Asari Sushi

Up to date Asari Sushi prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Chinese, Japanese, Sushi.

Lunch Special Rolls

Any Two Rolls $8.50 / Any Three Rolls $10.95. Available Until 4pm. Served with Soup Or Salad.
California Roll
Alaska Roll
Seared Tuna Scallion Roll
Tuna Cucumber Roll
Salmon Avocado Roll
Yellowtail Scallion Roll
White Tuna Avocado Roll
Eel Avocado Roll
Shrimp Cucumber Roll
Spicy Crunch Salmon Roll
Philadelphia Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Avocado Roll
Kampyo Roll
A.A.C Roll
Spicy California Roll
Tuna Roll
Tuna Avocado Roll
Salmon Roll
Salmon Cucumber Roll
White Tuna Scallion Roll
White Tuna Cucumber Roll
Eel Cucumber Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Boston Roll
Salmon Skin Roll
Cucumber Roll
Asparagus Roll
Oshinko Roll

Sushi Or Sashimi Lunch Specials

Available Until 4pm. Served With Soup Or Salad.
L7. Sushi A $10.50 6 pcs of sushi with california roll.
L8. Sushi B $11.50 6 pcs of sushi with spicy tuna roll.
L9. Sushi C $15.50 5 pcs of sushi and spicy 2 in 1, dragon roll or rainbow roll.
L10. Sashimi Lunch $11.50 8 pcs sashimi with rice.
L11. Sushi & Sashimi Combination $13.50 6 pcs of sashimi, 3 pcs of sushi and 1 tuna roll.
L12. Unagi Don $11.50 broiled glazed ell with sauce over rice.
L13. Chirashi $11.50 10 pcs assorted fish over seasoned rice.

Lunch Bento Box $8.95

Available From 11am-4pm. Served With California Roll, Shumai, Rice, And Soup Or Salad.
L1. Chicken Teriyaki
L2. Beef Teriyaki
L3. Beef Negimaki
L4. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
L5. Salmon Teriyaki
L6. Shrimp Teriyaki

Dinner Bento Box $12.45

Available From 4pm-11pm. Served With California Roll, Shumai, Rice, And Soup Or Salad.
L1. Chicken Teriyaki
L2. Beef Teriyaki
L3. Beef Negimaki
L4. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura
L5. Salmon Teriyaki
L6. Shrimp Teriyaki

Chinese Lunch Specials $6.50

Available From 11:30am-4:00pm. Served With A Side And Rice.
L1. Beef with broccoli
L2. Pepper Steak
L3. Chicken & Shrimp
L4. Chicken* with garlic sauce
L5. Chicken with broccoli
L6. Double Sauteed Sliced Pork*
L7. Shredded Pork* with garlic sauce
L8. Sweet & Sour Chicken
L9. Broccoli* with garlic sauce
L10. Mixed Vegetables
L11. Chicken with cashew nuts
L12. Hunan Chicken*
L13. Chicken Or Beef with vegetables
L14. Curry Chicken*
L15. Chicken with string beans
L16. Kung Pao Chicken*
L17. Beef with string beans
L18. Chicken with fresh mushrooms
L19. Beef with fresh mushrooms
L20. Shrimp with string beans
L21. Shrimp with fresh mushrooms
L22. Shrimp * with garlic sauce
L23. General Tso’s Chicken*
L24. Black Bean Chicken*
L25. Chicken * with orange flavor
L26. Sesame Chicken
L27. Shrimp with lobster sauce
L28. Shrimp with broccoli
L29. Shrimp with mixed vegetables
L30. Bean Curd with beef
L31. Beef Szechuan Style*
L32. Hunan Beef*
L33. Shrimp with cashew nuts
L34. Steamed Chicken with broccoli
L35. Steamed Chicken with mixed vegetables
L36. Steamed Vegetables
L37. Steamed Shrimp with broccoli
L38. Steamed Shrimp with mixed vegetables

Chinese Combination Platters $7.95

Available From 4pm. Served With Rice And An Egg Roll.
C1. Shrimp with lobster sauce.
C2. Beef with broccoli
C3. Pepper Steak
C4. Curry Chicken*
C5. Chicken with broccoli
C6. Double Sauteed Pork*
C7. Shrimp* with black bean sauce.
C8. Shrimp with mixed vegetables.
C9. Shrimp* with garlic sauce.
C10. General Tso’s Chicken*
C11. Sesame Chicken
C12. Kung Pao Chicken*
C13. Sweet & Sour Chicken
C14. Moo Goo Gai Pan
C15. Chicken with snow peas
C16. Beef with bean curd
C17. Beef with snow peas
C18. Beef with mixed vegetables
C19. Shrimp with snow peas
C20. Shrimp with black bean sauce.
C21. Shrimp with mixed vegetables
C22. Kung Pao Shrimp*
C23. Kung Pao Beef*

Japanese Kitchen Appetizers

A1. Gyoza $5.50
A2. Edamame $5.50
A3. Japanese Spring Roll $4.50
A4. Shumai $5.50
A5. Age Tofu $5.50
A6. Cold Tofu $5.50
A7. Tatsuta Age $6.50 fried chicken nugget.
A8. Kushiyaki $6.50
A9. Beef Negimaki $8.50
A10. Shrimp $8.50 with vegetable tempura
A11. Rock Shrimp Tempura $8.50
A12. Sweet Potato Tempura $5.50
A13. Soft Shell Crab Tempura $11.50
A14. Crispy Calamari $6.50

Sushi Bar Appetizers

A15. Tuna Tataki $9.50 seasoned sliced tuna with ponzu sauce.
A16. Tuna, Salmon Or Yellowtail Tartar $9.50 marinated with spicy sauce, topped with caviar.
A17. Sashimi Appetizer $9.50
A18. Sushi Appetizer $8.00
A19. Tako-Su Or Kani-Su $8.00 with vinegar sauce.
A20. Sunomono $8.50 octopus, crabmeat, shrimp and red clam served with a special sauce.
A21. Rainbow Naruto Appetizer $11.50 thin sliced cucumber wrapped with tuna, salmon, fish, kani and caviar.

Chinese Appetizers

1. Egg Roll $2.49
2. Spring Roll $4.29
3. Fried Wonton $5.29
4. Fried Or Boiled Meat Dumplings $5.79
5. Vegetables Dumplings $5.79
6. Chicken Nuggets $5.29
7. Crispy Jumbo Shrimp $6.79
8. Cold Noodle** $4.29 with sesame sauce
10. Beef Stick $6.29
11. Chicken Stick $6.29
12. Chicken Wings $6.79
12A. BBQ Spare Ribs $7.25 – $11.25
12b. Boneless Spare Ribs $6.95 – $10.95
12c. Shrimp Toast $5.65
12d. Cheese Wonton $7.30
12e. French Fries $6.20
12g. Scallion Pancake $5.79

Japanese Soups

S1. Miso Soup $3.50
S2. Seafood Soup $7.50 shrimp, scallop, white fish, fish cake, crabmeat and mixed vegetables.
S3. Lemongrass Hot & Sour Soup $7.50
S4. Shumai Soup $5.75

Chinese Soups

13. Wonton Soup $3.09 – $4.29
14. Egg Drop Soup $3.09 – $4.29
15. Hot & Sour Soup** $3.09 – $4.29
18. Shredded Pork $5.79 with szechuan cabbage soup
19. Minced Chicken & Corn Soup $5.79
20. Tofu & Shrimp Soup $6.29
21. House Special Soup $6.29


S5. Green Salad $4.50 with ginger dressing.
S6. Seaweed Salad $5.50
S7. Kani Salad $6.00
S8. Spicy Tuna Salad $7.50
S9. Avocado Salad $6.00
S10. Salmon Skin Salad $7.00 with cucumber, caviar and eel sauce.

Chinese Noodles In Soup

Served With Vegetables.
109. Pork Or Chicken Noodle Soup $7.15
110. Beef Or Shrimp Noodle Soup $8.45
111. Vegetable Noodle Soup $6.95
112. Seafood Noodle Soup $10.50

Chow Mein

Sm / Med
29. Vegetable Chow Mein $6.59 – $8.25
30. Roast Pork Chow Mein $6.59 – $8.25
31. Chicken Chow Mein $6.59 – $8.25
32. Beef Chow Mein $6.59 – $8.25
33. Shrimp Chow Mein $6.59 – $8.25
34. House Special Chow Mein $7.59 – $9.29

Lo Mein

35. Vegetable Lo Mein $5.75 – $8.25
36. Roast Pork Lo Mein $5.75 – $8.25
37. Chicken Lo Mein $5.75 – $8.25
38. Beef Lo Mein $5.75 – $8.25
39. Shrimp Lo Mein $5.75 – $8.25
40. House Special Lo Mein $6.59 – $8.75
41. House Special Pan-Fried Noodles $9.75 mixed vegetables with shrimp, chicken and pork.

Chow Fun & Chow Mei Fun

42. Vegetable Chow Fun & Mei Fun $8.59
43. Roast Pork Chow Fun & Mei Fun $8.59
44. Chicken Chow Fun & Mei Fun $8.59
45. Beef Chow Fun & Mei Fun $8.99
46. Shrimp Chow Fun & Mei Fun $8.99
47. House Special Chow Fun & Mei Fun $9.59
48. Singapore Chow Fun & Mei Fun** $9.59

Japanese Noodles

N1. Nabeyaki Udon $11.50 noodle soup with shrimp, chicken, crabmeat, egg and vegetables.
N2. Seafood Udon $12.00 noodle soup with assorted seafood.
N3. Yaki Udon $10.00 pan-fried noodles with your choice of main ingredient.
N4. Chicken Udon $8.50
N5. Beef Udon $9.50

Pad Thai

Sauteed Rice Noodles With Egg, Onions, Peanuts And Scallion.
Vegetable Or Chicken Pad Thai $10.95
Beef Or Shrimp Pad Thai $11.95

Fried Rice

Sm / Med
22. Vegetable Fried Rice $7.75 – $5.75
23. Roast Pork Fried Rice $7.75 – $5.75
24. Crab Meat Fried Rice $7.75 – $5.75
25. Chicken Fried Rice $5.75 – $7.75
26. Beef Fried Rice $5.75 – $7.75
27. Shrimp Fried Rice $5.75 – $7.75
28. House Special Fried Rice $6.25 – $8.75

Sushi Or Sashimi A La Carte

By The Piece.
Tuna $3.75 maguro.
Yellowtail $3.75 hamachi.
Fluke $3.75 hirame.
Eel $3.75 unagi.
Spicy Tuna $3.75
Octopus $3.25 tako.
Flying Fish Roe $3.25 tobiko.
Red Clam $3.25 hokkigai.
Crab Stick $3.00 kani.
Scallop $3.75 hotategai.
Squid $3.75 ika.
Salmon $3.75 sake.
White Tuna $3.75
Stripe Bass $3.75 suzuki.
Smoke Salmon $3.75
Spicy Salmon $3.75
Salmon Roe $4.00 ikura.
Shrimp $3.25 ebi.
Mackerel $3.00 saba.
Egg $3.00 tamago.
Sweet Shrimp $2.75 amaebi.

Roll & Hand Roll

R1. California Roll $4.75
R2. Tuna Roll $5.25
R3. Salmon Roll $5.25
R4. Salmon Skin Roll $5.25
R5. Spicy California Roll $5.25
R6. Seared Tuna Roll $5.25
R7. Tuna Avocado Or Tuna Cucumber Roll $5.75
R8. Salmon Avocado Or Salmon Cucumber Roll $5.75
R9. Yellowtail Scallion Roll $5.75
R9a. Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll $5.75
R10. Eel Avocado Or Eel Cucumber Roll $5.75
R11. Shrimp Avocado Or Shrimp Asparagus Roll $5.75
R12. Alaska Roll $5.75 salmon, avocado and cucumber.
R13. Boston Roll $5.75 shrimp, cucumber, lettuce and mayo.
R14. Philadelphia Roll $5.75 smoke salmon, cream cheese and avocado.
R15. Spicy Tuna Roll $5.75
R16. Spicy Salmon Roll $5.75
R17. Spicy Yellowtail Roll $6.25
R18. Spicy Fish Tempura Roll $6.25
R19. Futo Maki Roll $5.25 crabmeat, egg, vegetable and tobiko.
R20. Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.50
R21. Spider Roll $9.50
R22. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll* $5.25
R23. Cucumber Roll* $4.50
R24. Avocado Roll* $4.50
R25. Asparagus Roll* $4.50
R26. Kampyo Roll* $4.50
R27. Oshinko Roll* $4.50
R28. Peanut Avocado Roll* $5.25
R29. A.A.C Roll* $5.25 avocado, asparagus and cucumber.
R30. Spicy Naruto Maki Roll $10.50 no rice.
R31. Dragon Roll $10.50 eel cucumber with avocado and tobiko on top.
R32. Rainbow Roll $11.00 california roll with assorted raw fish and avocado on top.
R33. King Crab Roll $10.00 with avocado, cucumber and tobiko.

Chef’s Special Roll

SR1. Fuji Special Roll $12.50 eel cucumber inside wrapped with assorted fish, avocado with spicy sauce, eel sauce, crunchy and caviar.
SR2. Dancing Dragon Roll $13.50 2 shrimp tempura with eel avocado and tobiko on top.
SR3. Soho Roll $12.50 2 shrimp tempura with spicy salmon & crunch on top.
SR4. Spicy Girl Roll $13.50 spicy tuna, salmon and yellowtail inside. deep- fried with tobiko, spicy and eel sauce.
SR5. Christmas Roll $13.50 spicy tuna with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel and avocado with tobiko eel sauce.
SR6. Wasabi Roll $12.50 tuna, salmon and avocado with wasabi tobiko on top.
SR7. 007 Roll $13.50 spicy crunch salmon with salmon, avocado and ikura on top.
SR8. Manhattan Roll $13.50 spicy tuna with eel, avocado and tobiko on top.
SR9. Spider Web Roll $14.50 soft shell crab, tempura and avocado topped with spicy tuna.
SR10. Volcano Roll $13.50 shrimp tempura and avocado wrapped inside out, deep- fried with crunchy spicy salmon with tobiko and scallion on top.
SR11. Fantasy Roll $13.50 2 shrimp tempura with smoked salmon, eel and avocado on top.
SR12. Crazy Tuna Roll $12.50 spicy tuna with tuna topped with white tuna and avocado.
SR13. Godzilla Roll $12.50 assorted fish and asparagus, cream cheese deep-fried with chef`s special sauce.
SR14. King Tuna Roll $13.50 spicy tuna and avocado with seared tuna and chef`s special sauce.
SR15. Butterfly Roll $13.50 2 shrimp tempura, kani, avocado and cucumber with soy bean paper.
SR16. Oceania Roll $11.50 baked spicy white fish inside, shrimp with avocado on top.
SR17. Titanic Maki Roll $13.00 spicy tuna, crunchy, avocado and tobiko inside with soy bean and pepper.
SR18. Queen Roll $13.50 blacked pepper tuna, avocado inside. topped with spicy tuna, wasabi tobiko and spicy sauce.
SR19. Shaggy Dog Roll $13.50 2 shrimp tempura and cucumber topped with spicy kani and tobiko with special sauce.
SR20. Hylan Blud Roll $13.50 spicy tuna with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel and avocado on top with eel sauce and carrot.

Entrees From The Sushi Bar

Served With Miso Soup And Salad.
E1. Maki Combo A $12.50 tuna roll, yellowtail roll and california roll.
E2. Maki Combo B $13.50 spicy tuna roll, spicy crunch salmon roll and eel cucumber roll.
E3. Maki Combo C* $13.50 california roll, spicy salmon roll and spicy tuna roll.
E4. Sushi Regular $14.50 7 pcs of sushi with tuna avocado roll.
E5. Sushi Deluxe $17.50 9 pcs of sushi with tuna roll.
E6. Sashimi Regular $16.50 13 pcs assorted fish with rice.
E7. Sashimi Deluxe $19.50 16 pcs assorted fish with rice.
E8. Salmon Sushi Or Sashimi Deluxe $18.50
E9. Tuna Sushi Or Sashimi Deluxe $19.50
E10. Unagi Don $13.50 broiled glazed eel with sauce over sushi rice.
E11. Chirashi $17.50 15 pcs of assorted fish over seasoned rice.
E12. Sushi Sashimi For One $23.50 8 pcs sashimi, 4 pcs sushi and spicy crunch salmon.
E13. Sushi Sashimi For Two $44.50 15 pcs sashimi, 8 pcs sushi and one special dancing dragon roll.

Japanese Entrees From The Kitchen

Served With Miso Soup, Salad And Rice.
T1. Vegetable Tempura $10.50
T2. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura $13.50
T3. Rook Shrimp Tempura $15.50
T4. Seafood Tempura $17.50
T5. Chicken Tempura $12.50
T6. Chicken Teriyaki $12.50
T7. Beef Teriyaki $15.00
T8. Salmon Teriyaki $15.00
T9. Shrimp Teriyaki $15.00
T10. Seafood Teriyaki $17.50
T11. Chicken & Beef Teriyaki $13.50
T12. Chicken & Salmon Teriyaki $13.50
T13. Chicken & Shrimp Teriyaki $13.50
T14. Beef & Salmon Teriyaki $15.00
T15. Beef & Shrimp Teriyaki $15.00
T16. Beef Negimaki Teriyaki $15.00

Vegetable $8.50

Served With Rice.
101. Mixed Vegetables
102. Sauteed Broccoli** with garlic sauce
103. Dried Sauteed String Bean
104. Bean Curd Szechuan Style**
105. Bean Curd with vegetables
106. Moo Shu Vegetables served with 4 pancakes.
107. Eggplant ** with garlic sauce
108. Bean Curd with black bean sauce

Poultry $9.25

Served With Rice.
55. Chicken with broccoli
56. Chicken ** with hot pepper sauce
57. Diced Chicken with cashew nuts
58. Chicken ** with garlic sauce
59. Moo Goo Gai Pan
60. Chicken with mixed vegetables
61. Chicken with snow peas
62. Chicken Eggplant ** with garlic sauce
63. Sweet & Sour Chicken
64. Moo Shu Chicken served with 4 pancakes.
65. Chicken & Shrimp
66. Chicken with string beans
67. Curry Chicken**
68. Hunan Chicken**
69. Chicken ** with black bean sauce
70. Szechuan Chicken**
71. Kung Pao Chicken**

Beef $9.75

Served With Rice.
87. Beef with bean curd
88. Beef with string beans
89. Beef with broccoli
90. Shredded Beef Szechuan Style**
91. Kung Pao Beef**
92. Beef with scallions
93. Beef with oyster sauce
94. Shredded Beef ** with garlic sauce
95. Pepper Steak
96. Beef with fresh mushrooms
97. Sa Cha Beef*
98. Beef Eggplant** with garlic sauce
99. Beef with mixed vegetables
100. Hunan Beef**

Pork $9.25

Served With Rice.
49. Pork with vegetable
50. Shredded Pork** with garlic sauce
51. Shredded Pork with scallions
52. Double Sauteed Shredded Pork**
53. Moo Shu Pork served with 4 pancakes.
54. Pork with string beans

Seafood $10.70

Served With Rice.
72. Shrimp with string beans
73. Moo Shu Shrimp served with 4 pancakes.
74. Kung Pao Shrimp**
75. Shrimp** with chili sauce
76. Shrimp with cashew nuts
77. Shrimp with snow peas
78. Shrimp** with black bean sauce
79. Shrimp with lobster sauce
80. Sweet & Sour Jumbo Shrimp**
81. Shrimp with broccoli
82. Shrimp** with eggplant in garlic sauce
83. Shrimp with vegetables
84. Scallops** with garlic sauce
85. Scallops with mixed vegetables in white sauce
86. Hunan Shrimp**

Chef’s Specialties

Served With Rice.
H1. Hunan Seafood Delight** $11.75
H2. Jumbo Shrimp** $11.25 with sha cha sauce
H3. Beef** $11.69 with orange flavor
H4. General Tso’s Chicken** $11.09 chunks of chicken sauteed with light green pepper and carrots in special house hot sauce.
H5. Seafood Deluxe $11.75 assorted seafood containing crab meat, fresh scallops and shrimp with vegetables.
H6. Triple Delight $11.25 sliced beef, chicken and shrimp sauteed with chinese vegetables in brown sauce.
H7. Crispy Sesame Chicken $11.09 crispy chicken sauteed in sesame sauce, served with steamed broccoli.
H8. Drunken Chicken $10.75 sliced white meat chicken sauteed with onion, scallion, sweet pepper and broccoli in aromatic chinese brown wine sauce.
H9. Drunken King Queen $11.69 jumbo shrimp and white meat chicken slices sauteed with onion, scallion, sweet pepper and broccoli in aromatic chinese brown wine sauce.
H10. Sesame Bean Curd $9.99
H11. Chicken** $11.09 with ginger sauce
H12. Chicken** $11.09 with orange flavor
H13. Lemon Chicken $11.09
H14. Sesame Beef $11.25
H15. Beef & Scallops $11.25
H16. Chicken & Shrimp In Chili Garlic Sauce** $11.25
H17. Sesame Shrimp $11.25
H18. Chicken & Shrimp Orange Flavor** $11.25
H19. Happy Family $11.25 shrimp, scallops, crab meat, beef, pork and chicken sauteed with mixed vegetables.

Special Diet Menu

Served With Rice. Steamed Without Oil, Cornstarch And Salt. Choice Of Sauce On Side.
D1. Long Life Vegetarian $9.25 mixed vegetables.
D2. Chicken $9.25 with broccoli
D3. Shrimp $10.70 with snow peas
D4. Gourmet Garden $12.49 jumbo shrimp, chicken and beef with snow peas, mushrooms, broccoli and baby corn.
D5. Beef Or Chicken $9.75 with mixed vegetables


Sushi Rice $3.00
Brown Rice $2.00
Eel Sauce $2.00
White Rice $2.00
Spicy Sauce $2.00
Ginger Dressing $2.00

Party Trays

Served With Miso Soup And Salad.
P1. Party One $40.00 1 california roll, 1 spicy crunch salmon roll, 1 dancing dragon roll and 10 pieces of sushi.
P2. Party Two $50.50 9 pieces of sashimi, 9 pieces of sushi, 1 spicy 2 in 1 roll, 1 eel cucumber roll and includes a complimentary side of edamame.
P3. Party Three $51.50 10 pieces of sashimi, 10 pieces of sushi and 1 spicy california roll, 1 spicy tuna roll, 1 futo maki roll, and 1 dragon roll. includes a complimentary side of edamame.
P4. Party Four $53.50 18 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces of sashimi, 1 spicy roll, 1 rainbow roll and includes a complimentary side of edamame.


Fried Banana $4.00
Fried Ice Cream $4.95
Ice Cream $4.00


Spring Water $2.50
Snapple $3.00 choose one: peach, lemon, strawberry-kiwi, orange, apple
Thai Iced Tea $4.00
Soda $2.50 choose one: coke, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, sprite zero, ginger ale, orange soda.
Thai Iced Coffee $4.00

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