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Cuisine: Indian.


Papadam $2.00 crispy wafer made with chickpeas flour
Vegetable Pakora $2.95 sliced free veggies mixed w/bean, four and caviry herbs shaped into a round cake
Vegetable Samosa $2.95 seasoned potatoes and peas wrapped in a light pastry
Meat Samosa $3.95 a pair of triangular savories filled with spicy ground meat and fragrant herbs
Onion Bhajees $2.95 thinly sliced onions mixed w/chickpea bean flour and savory herbs
House Salad $4.95 lettuce shredded carrot, cucumber and tomato tossed w/oranges and sesame dressing


Mango Chutney $2.00 bits of mango w/sweet indian spices
Raita $2.75 shredded cucumber, herbs mixed w/cool yogurt
Mango Or Lime Achar $2.25 fruity, chunky and spicy pickle
Fresh Mint Chutney $1.75 hot and spicy blend of fresh mint and herbs
Tamarind Chutney $1.75 sweet and spicy
Onion Chutney $1.95 diced onion, fresh green chili and cilantro

Seafood Dinner

Fish Curry $11.95 served with rice and soup bonless
Shrimp Curry $11.95 fresh jumbo shrimp cooked w/fresh herbs and spices
Shrimp Vindaloo $11.95 shrimp cooked w/potatoes, fresh, herbs and indian 5 spices.
Shrimp Madras $11.95 chrimp cooked w/fresh tomatoes and fairly hot aromatic spices
Shrimp Saag $11.95 cooked w/onion, pepper, tomato, garlic, spinach & fresh herbs
Shrimp Or Fish Makani $13.95 shrimp cooked w/fresh ginger, bell peppers, onions and tomato puree
Shrimp Karahi $12.95 prawn roasted in clay oven, cooked w/fresh herbs and creamy sauce
Shrimp Balti $12.95 cooked with sliced onion green pepper tamarind, tomato puree and spices.
Shrimp Korma (Mild) $12.95 cooked with creamy ginger sauce, cashews & coconut cream
Shrimp Dhanshak (Mild) $12.95 cooked in garlic-flavored lentill w/ slightly sweet & sour
Shrimp Massala $13.95 roasted shrimp in clay oven then cooked with fresh herbs and creamy sauce
King Prown Masala $17.95 roasted shrimp in clay oven then cooked with fresh herbs and creamy sauce
Lobster Massala $19.95 roasted lobster in clay oven then cooked with fresh herbs and creamy sauce

Assam’s Tandoori

Tandoori Mixed Grill $14.95 an assortment of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheekh kabab
Sheekh Kabab $11.95 ground meat mixed with onions and spices, grilled on skewers in the clay oven
Chicken Tikka $11.95 boneless chicken, marinated in yogurt and spices, grilled on skewers
Tandoori Chicken $11.95 half of chicken on bone marinated in exotic indian spices and herbs, tandoor grilled
Tandoori Fish $11.95 fresh boneless fish of the day lightly spiced and roasted in tandoori
Ginger Chicken $11.95 medium spiced, ginger flavored boneless chicken
Lamb Tikka $13.95 boneless pieces of lamb deeply marinated w/yogurt and indian spices
Shrimp Tandoori $12.95 marinated shrimp cooked in clay oven
Tandoori King Prown $12.95 marinated shrimp cooked in clay oven
Tandoori Quail $11.95 2 pieces of quail on bone marinated in exotic indian spices and herbs
Tandoori Rack Of Lamb $18.95 – $11.95 rack of lamb marinated in exotic indian spices and herbs
Tandoori Lobster $17.95 lobster marinated in exotic indian spices and herbs

Chicken, Lamb And Beef Dinners

Assam Tikka Masala $11.95 – $12.50 roasted boneless meat cooked in clay oven with fresh ground coconut almond mint sauce yogurt fresh herbs and mild creamy sauce
Assam Tikka Masala $13.95 quail masala
Assam Tikka Masala $14.95 rack of lamb masala
Orange Curry $11.50 – $12.95 curry cooked and flavored with orange
Dhanshak $10.95 – $12.95 cooked in garlic-flavored lentil w/slightly sweet and sour
Pumpkin Curry $12.95 – $10.95 curry cooked with fresh pumpkin, spices, and herbs assam house style
Rogon Gosh Dish $10.95 – $12.95 grilled tomato, onion, bell pepper, garlic w/thick sauce uck curry on bone assam style order before
Pasanda Dish $11.95 – $12.95 fragrant distinctive green curry cooked w/ground nuts, freshly plended herbs and special spices
Vindaloo Dish $10.95 – $12.95 indian traiditional hot aromatic curry cooked w/potato, onion, garlic and herbs
Methi Dish $12.95 – $10.95 brown exotic curry cooked w/roasted ground methi (fenugreek)
Coconut Curry $11.50 – $12.95 cooked w/coconut milk, fresh herbs and spices
Madras Dish $10.95 – $12.95 cooked w/fresh tomato and fairty hot aromatic spices
Garlic Dinner $10.95 – $12.95 curry cooked with fresh grilled garlic, fresh herbs and spices
Spinach Dish $12.95 – $11.95 spinach cooked with fresh herbs and spices
Bhuna Dish $10.95 – $11.50 cooked w/onion, tomato, garlic and green bell peppers
Volcano / Phagla Naga Dish $11.95 – $12.50 (extremely hot and spicy, watch out) chef secret recipe
Korma Dish $11.95 – $12.95 very mild, creamy sauce, cashews and coco cream
Mushroom $12.95 – $11.95 fresh cut mushroom, onion, tomato in special seasoning.
Balthi Dish $11.95 – $12.50 cooked with sliced onion, green pepper, tomato curry and yogurt
Duppiaza Dish $11.95 – $12.95 flavored with garlic onion, herbs and spices.
Zalfraze Dish $11.50 – $11.95 cooked with mix veggies , bell pepper tomato and spices
Makhani / Butter Dish $12.95 – $11.95 tomato based creamy curry with herbs and roasted garlic.
Mango Dish $11.50 – $11.95 mango flavored yellow curry
Plain Yellow Curry Dish $11.95 – $12.95 cooked with traditional indian yellow curry thin and tasty,

Vegetables Dishes

Veggie Kurma $9.50 mixed vegetables cooked in very mild creamy sauce
Gobi Bhajee $8.95 coliflower, bell pepper with spices
Aloo Gobi $8.95 fresh cauliflower and sauteed potatoes cooked w/mild spices
Aloo Chana $8.95 potatoes and chickpeas cooked in a mild curry sauce
Mushroom Mattar $8.95 fresh mushroom and green peas cooked in a mild curry sauce
Chana Masala $8.95 garbanzo beans cooked w/fresh ginger sauteed onion and herbs
Bombay Aloo $8.95 diced potatoes cooked in very hot curry sauce
Chana Saag $8.95 garbanzo beans and chopped spinach cooked in a light spices
Bhendi Masala $8.95 fresh okra sauteed w/onion, tomatoes and herbs
Mushroom Bhaji $8.95 mixed vegetables cooked in curry sauce
Veggie Curry $8.95 mix vegetable cooked in a very spicy home-made sauce
Veggie Vindaloo $8.95
Daal Saag $9.50 lentil with spinach
Dal Turka $9.50 a classic dish of lentils in a flavoful garlic sauce
Eggplant Bhorta $9.50 broiled eggplant sauteed w/onions, green peas and herb spices
Saag Aloo $8.95 potatoes cooked w/spinach and fresh ground spices
Aloo Mattar $8.95 diced potatoes and green peas cooked in mild curry sauce
Saag Mushroom $8.95 fresh mushroom sauteed w/spinach, onion and ground indian spices
Methi Aloo $8.95 potatoes tossed w/cumin, giner and fenugreek leaves
Malai Kofta Makhani/Butter $9.50 mince veggie ball cooked w?herb, spices &creamy sauce
Paneer Makhani $9.50 cheese cube cooked w/tomato based creamy curry & roasted garlic
Mattar Paneer $9.50 home-made cheese cubes cooked w/green peas
Saag Paneer $9.50 cheese squares in a delicately spiced
Paneer Masala $9.95 lightly pan seared cheese cues cooked w/ fresh herbs & creamy sauce
Saag Bhaji $8.95 spinach cooked with sautee bell peppers tomato and herbs
Yellow Pumpkin Curry $9.95 backyard pumpkin cooked in a curry sauce assam style
Lima Beans Turka $9.95 beans cooked with fresh herbs and spices served in a thick curry sauce

Rice And Biriany

Chicken $10.95
Lamb $12.95
Shrimp $11.95
Vegetable Fry Rice $8.95 fried rice with green peas
Mushroom $8.95
Extra Rice Pilaf Or Soup $3.00
Brown Rice $5.00
Par Boiled Rice $3.50

Assams Drinks Specially

Mango Juice $2.75
Sodas $1.50
Spiced Iced Tea $2.75
Ginger Iced Tea $2.75
Chai $2.50 indian tea
Mango Lassi $2.75
Sweet Lassi $2.50
Bottled Water $1.50

Dessert $3.50

Rice Pudding
Gulab Jamun
Mango Or Pistachio Ice Cream

Tandoori Bread

Cheese Naan $3.95 stuffed w/cheese
Paswari Naan $4.25 stuffed w/paste of coconut, almond and raisin baked in clay oven
Onion Kulcha $2.95 naan topped w/spiced onion and fresh herbs before baking
Aloo Naan $3.95 naan stuffed w/potato and peasm baked in clay oven
Garlic Naan $2.95 topped w/lots of garlic and basil
Keema Naan $4.50 naan stuffed w/groud meat delicately spiced before baking
Naan/ Butter Naan $2.50 – $2.00 traditional indian bread alooparatha
Paneer Naan $4.75
Cheese Garlic Naan $4.95 cheese naan topped with garlic, basil or cilantro
Paratha $3.95 whole wheat thin bread
Roti $2.50 whole wheat thin bread baked in clay oven

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