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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


With Rice.
1. Beef Teriyaki Plate $7.00 shredded beef & cooked onion.
2. Chicken Teriyaki Plate $6.75 boiled chicken
3. Shrimp Tempura Plate $7.80 4 pcs. shrimp & vegetables tempura
4. Vegetable Plate $6.20 cooked vegetable & veggie. tempura
Gyoza (Chicken Or Pork) Plate $6.40 7 pcs. of pan-fried dumplings
Chicken Cutlet Plate $7.00 breaded deep-fried chicken.
Salmon Teriyaki Plate $8.45 2 slices of salmon fillet
Orange Roughy Teriyaki Plate $9.00 spicy white fish teriyaki

Combination Plates

With Rice.
A. Beef & Chicken Teriyaki Combination $7.20 beef teriyaki & grilled chicken
B. Beef & Shrimp Tempura Combination $7.45 beef teriyaki with 2pcs. shrimp, & veggie. tempura
C. Chicken & Shrimp Tempura Combination $7.30 chicken teriyaki with 2 pcs. shrimp & veggie. tempura
Asaya Combination $8.55 beef, chicken, teriyaki with 2pcs. shrimp & veggie. tempura
Salmon & Shrimp Tempura Combination $8.45 1 slice salmon with 2 pcs. shrimp & veggie. tempura
Orange Roughy & Shrimp Tempura Combination $9.00 spicy fish teriyaki with 2 pcs. shrimp & veggie. tempura


5. Nigiri $9.25 assorted nigiri sushi
6. Mixed Sushi $8.80 (4 pcs.) assorted sushi, (6 pcs) tuna & cucumber roll
7. Tuna Sushi $8.70 (6 pcs.) tuna sushi
8. Tekka Maki/Tuna Roll $6.15
9. Tekka And Kappa $5.85 (6 pcs.) tuna roll & (6 pcs.) cucumber roll
10. California Roll $6.40 crab meat with cucumber & avocado
11. Futomaki $6.25 spinach, egg & fish flake
12. Futomaki And Inari $6.15 (4 pcs.) futomaki, (4 pcs.) inari
13. Inari $6.00 pouch of sweet seasoned fried tofu with sushi rice
14. Vegetarian Sushi $6.40 (6 pcs.) cucumber roll, (6 pcs) avocado roll & (2 pcs) inari
Alaska Roll $6.85 cooked salmon with cucumber
Spicy Tuna Roll $7.05 tuna with original spicy sauce & cucumber
Spicy Yellowtail Roll $8.05 yellowtail with original spicy sauce & cucumber
Shrimp Tempura Roll $7.30 shrimp tempura with avocado
Hamachi Sushi $8.95 yellowtail sushi
Eel Roll $6.00 barbecued fresh water eel with cucumber
Salmon Skin Roll $4.35 barbecued salmon skin with cucumber
Scallop Roll $4.95 scallop with smelt fish eggs & mayonnaise
Philadelphia Roll $5.25 smoked salmon with cream cheese
Avocado Cucumber Roll $3.25
Negihama Roll $3.25 chopped yellowtail with green onion
Avocado Roll $3.20
Kappa Maki $2.95 cucumber roll
Spicy Tuna Bowl $8.75 spicy tuna with green onion over sushi rice


Shoyu Ramen $6.50 soy sauce based soup. with chicken, seaweed, bean sprouts & green onion
Miso Ramen $6.50 soybean-paste based soup. with chicken, seaweed, bean sprouts & green onion`
Curry Rice $5.05 japanese style homemade curry. although the gravy is simmered with chicken already
Curry Rice $2.00 add extra
Yakisoba $5.80 pan-fried noodle with chicken, beef or tofu & vegetable
Cold Ramen $6.00 seaweed, egg, bean sprouts, cucumber & chicken
Teriyaki Salad $4.85 green salad with chicken or tofu, bean sprouts & seaweed


Rice Bowl.
Niku Don $5.00 beef teriyaki bowl
Tori Don $4.75 chicken teriyaki bowl
Ten Don $5.40 tempura bowl. 2 pcs. shrimp tempura & veggie. tempura
Suki Don $5.20 beef or chicken with cooked vegetables
Una Don $12.50 eel bowl. barbeque fresh water eel

Noodle Soup

Udon (Flour Noodle) Or Soba (Buckwheat Noodle).
Niku Noodle $5.35 beef, bean sprouts & green onion
Chicken Noodle $5.05 chicken, bean sprouts & green onion
Tempura Noodle $5.75 2 pcs. shrimp tempura & green onion
Suki Noodle $5.50 beef or chicken & cooked vegetables
Curry Noodle $5.35 homemade curry & green onion
Wakame Noodle $5.10 seaweed, bean sprouts & green onion
Plain Noodle $3.50 bean sprouts & green onion

Vegetarian Dishes

Green Salad $2.00
Tofu Salad $4.85 green salad with tofu, bean sprouts & seaweed
Yakisoba With Tofu Or Vegetable $5.80 pan-fried noodle with tofu & veggie. or only vegetable
Cold Ramen With Tofu $6.00 seaweed, egg, bean sprouts, cucumber & tofu
Vegetable Plate $6.20 cooked sukiyaki vegetable & veggie. tempura
Vegetable Suki Don $5.20 cooked sukiyaki vegetable over rice
Vegetable Ten Don $5.40 vegetable tempura over rice
Vegetable Suki Noodle $5.50 cooked sukiyaki vegetable with udon or soba noodle soup
Wakame (Seaweed) Noodle $5.10 seaweed with udon or soba noodle soup
Udon Or Soba $3.50 plain noodle. bean sprouts & green onion

Vegetarian Dishes – Sushi

Vegetarian Sushi $6.40 (6 pcs) cucumber roll, (6 pcs) avocado roll & (2 pcs) inari
Avocado Roll $3.20
Avocado Cucumber Roll $3.25
Inari $6.00 pouch of sweetly seasoned fried tofu with sushi rice

Side Orders

Small Bowl Of Rice $1.10
Bowl Of Rice $2.00
Sunomono $1.05 cucumber salad.
Kim-Chee $1.05
Side Moyashi $1.15 bean sprouts
Shrimp Tempura $1.85
Vegetable Tempura $3.50 3 pcs sweet potato, 3 pcs carrots, 5 pcs green beans
Miso Soup $2.80 – $1.40
Wonton Soup $5.20 – $2.60
Pork Or Chicken Gyoza $5.30
Vegetable Egg Roll $1.00
Cold Tofu $1.75 with bonito fish flake
Edamame $2.95
Teriyaki Sauce $0.60
Tempura Sauce $0.60
Ponzu Sauce $0.75
Salad Dressing $0.60
Eel Sauce $0.75
Curry Sauce $1.55 – $3.05
Ginger $1.00 sushi or red
Wasabi $0.50

Dessert $1.75

Green Tea Ice Cream
Red Bean Ice Cream

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