Asian Mongolian BBQ

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Cuisine: Mongolian.

How To Make It

First Select All Or Some Of The Following Vegetables: 1. cabbage, 2. cream onion, 3. bean sprout, 4. celery, 5. baby corn, 6. zucchini, 7. mushroom, 8. carrot, 9. onion, 10. water chestnut, 11. green bean, 12. bell pepper, 13. broccoli, 14. pineapple, 1
Next Select One Or A Combination Of The Following Meats: 1. chicken, 2. beef, 3. pork
Or One Or A Combination Of The Following Seafood (Dinner Only): 4. shrimp, 5. squid
Last Season Your Entree From The Following Sauces & Seasonings: 1. combination sauce, 2. barbecue sauce, 3. sweet & sour, 4. hot sauce, 5. lite soy sauce, 7. red curry, 8. green curry, 9. coconut milk, 10. pineapple juice, 11. sesame oil, 12. cooking wine, 13. vi

Combinations Of Sauces

a variety of flavor styles can be achieved with different combinations of sauces. you can use the following recipes to obtain a particular style, and vary the amounts according to your preference. or you can always make up your own!
Original Mongolian (seasoning sauces, sesame oil, garlic, hot sauce)
Teriyaki (ginger, garlic, lite soy sauce, wine, sweet & sour sauce)
Sweet & Sour (lite soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sweet & sour sauce)
Hot & Sour (combination sauce, dark soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, hot sauce)
Hunan (seasoning sauces, garlic, sesame oil, sweet & sour sauce, hot sauce)
Szechuan (seasoning sauces, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar, ginger, hot sauce)
Vegetarian (combination sauce, vinegar, garlic, ginger sesame oil)
Thai Spice (lite soy sauce, green curry, coconut milk, wine, lemon grass, basil, pineapple juice)
Bangkok (lite soy sauce, red curry, coconut, lemon grass, basil)

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