Up to date Ashby’s prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Deli Food, Salads, Sandwiches.


Muffins $1.95
Danish $1.95
Croissants $1.75
Bagel $0.85
Bagel $1.35 with plain cream cheese
Bagel $1.75 with scallion cream cheese
Bagel $1.75 with veggie cream cheese
Bagel $1.95 with salmon cream cheese
Bagel $1.00 with butter or jam
Two Eggs On A Roll $1.95
Two Egg Whites On A Roll $2.25
Two Eggs And Cheese On A Roll $2.50
Two Egg Whites And Cheese On A Roll $2.75
Two Eggs, Bacon And Cheese On A Roll $3.50
Two Egg Whites, Bacon And Cheese On A Roll $3.75
Two Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Tomato & Red Onions In A Wrap $4.75
Western Omelette $4.25 with cheese in a wrap
BLT $3.50
Any Of The Above $0.75 with home fries
Side Of Bacon Or Sausage $2.00


Roast Beef On Foccacia $6.95 oven roasted beef, smoked cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion & our creamy horseradish dressing
Turkey Fresco On Ciabatta $6.95 smoked turkey breast, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, red onion & creamy cucumber dressing
Italian Combo On Ciabatta $6.99 oven roasted beef, smoked turkey, ham, salami, pepperoni, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato & red onion with golden italian dressing
Smoked Turkey On French Baquette $6.99 smoked turkey breast, brie cheese, and honey mustard dressing
Turkey Club On Country White Bread $6.95 oven roasted turkey, crispy bacon, avocado, lettuce & tomato with herbed mayonnaise
Black Forest Ham On Pumpernickel $5.95 black forest ham, brie cheese, green apple & french butter
Corned Beef On Rye $5.50 with deli mustard
Fresh Mozzarella On Ciabatta $5.95 fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato, basil, crockett pepper, extra virgin olive oil & balsamic dressing
Vegetarian On 7 Grain $5.50 avocado, tomato, gruyere cheese, alfalfa sprouts & aioli
Egg Salad On 7 Grain $4.50 sliced egg salad & tomato with crockett pepper
Low Fat Tuna On 7 Grain $5.95 white albacore tuna, sliced tomato & low fat mayonnaise
Cajun Chicken On Ciabatta $6.75 spicy cajun roasted chicken breast, avocado, tomato and herbed mayonnaise
English Cheddar On Country White Bread $5.50 sliced english cheddar cheese, cucumber, tomato, and alfalfa sprouts with herbed mayonnaise
Positano On Foccacia $6.95 prosciutto di parma, fresh mozzarella, arugula, tomato, basil and crockett pepper with a splash of extra virgin olive oil
Peanut Butter & Jelly On White Bread $2.50

Traditional Sandwiches

Choose From Our Large Assortment Of Imported Cheeses, Meats, Fresh Baked Breads, Wraps, And Dressings To Create Your Own Favorite Sandwich
Roasted Turkey $5.50
Smoked Turkey $5.50
Rare Roast Beef $5.50
Low-Fat Tuna $4.95
Grilled Chicken $5.50
Cajun Chicken $5.50
Egg Salad $3.50
Black Forest Ham $6.75
Italian Tuna $4.95

Toppings $0.25

Mixed Greens
Lettuce (Free)

Cheese $0.75


Toppings $1

Roasted Peppers
Sun-Dried Tomatoes


Turkey BLT $6.95 sliced turkey, bacon, tomato, romaine lettuce with mayo in a whole wheat wrap
Northeastern $6.95 roasted turkey, cheddar cheese, bacon, romaine lettuce & tomato with cranberry sauce in a whole wheat wrap
Smoked Turkey $6.95 green apples & brie cheese with honey mustard in a plain wrap
Roasted Turkey $6.95 avocado, romaine lettuce & tomato with herb mayonnaise in a plain wrap
Caesar $6.95 grilled chicken, romaine lettuce & parmesan cheese with caesar dressing in a plain wrap
Fajita $6.95 grilled chicken, avocado, roasted red peppers & shaved red onion with salsa in a plain wrap
Ranch $6.95 grilled chicken, bacon, swiss cheese, romaine lettuce & tomato with russian dressing in a whole wheat wrap
Roasted Beef $6.95 thinly sliced roasted beef, cheddar cheese, mixed greens & tomato with ranch dressing in a whole wheat wrap
Tuna Salad $6.50 tuna, avocado, tomato & alfalfa sprouts in a plain wrap
Greek $6.50 romaine lettuce, feta cheese, cucumbers, olives , artichokes & tomato with balsamic vinaigrette in a spinach wrap
Summer Tuna $6.50 albacore tuna, chopped walnuts, apples & raisins with honeyed mayonnaise in a whole wheat wrap
Southwest Chicken Wrap $6.95 grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, red onion, cilantro & lime in a chili tortilla

Hot Panini $6.95

Smokehouse smoked turkey, smoked bacon, smoked cheddar & sun dried tomatoes with mustard
Cuban marinated pork, ham, melted swiss cheese & sliced pickles
Grilled Cheese $5.50 gruyere, cheddar & tomato with crispy bacon
Turkey Cobb roasted turkey, avocado, crumbled blue cheese, bacon, tomato & romaine lettuce
Roast Beef roasted beef, melted swiss cheese & sliced pickles
French Ham smoked ham, melted gruyere cheese, and dijon mustard
Grilled Chicken Pesto grilled chicken breast, melted provolone cheese, sliced tomatoes & pesto sauces
Fowler Chicken smoked chicken, melted mozzarella cheese, chopped basil, red onion, tomatoes & chipotle mayonnaise
Frontega Chicken smoked & pulled white meat chicken, mozzarella, tomatoes, red onion, basil & chipotle mayonnaise
Turkey Artichoke smoked turkey, spinach artichoke spread, asiago cheese, parmesan cheese, tomato & caramelized onion
Portobello & Mozzarella garlic roasted portobello mushrooms marinated in our balsamic vinaigrette with fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions & fresh basil

Design Your Own Salad

Romaine, Spinach, Mixed Greens Or Iceberg Lettuce. Sm $2.95, Lg $3.95. Croutons Are Free.
Cherry Tomatoes $0.50
Diced Tomatoes $0.50
Check Peas $0.50
Green Peas $0.50
Alfalfa Sprouts $0.50
Spiced Red Onions $0.50
Sliced Mushrooms $0.50
Shredded Carrots $0.50
Cucumbers $0.50
Celery $0.50
Feta Cheese $0.75
Parmesan Cheese $0.75
Roasted Corn $0.75
Black Olives $0.75
Dried Fruits $0.75
Toasted Walnuts $0.75
Bacon $0.75
Hard Boiled Eggs $0.75
Shredded Jack $0.75
Cheddar Cheese $0.75
Crumbled Blue Cheese $0.75
Toasted Almonds $0.75
Grilled Asparagus $0.75
Broccoli $0.75
Sliced Peppers $0.75
Baked Tofu $0.75
Beets $0.75
Chinese Noodle $0.75
Avocado $1.00
Sun Dried Tomato $1.00
Roasted Pepper $1.00
Italian Tuna $1.50
Fresh Mozzarella $1.50
Artichoke Hearts $1.50
Albacore Tuna $1.50
Grilled Chicken $2.00
Fresh Turkey $2.00
Cajun Chicken $2.00
Smoked Turkey $2.00
Tandoori Chicken $2.00
Thai Chicken $2.00

Salad Dressings

Sesame Ginger
Peppercorn Blue Cheese
Sun Dried Tomato
Balsamic Basil Vinaigrette
Roasted Garlic
Classic Italian
Fat-Free French
Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette
Low-Fat Honey Mustard
Non-Fat Lemon Herb Vinaigrette
Low-Fat Caesar
Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar

Traditional Salads

Tuna Nicoise $6.95 mixed baby greens, white tuna, green beans, red potatoes, boiled egg and tomato
Hawaiian Chicken Salad $6.50 grilled chicken, carrots, red peppers, tomatoes, pineapple & scallions
Spinach Salad $5.50 classic spinach salad with bacon, blue cheese, hard boiled egg, red onion and cherry tomato
Chicken Cobb Salad $6.95 romaine lettuce, mixed greens, grilled chicken, crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, hard boiled egg and blue cheese
Asian Sesame Chicken Salad $6.95 romaine lettuce and mixed greens, grilled chicken, fresh cilantro, sliced almonds, sesame seeds, green onion, crispy wonton strips, and our asian sesame dressing
Chef?s Salad $6.95 mixed greens, roasted turkey, baked ham, jarlsberg cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and croutons
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $6.95 romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, asiago cheese, croutons and caesar dressing
Caesar Salad $5.95
Fandango Salad $6.25 mixed field greens and romaine lettuce with toasted walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, mandarin orange slices and our fat-free raspberry dressing
Greek Salad $5.95 romaine lettuce, vine-ripened tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, green peppers, pepperoncini, kalamata olives and our greek dressing
Classic Cafe Salad $5.25 mixed field greens and romaine lettuce, topped with vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and our balsamic vinaigrette

Smoothies And Juices

Sm / Lg. Ashby?s Offers A Wide Range Of Delicious Smoothies And Freshly Squeezed Juices.
Aruba (Non-Diary) $4.50 – $5.50 a classic combination of strawberries, bananas and orange juice
Bali $4.50 – $5.50 banana, coconut, pineapple juice and non-fat frozen yogurt
Bora Bora $4.50 – $5.50 combination of strawberries, bananas and orange juice and non-fat frozen yogurt
Fiji $4.50 – $5.50 rush of raspberries, strawberries, bananas, apple juice and raspberry sorbet
"C" Of Cortez (Non-Dairy) $4.50 – $5.50 combination of bananas, blueberries, peaches, orange juice, raspberry sorbet and a boost of vitamin c
Java $4.50 – $5.50 fresh ground espresso beans, chocolate, bananas, non-fat frozen yogurt, skim milk and a boost of soy protein powder
Mango $4.50 – $5.50 fresh mangoes, apple juice and non-fat frozen yogurt
Honey Banana $4.50 – $5.50 combination of bananas, honey, apple juice and non-fat frozen yogurt
Boosts $1.00 soy protein powder / immunization pack / fiber pack / stress pack / multivitamin / green super food pack / energy juice powder / vita juice / fat burner pack


Brownies $2.95
Blondies $2.95
Lemon Squares $2.50
Iced Lemon Pound Cake $2.00
Double Chocolate Cake $2.50
Marble Pound Cake $2.25
Lemon Square $2.50
Cheese Cake Brownie $2.50
Crumb Cake $2.50
Assorted Cookies $2.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.69
Chocolate Pecan Cookie $0.69
Peanut Butter Cookie $0.69
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $0.69

Oatmeal, Granola, Fruit & Yogurt

Oatmeal With Raisins Or Brown Sugar $2.95 – $1.95
Oatmeal Toppings $0.35 strawberries, bananas
Fat-Free Granola $3.95 with vanilla, plain or strawberry yogurt
Fresh Fruit Cup $2.75 – $1.75
Assorted Greek Yogurt $2.75

Cold Or Iced Beverages

Poland Spring Water $1.75 – $3.00
Dasani Water $1.75 – $2.50
Fresh Orange Juice $2.50
Snapple $1.75
Fuze $2.95
Assorted Bottled Soda $1.75
Assorted Can Soda $1.10
Assorted Aluminum Bottle $2.50
V8 Splash $2.25
Gold Peek $2.95
Nestea $1.75
Minute Maid Orange Or Apple Juice $1.95
Minute Maid Lemonade $1.75
Tropicana Orange Juice $1.95
Iced Tea $1.75 – $1.95 with lemon
Iced Coffee $1.75 – $1.95 with decaf
Iced Flavored Coffee $1.75 – $1.95
Iced Cappuccino $3.25 – $3.50
Iced Cafe Mocha $3.25 – $3.75
Iced Mint Mocha $3.50 – $4.00
Iced Cafe Au Lait $2.50 – $3.25
Iced Americano $1.50 – $2.00
Iced Espresso $1.75 – $2.25
Iced Chai Tea $1.95 – $2.50

Hot Beverages

Sm / Lg.
Ashby?s House Blend $2.00 – $1.50
Ashby?s House Decaf $1.50 – $2.00
Flavored Coffee $1.50 – $2.00
Cappuccino $2.25 – $3.25
Striped Cappuccino $2.50 – $3.25
White Chocolate Cappuccino $2.25 – $3.25
Cafe Au Lait $1.95 – $2.50
Cafe Latte $2.50 – $2.95
Cafe Mocha $2.75 – $3.00
Mint Cafe Mocha $3.00 – $2.75
Espresso $1.75 – $2.50
Hot Teas $0.95 – $1.25 (plain, spiced, herbal)
Hot Apple Cider $1.50 – $1.95
Hot White Chocolate $1.95 – $2.50
Hot Dark Chocolate $1.95 – $2.50
Hot Chai Tea $1.50 – $1.75

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