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Cuisine: Indian, Seafood, Eclectic & International.


Lamb Kabob $7.95 Ground lamb, mint, onion, serano, garlic, ginger, and spices. Served with mint chutney.
Samosa Medley $6.95 Three turnovers: one each of crab, lamb, and potato. Served with a variety of chutneys.
Shrimp Pakora $6.95 With gram flour batter. Served with tomato chutney.
Crab Tikki $7.95 Indian crab cake served with tomato chutney.
Shrimp Chat $7.95 Shrimp with potato, red onion, tomato, cilantro, and mint topped with three sauces.
Sesame Chicken $6.95 Marinated in cashew cream with sesame. Served with Asbury special hot chili sauce.
Vegetable Pakora $5.95 Potato, asparagus, eggplant, and cauliflower fritters.
Khichadhi $5.95 With lentils, papadum, and mango pickle.
Chana Samosa $7.95 Samosa topped with chana masala, tomato, onion, and three sauces.
Calamari Fritter $6.95 Calamari coated with gram flour and spices. Served with tomato chutney.
Hot Wings $6.95 Hot chicken wings.

Soup and Salads

Soup of the Day $4.50 – $6.00 Please call restaurant for today’s selection.
Chick Pea Salad $8.95 With lemon vinaigrette.
Roasted Beets Salad $10.00 With blue cheese, cucumber, and light vinaigrette.
Spicy Papaya Chicken Salad $10.00 With avocado.
Mixed Green Salad $7.95
Raita Yogurt Salad $3.00

Indian Charbroiler

Seghdhi Salmon $13.00 Fresh Atlantic salmon marinated in spices. Served with fresh mango katchumber.
Chilean Sea Bass $17.00 Marinated in exotic spices, grilled, and served with spicy papaya salad.
Filet Mignon $17.00 Marinated in cumin, coriander, garam masala, black pepper, and grilled.
Rib Eye $16.00 8 oz. With a special Asubury marinate. Grilled medium.
Honey Chicken Tikka $12.00 Boneless chicken breast marinated in honey, Indian spices, and served over greens.
New Zealand Lamb Loin Chops $14.00 Marinated in spices and cooked to perfection. Served with curried mash potatoes.
Shrimp Grill $15.00 Shrimp marinated with ajwain and grilled on the seghdhi.
Scallops $3.00 Indian spice crusted, grilled skewer.
Kabob $4.00 Ground beef, mint, onions, garlic, ginger and spices kabob
Jerk Chicken $3.50 Real Jamaican style-spicy!
Spicy Shrimp $3.95 Grilled spicy shrimp.
Lamb Chop $3.00 Marinated lamb loin chop, grilled.
Duck Kabob $4.00 Plum and Indian spice marinated duck breast skewer.
Cauliflower $3.00 Coated with gram flour and spices, grilled skewer.
Mushroom $3.00 Marinated in cumin, cayenne and other spices skewer.
Eggplant $3.00 Honey and spice marinated then grilled skewer.
Asparagus $3.00 Curry marinated, grilled skewer.
Roasted Beets $3.50 Topped with goat cheese and spices. Small plate.


Shrimp Makhani $14.00 Shrimp prepared in a tomato butter sauce. Medium spicy.
Mussel Curry $13.00 Mussels cooked in coconut milk with lemon juice, red onion, and spices. Mild.
Chicken Curry $13.00 Boneless chicken cooked in onion based gravy cooked in a traditional way. Medium spicy.
Keema Matter $14.00 Ground beef cooked with peas and exotic Indian spices. Hot.
Beef Vindaloo $16.00 Hot beef curry cooked Goan style.
Lamb Sag $16.00 Lamb curry cooked with spinach and topped with julienne fresh ginger. Medium hot.
Chicken Tikka Masala $13.00 Grilled chicken prepared in a tomato butter sauce. Medium hot.
Karahi Chicken $14.00 Chicken on the bone cooked in fresh tomato yogurt sauce. Hot.
Goat Rogan $16.00 Goat curry cooked in a special infused oil. Hot.


Vegetable Biryani $6.00 With basmati rice.
Mushroom Biryani $9.00 With basmati rice.
Chicken Biryani $12.00 With basmati rice.
Lamb Biryani $13.00 With basmati rice.
Beef Biryani $13.00 With basmati rice.
Shrimp Biryani $13.00 With basmati rice.
Goat Biryani $14.00 With basmati rice.


Saag Paneer $12.00 Spinach and Indian cheese-paneer with basmati rice and katchumber salad. Medium hot.
Bhartha $12.00 Eggplant sauteed and cooked with basmati rice and katchumber salad. Medium hot.
Chana Masala $12.00 Garbanzo cooked in onion tomato bhuna with basmati rice and katchumber salad. Medium hot.
Gobi Aloo $12.00 Cauliflower and potatoes sauteed in exotic with basmati rice and katchumber salad. Medium hot.
Toor Dal $12.00 Yellow lentils prepared with vegetables and sauteed mustard seeds with basmati rice and katchumber salad. Medium hot.
Paneer Lajwab $14.00 Paneer cooked in onion butter sauce with serano chili, basmati rice, and katchumber salad. Medium hot.
Aloo Rai $9.00 Potato sauteed with mustard seed and spices. Served with basmati rice.
Mushrooms Bhuna $9.00 Mushrooms sauteed and cooked with cumin and spices. Served with basmati rice.

Tave Se

Roti $1.50 Whole wheat flat bread.
Aloo Paratha $3.00 Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced tomatoes.
Gobi Paratha $3.00 Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced cauliflower.
Cheese Paratha $4.00 Whole wheat bread stuffed with cream cheese.
Keema Paratha $4.00 Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced ground beef.
Puri $3.00 Two pieces. Fried whole wheat bread.
Garlic Roti $2.50 White flour bread with garlic.


Sweet Potato Fries $4.00
Asbury French Fries $4.00
Truffle Fries $9.00
Curried Mash $4.00


Kheer $5.00 Indian rice pudding.
Gulab Jamun $5.00 Milk balls in honey.
Cheesecake $6.00 New York style.
Kulfi $5.00 Indian ice cream.
Chocolate Bread $5.00

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