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Cuisine: American.

Sushi or Nigiri

Ama Ebi – Sweet Prawn
Anago – Sea Eel $6.00
Ebi – Shrimp $5.00
Hamachi – Yellowtail $6.00
Hirame – Halibut $7.00
Ika – Squid $6.00
Ikura – Salmon Roe $6.00
Kani – Crab Meat $6.00
Maguro – Tuna $6.00
Masago – Smelt Roe $6.00
Saba – Mackerel $6.00
Sake – Salmon $6.00
Shiro Maguro – Albacore $6.00
Tako – Octopus $6.00
Tamago -Egg $5.00
Toro – Fatty Tuna
Unagi – Fresh Water Eel $5.00
Uni- Sea Urchin
Uzura – Quail Egg $2.00

Rolls or Maki

Eel Roll $8.00
Salmon Roll or Kosher Roll $8.00
Tuna Roll or Spicy Tuna Roll $8.00
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $8.00
California Roll $7.00
Caterpillar Roll $11.00
Philly Roll $8.00
Rainbow Roll $12.00
Veggie Roll $8.00
Cucumber Roll $5.00
Soy Paper $2.00

Hand Roll or Temaki

California $6.00
Fresh Water Eel $6.00
Scallop $6.00
Tuna $6.00

Raw Fish or Sashmi

Halibut $14.00
Salmon $14.00
Tuna $14.00
Yellowtail $14.00
Mixed Sashimi $14.00
Chef’s Special

Happy Hour

House Wines $6.00 6oz glass
Pivo Pils $6.00 Firestone walker brewing co. , Poso robles, CA
Perfect Margarita $7.00 Tres agaves, agave, lime
Well Cocktails $6.00
Three Olives Vodka $8.00 Additional charge for, rocks, neat and martini pous
Shishito Peppers $6.00 Japanese 7 spice, pork belly, soy glaze
Roasted Olives $8.00 Fennel, chili, orange
Korean Grilled Chicken Wings $8.00 Soy, chili flake, scallions
Crudite $8.00 Seasonal vegetables, onion dip, assoted pesto
Parmesan Shoe String Fries $4.00 Truffle, herb, gribiche aioli
Empanada $8.00 Barbacoa beef, pollo asado, chimichurri
Ribs $9.00 Duroc pork, coca cola glazed, radish salad

Specialty Rolls

Spicy Albacore Roll $16.00 Tuna & avocado inside seared albacore, ginger, lemon zest & chili sauce
Albino Roll $16.00 Crab & avcado insdide baked halibut with roe, chili glaze & thin sliced green onion
Scrumptious Roll $16.00 Shrimp tempura & shiitake mushrooms inside tuna, avocado, chili glaze, eel sauce & tempura crumbles
Ask Chef For the more adventurous sushi aficionados, simply ask chef to create a roll of bis choosing.

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