Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream

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Cuisine: Ice Cream, Smoothies & Juices.


Flavors list of flavors: amaretto cherry, anniversary cake, banana pudding, bear claws, bear foot brownie, black cherry blue moon, butter pecan, choc, peanut butter cup, chocolate, chocolate almond, chocolat
Yogurt black berry, chocolate, peach, moosetracks, vanilla
No Fat-No Sugar cherry vanilla, vanilla, coffee fudge
Sherbet orange, rainbow, mango, lime, raspberry cosmopolitan
Sorbet lemon
Italian Ice watermelon

Regular Ice Cream Scoop

with sugar cone $0.10, with waffle cone $0.59, with special cone $1.29
Ice Cream $1.99 – $3.49
Ice Cream $1.59 – $2.89
Clown Clown $2.09
Ice Cream Sandwich $2.59


Sundaes $2.79 – $4.49 are fashioned with choice of ice cream topping, whipped cream, nuts & a cherry
Toppings hot fudge, caramel, marshmallow, choc, syrup, strawberry, pineapple & butterscotch, extra topping $0.59
Fudge Brownie Sundae $4.49 a fudge brownie, two scoops ice cream, choice of topping, whipped cream, nuts & a cherry
Turtle Sundae $4.49 two scoops of ice cream, toppings: hot fudge & caramel, whipped cream, nuts, & a cherry
Banana Royale $4.49 banana, two scoops ice cream, choice of topping, whip cream, nuts, & a cherry
Banana Split $4.99 banana, three scoops ice cream, choice of toppings, whipped cream, nuts & cherries


Tornado $3.89 – $4.59 a splendid mix with choice of ice cream & choice of toppings


Smoothies $3.99 – $4.69 yogurt/ice cream, milk & choice of fruit

A.S. Smoothies

A.S. Smoothies $3.99 – $4.69 our signature yogurt drinks, juice & choice of fruits

Javalanche: Cappuccino Mocha

Javalanche: Cappuccino Mocha $3.52 – $4.20 our signature coffee drink with yogurt or ice cream

Hand Dipped Milkshake & Malt

Hand Dipped Milkshake & Malt $3.89 – $4.59 choice of ice cream & milk

Old Fashion Soda

Old Fashion Soda $3.52 – $4.20 choice of ice cream & choice of syrup


Float $3.52 – $4.20 choice of soda & ice cream

Soft Serve

Soft Serve vanilla, chocolate, twist


Topping brownies, rainbow sprinkles, sprinkles, m & m, coconut shred, resses, kitkat, health bar oreo cookie & more, each topping $0.59
Wet Toppings $0.59 hot fudge, caramel, strawberry, marshmallow, chocolate syrup & pineapple
Dry Toppings $0.59 brownies, rainbow sprinkles, sprinkles, m & m, coconut shred, resses, kitkat, health bar, oreo cookie & more

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2 thoughts on “Ashby’s Sterling Ice Cream”

  1. Been going here for years, just phenomenal. It’s a family-owned business, and the family is incredibly friendly. The ice cream is impeccable! Unique and wide variety of flavors. My absolute favorite place to get ice cream.

  2. Nice small family mom and pop ice cream shop. A great find for the price and different favor ice cream, they have about 30 favors. They’re always so willing to have you try samples! I really enjoy this place the only downfall is there are no bathrooms so no place to wash your hands if you get ice cream on them but overall a wonderful friendly place to enjoy. 🙂


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