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Up to date Asian Wave prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Hot Appetizer From Kitchen

Thai Spring Roll $3.00 Thai sweet chili sauce
Indian Pancake $4.00
Shumai $5.00
Fried Calamari $7.00
Edamame $5.00
Satay Chicken or Beef $6.00 – $7.00 Served w. peanut sauce
Duck Dumplings $8.00 Steamed or pan fried
Home-Made Chicken or Pork Dumplings $6.00 Steamed or pan fried
Steamed Veg. Dumplings $6.00 Shallot and shiitake filling
Szechuan Dumplings $7.00
Cold Sesame Noodle $6.00 Served w. sesame peanut sauce
Agedashi Tofu $7.00
Grilled Fish Tofu $5.00 On skewer
Vietnamese Summer Rolls $7.00
Honey Black Ribs $9.00
Chicken Lettuce Wrap $8.00 Diced chicken, pinenuts veggi w. hoisin sauce
Soft Shell Crab Thai Style $9.00 With mango salsa
Rock Shrimp Tempura $9.00 Lightly batter fried rock shrimp w/ creamy spicy sauce
Curry Rock Shrimp $9.00 Lightly batter fried shrimp w/ curry spicy sauce
Seven Star Dim Sum $9.00 Assorted dumplings
Shrimp & Vegetables Tempura $8.00
Fried Oyster (4 Pcs) $8.00 Served w. thai sweet chilli seasoning
Peking Duck Crepe $8.00 Thin duck skin & cucumber, served w. hoisin sauce

Cold Appetizer From Sushi Bar

Sushi Sample (5 Pcs) $12.00
Sashimi Sample (9 Pcs) $13.00
Tuna Pizza $13.00 Scallion pancake, tuna, avocado, jalapeno, onion, tomato, eel sauce and spicy & mayo
Seafood Tartar $11.00 Tuna, salmon, shrimp, avocado, mango, yuzu dressing and mango sauce
Spicy Tuna or Spicy Salmon Wasabi Cracker $12.00 Wasabi cracker, wasabi mayo, tobiko
Tuna Tower $12.00 Roasted pine nuts, cilantro, wonton crisps
Sambal Tuna Tartar $13.00 Seaweed salad, guacamole, crisps parsnip


Field Green Salad $4.00
Oishii House Salad $6.00 Crab meat, cherry tomato, jicama, mango, sesame, rice wine vinaigrette
Avocado Salad $7.00 Avocado, roasted tomato & spring mix in balsamic vinegrette dressing
Vietnamese Salad $7.00 Nappa, jicama, peanut, cilantro w. crispy noodle
Grilled Chicken Salad $8.00
Seaweed Salad $4.00
Spicy Kani Salad $6.00 Spicy crabmeat, crunchy, tobiko w. spicy mayo
Warm & Wild Mushroom Salad $9.00 Sauteed assorted mushroom served w. truffle oil essence


Wonton Seaweed Soup $2.50
Hot & Sour Soup $2.50
Miso Soup $2.50
Tom Yam Soup $5.00
Lobster Asparagus Soup $5.00

Noodle Soup

Served w. salad
Nabeyaki Udon $14.00
Tempura Udon $13.00

Entrees From Sushi Bar

Served w. miso soup or salad
Tri Color Sushi or Sashimi $24.00 3 Pcs tuna, 3 pcs salmon, 3 pcs yellowtail & one tricolor roll
House Sashimi $21.00 15 Pcs assorted fish sashimi
Ocean Sashimi $24.00 18 Pcs assorted fish sashimi
Unagi Don $18.00 Eel over rice
Tekka or Salmon Don $22.00 Fresh tuna or fresh salmon over sushi rice
Chirashi Dinner $21.00 Assorted raw fish over sushi rice
Roll Platter $15.00 California roll, tuna, yellowtail roll
Spicy Roll Platter $16.00 Spicy roll, spicy salmon, spicy california
California Dinner $14.00 3 California rolls
House Sushi $21.00 8 Pcs assorted sushi & tuna roll
Ocean Sushi $28.00 12 Pcs chef?s choice fish & spicy tuna roll
Sushi & Sashimi Platter A $23.00 9 Pcs of sashimi & 4 pcs sushi with spicy mix roll
Sushi & Sashami Platter B $48.00 18 Pcs of sashimi & 6 pcs sushi with shrimp tempura roll, eel, cucumber & spicy mix roll
Enjoy Tasty Sushi $42.00 10 Pcs assorted tasty sushi dine in only
Sushi For Two $50.00 20 Pcs sushi with spicy mix roll & eel, avocado roll

Entrees From Kitchen

Served with rice, miso soup or salad
Vegetable Tempura $13.00
Shrimp Tempura $17.00
Chicken Teriyaki $14.00
Shrimp Teriyaki $18.00
Salmon Teriyaki $17.00
Beef Teriyaki $18.00
Chicken Katsu $17.00

Sushi & Sashimi

Sushi 1 pc, sashimi 2 pcs
Tuna – Bluefin Fatty Tuna
Big Eye Tuna $2.50
White Tuna $2.50
Bonito $2.50
Albacore $2.50
Yellowtail – Baby Yellowtail $3.50
Yellowtail – Yellowtail $3.00
Salmon – Smoke Salmon $3.00
Salmon – Fresh Salmon $2.50
Salmon – King Salmon $3.00
Caviar & Egg – Flying Fish Roe $3.00
Caviar & Egg – Salmon Roe $3.00
Caviar & Egg – Egg Omelette $2.00
Caviar & Egg – Tofu Skin $2.00
White Fish – Fluke $2.50
White Fish – Striped Bass $2.50
White Fish – Saba Mackerel $2.50
White Fish – Red Snapper $3.00
White Fish – Spanish Mackereal $2.50
Eel – Fresh Water Eel $3.00
Shell Fish – Cooked Shrimp $2.50
Shell Fish – Sweet Shrimp $4.50
Shell Fish – Crab Meat $2.00
Shell Fish – Scallop $3.00
Shell Fish – Octopus $2.50
Shell Fish – Sea Urchin $5.00
Shell Fish – Squid $2.50
Shell Fish – Red Clam $2.50
Shell Fish – Alaska King Crab $5.00

Classic Roll or Hand Roll – Vegetable

AAC $4.00 Avocodo, cucumber & asparagus
Avocado $4.00
Cucumber $4.00
Asparagus $4.00
Oshinko $4.00
Peanut Avocado $4.00
Sweet Potato Tempura $4.00
Avocado Cucumber $4.00
Sun Dried Tomato Avocado $4.00

Classic Roll or Hand Roll – Raw

Tuna $5.00
White Tuna Scallion $5.00
Seared Tuna Scallion $5.00
Salmon $5.00
Yellowtail Scallion or Jalapeno $6.00
Salmon Avocado or Cucumber $5.00
Tuna Avocado or Cucumber $5.00
Spicy Tuna (Crunch) $5.50
Spicy Salmon (Crunch) $5.50
Spicy Yellowtail Jalapeno $6.00
Spicy Sea Scallop Crunch $6.00
Spicy Mix $5.50 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail & white fish
Alaska $5.50 Fresh salmon, cucumber and avocado
Rainbow $11.00

Classic Roll or Hand Roll – Cooked

California $4.50
Philadelphia $6.00
Boston $5.00
King Crab Mango $10.00
King Crab California $10.00
Chicken Tempura $6.00
Shrimp Tempura $6.50
Lobster Tail Tempura $10.00
Spider $10.00 Soft shell crab
Eel Avocado or Cucumber $6.50
Dragon Roll $11.00
Spicy Snow Crab $5.50
Salmon Skin $5.50
Futomaki $6.00 Tomago, kani, avocado, cucumber, kampyo, oshinko, yamagobo

Classic Roll or Hand Roll – Naruto

Wrap with cucumber without rice with ponzu sauce
Spicy Crunchy Tuna Naruto $10.00
Eel Avocado Naruto $10.00
Vegetable Naruto $8.00
Rainbow Naruto $12.00 Tuna, salmon & yellowtail, avocado, tobiko

Special Rolls

Amazing Roll $13.00 Shrimp tempura, topped with spicy tuna and avocado
Deluxe Spider Roll $15.00 Soft sell crab, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, topped with black & red tobiko
Eel Sandwich Roll $12.00 Eel, spicy tuna, avocado wrap with soy bean, nori and cut like sandwich sharp
Tasty Roll $14.00 Eel, avocado & cucumber, topped with spicy crunchy toro
Caterpillar Roll $14.00 Salmon, avocado, topped with salmon, tuna, yellowtail, white fish, avocado and tbiko
Titanic Roll $15.00 Spicy crunchy shrimp, avocado topped with tuna and yellowtail
Alaska King Crab Roll $14.00 King crab, avocado, topped with spicy crunchy king crab and tobiko
Black Dragon $13.00 Shrimp tempura, cucumber, topped with eel, avocado and tobiko
Geisha Roll $13.00 Shrimp, crab meat, lobster salad, cucumber and avocado wrapped with soybean, nori
Fantastic Roll $14.00 Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado and tobiko, wrapped with marble seaweed
Tuna Lover $13.00 Tuna, avocado, topped with spicy crunchy tuna
Volcanic Roll $14.00 Eel, avocado, topped with spicy tuna and spicy crab meat
Rose Hill $13.00 Spicy crunchy salmon, mango, topped with blackend tuna and avocado
Hulk Roll $12.00 Spicy crunchy yellowtail, topped with avocado and green tobiko
Pink Lady $15.00 Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, eel and cucumber wrapped with pink soy bean nori
Magical Roll $13.00 Spicy crunchy tuna, topped with eel, shrimp and avocado
Angel Roll $14.00 Shrimp tempura, topped with spicy crunchy king crab and tobiko
Devil Roll $13.00 Spicy crab meat, avocado, topped with eel and tobiko
Lady Gaga Roll $16.00 Lobster salad, spicy tuna, mango and cucumber wrapped with soy bean nori 10 piece
Salmon Fans Roll $13.00 Spicy crunchy salmon, topped with salmon, smoked salmon, salmon roe and avocado
Pacific Roll $13.00 Sweet potato tempura, topped lobster salad
Super Duper Roll $14.00 Tuna, yellowtail, tobiko topped with salmon and avocado
Yummy Yummy Roll $14.00 Spicy yellowtail topped with spicy tuna, avocado and crunchy

Entrees South East Asian

Szechuan Pepper Corn Sauce $10.00 – $16.00
Black Bean Sauce $10.00 – $16.00
Broccoli Soy Ginger Sauce $10.00 – $16.00
Wok Glazed Ginger $10.00 – $16.00
Eggplant or String Bean Garlic Sauce $10.00 – $16.00
Mix Ves w. Brawn Sauce $10.00 – $16.00
Hot Basil Sauce $10.00 – $16.00

Steamed Healthy Food

Steamed Mixed Veg. $10.00
Chicken $11.00
Scallop or Prawn $16.00
Chicken, Shrimp & Scallop $18.00

Wok & Grill

Wok Glazed Ginger Duck $17.00 Young ginger, balsamic vinaigrette, fresh mushroom
Pan Seared Tuna w/ Soba Noodles $24.00 Rare wasabi, green tea vinaigrette
Asian Grilled Chicken $13.00 Steamed bak choy, lemongrass, thai curry
Sesame Chicken (White Meat) $14.00
General Tso?s Chicken (White Meat) $14.00
Duck Fajitas Wave?s Style $17.00 Pancake wraps, shitake, chives, scallions
Special Wok Garlic Shrimp $18.00 Roast garlic, scallion, bak choy, fresh mushroom, grape tomato
Double-Pan Noodles $16.00 Braised chicken and shrimp, seasoned vegetable on top of pan fried noodle
Double Crispy $18.00 Sweet crispy chicken & shrimp tempura
Crispy Red Snapper $19.00 Caramelized soy syrup, rice wine vinaigrette, penang curry, topped with crispy noodle
Sauteed Bak Choy $11.00
Steam or Pan Roasted Chilean Seabass $22.00
Thai Coconut Curry Casserole $17.00 Chicken, shrimp, lemongrass, thai basil
Sliced Flank Steak Basil $16.00 Lemongrass, basil, fresh mushroom, steamed bak choy
Grilled Lemongrass Shrimp $18.00 Steamed bak choy, pineapple, red onions
Sesame Crusted Salmon $18.00 Sauteed season vegetables
Seafood Curry Lover $23.00 Shrimp, lobstertail, seascallops, lemongrass, Thai coconut yellow curry
Malaysia Sambal Sensations $19.00 Shrimp, scallop & chicken w. mix vegetable
Steak & Shrimp $23.00
Crispy Duck w. Fried Rice $18.00
Pan Roasted Eggplant w. Jumbo Shrimp $19.00 Eggplant with garlic shrimp in ponzu dumpling sauce
Sambal Chicken & Shrimp $17.00
Mango Chicken & Shrimp $17.00
Curry Chicken or Shrimp $14.00 – $17.00

Noodle & Fried Rice

Pad Thai $9.00 – $12.00 Served with peanut crushes and lime
Singapore Thin Rice Noodle $9.00 – $12.00
Udon Noodle $9.00 – $12.00
Chow Fun $9.00 – $12.00
Lo Mein $9.00 – $12.00
Lo Mein – House Special $14.00
Lo Mein – Mix Noodle Malaysian Style $14.00
Fried Rice – Vegetable $9.00
Fried Rice – Chicken $11.00
Fried Rice – Roast Pork $11.00
Fried Rice – Shrimp $12.00
Fried Rice – House Special $14.00
Fried Rice – Pineapple Chicken $13.00
Fried Rice – Pineapple Shrimp $13.00

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