Asi Es Colombia

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Cuisine: Caribbean.


Cheese Balls $1.00
Cheese Bread $1.00
Cheese Bread $1.00
Yuca Bread $1.00
Cheese Sticks $1.00
Guava Pastry $1.00
Cookies $1.00
Guava Pastry $1.00
Colombian Toast $2.00
Bread With Cheese $2.50
Seasoned Bread $2.00
Croissants $1.00
Guava Bread $1.50
Apple Pastry $1.00
Flan $1.50
Sweet Corn Bread $2.00
Pan Pequeno Con Queso $1.00
Bread With Cheese $1.00
Sugar Puffs $1.00
Ears Pastry $1.00


Figs With Caramel $3.50
Figs With Cheese $3.50


Colombiana $1.00
Limonada $1.00
Naranja $1.00
Manzana $1.00
Uva $1.00
Te Helado $1.50
Tamarindo $1.00
Popular $1.00
Coca-Cola $1.00
Pina $1.00
Bretana $1.00
Agua $1.00
Canada Dry $1.00
Cola Pola $1.00
Kola $1.00
Pony Malta $1.50
Pepsi $1.00


(en leche o agua)
Tomate De Arbol $2.50
Guanabana $2.50
Maracuya $2.50
Papaya $2.50
Curuba $2.50
Mango $2.50
Mora $2.50
Pina $2.50
Guayaba $2.50
Tamarindo $2.50
Avena $2.50


Meat Parties $1.00
Blood Sausage $2.50
Fried Pork Rind $3.00
Colombian Sausages $2.50
Fried Ribs $8.50

Chicken Breast

served with rice, salad, french fries or fried plantains
Chicken Breast Grilled $10.75
Chicken Breast In Lemon Sauce $10.75
Chicken Breast In Garlic Sauce $10.75
Chicken Breast With Mushrooms $10.75

Fish Fillets

served with rice salad, french fries or fried plantains
Fish Fillets Grilled $11.75
Fish Fillets In Lemon Sauce $11.75
Fish Fillets In Garlic Sauce $11.75
Fish Fillets With Mushrooms $11.75

Menu 1

served with french fries, russian dressing or egg
Hot Dog With Fries $5.50

Menu 2

served with salad with french fries
Rice With Shrimp $12.75
Corn Bread With Shredded Beef $5.50
Corn Bread With Shredded Chicken $5.50
Hogado $5.50 onion and tomato sauce

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