Entree Salads

Traditional Greek Salad $9.95
Greek Salad $11.95 with Grilled Chicken & Tri-Colored Pasta
Caesar Salad $11.95 (with homemade croutons) Grilled Chicken or London broil
Jumbo Lump Crab Salad With confetti style vegetables, red and yellow bell peppers, scallions and chardondy-mayonnaise on a bed of garden greens.
Spinach and Romaine Salad $10.95 Spinach leaves and romaine lettuce, Maui onions, carrots, and char-grilled chicken.
Thai Beef and Vegetable Salad $10.95 Garden fresh vegetables with London broil, sesame oil and a touch of garlic.
Grilled Chicken Skewers $10.95 Served on a bed of garden greens with lemon garlic dressing and pita bread.
Chicken de Jacques $10.95 All white meat chicken salad with white seedless grapes, chardonay mayonnaise on a bed of garden greens.
Neptune Salad $10.95 Grilled swordfish over a ;spring-mix; of greens with French bread sticks. (lemon garlic dressing served on the side.)
Shrimp and Scallion Skewers Grilled to perfection with yellow and green zucchini, red peppers and seashell pasta with a green salad.
Cheese Tortellini Salad $10.95 Tri-colored tortellini with red and yellow peppers, scallions, parsley and vinaigrette dressing.
London Broil Platter $10.95 Grilled London broil served with garden greens, tomato, Maui onions & balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Pasta Salad $8.95 – $10.95 Fresh cheese tortellini tossed with fresh vegetables and herb dressing.
Gallery Salad $8.25 – $10.25 Fresh greens, sundried tomatoes, red and yellow peppers and chevr cheese.
Chunk Tuna or Chicken Salad Platter $10.95 Water packed white albacore tuna or chicken breast salad and garden greens, served with our lemon garlic dressing.
Tuscan Salad $11.95 Grilled chicken breast with spring mix fresh greens, fresh basil, tomato, cucumber, roasted eggplant, penne pasta and fresh parseman, served with tomato basil dressing. Choice of chicken or chuck alb
King’s Feast Salad $11.95 Generous strips of turkey, ham, Swiss and American cheese, hard boiled egg and tomato atop a bed of crisp garden greens.
Taco Salad $11.95 Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of spinach, leaf lettuce, red onions, tomato served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Pecan Spinach Salad $11.95 Char-grilled chicken, spinach, spiced pecans, mango, cranberries and chutney and vinaigrette dressing.
Fava Bean Salad $9.95 Fava beans with garlic, chick peas, parsley, tomatoes, lemon, and virgin olive oil. Served with pita chips.
Hummus Salad $9.95 Whole chick peas, garlic, lemon, parsley, olive oil and spices. Served with pita chips.
Mediterranean Salad $10.95 Grilled breast of chicken, fresh mozzarella and sundried tomatoes on a bed of garden greens with black olives, pepperoni and tomato/fresh basil dressing.
Tropical Salad $10.95 Grilled chicken, mango, strawberry, kiwi, orange and other seasonal fruits on garden greens with balsamic vinaigrette.
Oriental Salad $9.95 Flank steak atop a bed of garden greens with baby corn, water chestnuts, mandarin oranges and oriental noodles with sweet & sour dressing.
Nicoise Salad $11.95 Solid white albacore tuna, garden greens, seasonal fresh vegetables and baby red potatoes with balsamic vinaigrette.
California Cobb Salad $12.95 "An all-time favorite" Grilled chicken, blue cheese, crisp bacon, Maui onions and an array of fresh garden greens with ranch or vinaigrette dressings. (also available with albacore tuna.)
Chicken or Beef Taco Salad $10.95 Seasoned ground sirlion, avacado, fresh diced tomato, Vidalia onion, cheddar and monterey jack cheese on a bed of garden greens and a side of jalapeno peppers. Served with homemade salsa and vinaigre
Fresh Fruit Salad $4.95 Fresh cut seasonal fruit with cottage cheese or a fresh yogurt fruit dipping sauce.
Traditional Tuna, Chicken, and Egg Salads $9.95 With French baguette, tomato and a pickle.
Spinach Salads $10.95 Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of spinach, leaf lettuce, red onions, tomato served with balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

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