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Cuisine: Chinese.


Minced Chicken in Cool Lettuce Cups $4.95 white meat chicken, mushrooms, waterchestnuts and scallions wok’d in a spicy soy sauce
Potstickers $2.75 – $5.25 dumplings stuffed with seasoned ground pork and minced vegetables
Cream Cheese Wontons $2.75 – $5.25 cream cheese blended with waterchestnuts and green onion.
Spring Rolls $1.15 – $5.25 marinated julienne vegetables

Soup and Salads

Wonton Soup $1.95 – $3.95 seasoned pork dumplings in a chicken broth
Hot and Sour Soup $1.95 – $3.95 classic chinese soup
Chinese Chicken Salad $5.25 fresh greens topped with chilled charbroiled chicken or wok’d house chicken with sesame dressing or fat free sesame dressing served on the side.


House Special Style $6.50 – $5.25 chili-vinegar sauce, garlic, scallions, snow peas, and carrots.
Orange Peel Style $6.50 – $5.25 slightly frulty sauce, orange peel, scallion, snow peas and carrots.
Kung Pao Style $6.50 – $5.25 exciting spicy sauce, peanuts, scallion, snow peas and carrots.
Mongolian Style $6.50 – $5.25 soy garlic sauce, green onion and mushrooms.
Broccoli Style $6.50 – $5.25 soy ginger sauce, oyster sauce, scallion, broccoli.
Teriyaki Style $6.50 – $5.25 teriyaki sauce, carrot and broccoli
Sweet and Sour Style $6.50 – $7.95 tempura battered shrimp or chicken, seeet and sour sauce, ginger, red and green bell pepper, and pineapple.
Chow Mein Style $5.50 – $4.95 egg noodles, carrot, scallion, sprouts, mushrooms, garlic soy sauce.
Fried Rice Style $5.50 – $4.95 rice, egg, carrot, scallion, sprouts, garlic soy sauce.


items include salad and steamed rice, for fried rice add $0.50 extra
House Special Chicken $5.25
Orange Peel Chicken $5.25
Kung Pao Chicken $5.25
Teriyaki Chicken $5.25
Sweet and Sour Chicken $5.25
Kung Pao Vegetable $5.25
Mongolian Beef $5.65
Beef and Broccoli $5.65
Sweet and Sour Shrimp $5.95
Kung Pao Shrimp $5.95

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  1. Food OK but poor value and service not befitting a place of this expense. Auctioning off food at the table, clearing plates wholesome still eating, etc.


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