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Asakusa Appetizers Menu and Prices

Sauteed Scallop   Scallops in sake sauce
Soft Shell Crab   Battered and deep fried whole soft shell crab
Clear Soup   Seaweed soup with mushrooms, green onions, and tempura crumb
Beef Lettuce Wrap   Grilled rib eye slices with lettuce wraps in teriyaki sauce
Tataki   Seared fresh cut tuna
Calamari Ginger   Grilled squid in ginger sauce
Kani Su   Imitation crab marinated in vinegar sauce and sesame seed
Squid Salad   Marinated squid with sesame and seasonings
Yaki Tori   Grilled chicken on skewers with teriyaki sauce
Edamame   Salted steamed soy beans
King Crab and Vegetable Tempura   Deep fried king crab meat and vegetables with tempura sauce
Beef Roll   Grilled rib eye slices wrapped around green onions in teriyaki sauce
Sushi Appetizer   2pc. california maki, and 4 pc. of sushi. Tuna, salmon, kani, ebi
Ageidashi Tofu   Deep fried tofu with homemade sauce
Miso Soup   Soy broth with tofu, green onions, and seaweed
House Salad   House salad with homemade ginger dressing
Seaweed Salad   Marinated seaweed with sesame seed dressing
Yaki Ebi   Grilled shrimp on skewers with teriyaki sauce
Spinach Salad   Spinach with sesame in sweet soy sauce, with dried bonito shavings
Tako Su   Octopus marinated vinegar sauce and sesame seed
Cold Tofu   Cold tofu with homemade sauce
Sunomono Moriwase   Shrimp, octopus, red snapper, salmon in vinegar sauce
Sashimi Appetizer   10pc. of pre-selected sashimi
Shumai   Steamed shrimp filled dumplings
Gyoza   Pan fried shrimp dumplings

Asakusa Sushi Menu – Maki Rolls Menu and Prices

Futo Maki   Spinach, japanese pickles, squash, kani, tamago, cucumber, wrapped in seaweed
Avocado Roll   Avocado, sesame seeds, wrapped in seaweed
Kappa Maki   Cucumber, wrapped in seaweed
Asakusa Maki   Shrimp tempura in spicy sauce, lettuce, cucumber, tempura crumb, wrapped in seaweed
Tekka Maki   Raw tuna wrapped in seaweed
Vegetable Maki   Avocado, spinach, squash Japanese pickles, cucumber, wrapped in seaweed
Philly Roll   Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, smelt egg, wrapped in seaweed
Texas Roll   Tempura tuna, kani, texas sauce, avocado, seaweed, sesame seeds
Fire Dragon Roll   Spicy tuna, green onions, tempura crumb inside, wrapped in seaweed,avocado, eel on top
New York Roll   Cooked shrimp, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, sesame seeds
Winter Roll   Smoked salmon, green onion, cream cheese, tempura crumb, seaweed, sesame seeds
Alaskan Roll   Smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, smelt egg
Orange Maki   Kani, mayo, avocado cucumber, sesame seeds, seaweed, smelt egg
Dragon Roll   Shrimp tempura inside, wrapped in seaweed, avocado, tempura crumb, eel on top
Salmon Skin Roll   Grilled salmon skin, bonito shavings, seaweed, sesame seeds
Spicy Salmon Crunchy   Raw salmon in spicy sauce, tempura crumb, green onion, seaweed, sesame seeds
Salmon California   Raw salmon over california roll
Tuna California   Raw tuna over california roll
Tempura Roll   Tempura shrimp, cucumber, mayo, seaweed, smelt egg
Hand Rolls   Unagi handroll, spicy tuna handroll, spicy salmon handroll, tempura shrimp handroll
Oshinko Maki   Japanese pickles wrapped in seaweed
Spicy Tuna Roll   Raw tuna in spicy sauce, lettuce, wrapped in seaweed
Unagi Maki   Grilled eel, cucumber, seaweed, tempura crumb, sesame seeds
California Roll   Kani, mayo, avocado, cucumber, sesame seeds, seaweed
Negihamachi Maki   Raw yellow tail, green onion, wrapped in seaweed
Soft Shell Crab Roll   Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, mayo, smelt egg, lettuce, wrapped in seaweed
Crazy Maki   Raw tuna, salmon, red snapper, seaweed, smelt egg

Asakusa Sushi Menu Menu and Prices

Red Snapper  
Cooked Shrimp  
Smelt Egg  
Imitation Crab  
Sea Urchin  
Flyfish Roe  
Sweet Shrimip  
Tofu Sushi  
White Tuna  
Salmon Roe  
Surf Clam  
Yellow Tail  

Asakusa Beverages Menu and Prices

Orange Juice  
Ice Cream – Green Tea Ice Cream  
Ice Tea  
Diet Coke  

Asakusa Sushi Menu – Special Maki Menu and Prices

Rock Maki   Eel, masago, cucumber, avocado, wrapped in seaweed, lightly battered and deep fried
Caterpillar Maki   Deep fried soft shell crab, eel, cucumber, spicy sauce, tempura crumb, wrapped in seaweed, sesame seeds, avocado on top
Magurogi Maki   Deep fried tuna mixed with imitation crab, asparagus and texas sauce, wrapped in seaweed, sesame seeds and teriyaki sauce
Crunchy Maki   Deep fried imitation crab, masago, cucumber, mayo, wrapped in seaweed, sesame seeds, tempura crumb
Red Dragon Roll   Inside: Deep fried tuna mixed with imitation crab, cream cheese, wrapped in seaweed topped with tuna, avocado and sweet spicy sauce
Rainbow Maki   Inside: Imitation crab, tamago, cucumber, mayo, avocado. Top: Tuna, salmon, white tuna, red snapper, masago wrapped in seaweed
Honzo Maki   Fried asparagus, smoked salmon, texas sauce, wrapped in seaweed, sesame seeds
White Lightning Roll   Fried tuna mixed with imitation crab in Texas sauce, fried shrimp and lightly seared super white tuna on top with teriyaki sauce
Hikari Maki   Smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese, wrapped in seaweed, lightly battered and deep fried with sweet spicy sauce
Wasabi Maki   Imitation crab, tamago, cucumber, tuna, in wasabi sauce, wrapped in seaweed, topped with wasabi tobiko

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