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Cuisine: Deli Food.

Fresh Salads

BLT Salad $6.95 – $8.95 Ice berg and romaine lettuce topped w/tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh diced bacon, shredded cheddar croutons and ranch dressing.
Caesar Salad $6.95 – $7.95 Romaine hearts, romano cheese, homemade garlic croutons and caesar dressing.
Garden Salad $5.95 – $6.95 Iceberge lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and carrots served w/choice of dressing.
Antipasto Salad (1 lb) $9.99
Apple Bacon Salad $6.95 – $8.95 Granny smith apple chunks and crispy bacon served on top of field greens w/tomatoes, cucumbers, and Gorgonzola cheese topped w/balsamic drizzle.
An Iceberg Wedge $6.95 – $7.95 Crisp wedges of iceberg lettuce topped w/chunky blue cheese dressing, fresh bacon bits and grape tomatoes.
Cranberry Walnut Field Green Salad $6.95 – $7.95 Fresh field greens topped w/grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, walnuts, sundried cranberries, goat cheese and a balsamic reduction w/olive oil.
Greek Salad $6.95 Crisp Iceberg lettuce topped w/tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, feta cheese, black olives. grape leaves and onions topped w/a red wine vinaigrette
Cavatappi Macaroni Salad $5.99 Cork screw pasta tossed in our home made dressing w/hellmans mayo, diced carrots, red & green peppers. served by the pound.
Macaroni Salad $5.99 Cavatappi pasta, fresh chopped peppers and carrots tossed with our macaroni salad dressing.


Apple Bacon Grilled Chicken Wrap $7.95 Grilled chicken served over field greens, bacon,apples, gorgonzola cheese and balsamic drizzle.
Chicken Caesar Wrap $7.95 Grilled chicken cutlets served in a wrap over crisp romaine hearts, croutons, grated cheese and caesar dressing.
Grilled Chicken BLT $7.95 Grilled sliced chicken served in a wrap w/crisp bacon, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and mayo.
Chicken Portobello Wrap $7.95 Grilled chicken served in a wrap w/ portobello mushrooms, asparagus, fresh mozzarella and balsamic drizzle.
Cranberry Walnut Chicken Wrap $7.95 Our homemade cranberry walnut chicken salad served in a wrap w/lettuce and tomatoes.
Santa Fe Chicken Wrap $7.95 Grilled chicken served in a wrap w/shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream.


Ham & Salami Hero $8.95 Ham cappy and genoa salami served on a hero w/lettuce, tomatoes, onion, provolone cheese and spicy brown mustard.
Chicken Parmesan Hero $8.50 Italian seasoned fried chicken cutlets sliced and served on a mozzarella toasted hero with marinara.
Meatball Parmesan Hero $8.50 Our Italian style meatballs served on a toasted hero with marinara, mozzarella and grated cheese.
Ranch Roast Beef Hero $9.95 Our juicy roast beef served on a hero w/ cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing.
Asiago Turkey Hero $8.95 Sliced peppermill turkey breast served in a hero w/asiago cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and balsamic drizzle.
Horsie Roast beef Hero $9.95 Our homemade sliced roast beef served in a hero w/horseradish cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and horsie sauce. Great hot or cold.
Russian Roast Beef $9.95 Sliced roast beef and melted muenster cheese served in a hero topped w/ homemade cole slaw and russian dressing.
Italian Stallion Hero $8.95 Ham cappy, coppacolla, sopperasatta, mortadella, salami, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, onions. Roasted peppers w/ olive oil & vinegar.

Off The Grill

Sirloin Burger Platter $5.95 A 6oz. sirloin burger served on a toasted bun served w/french fries, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.
Bacon Cheese Burger Platter $7.95 A fresh ground sirloin burger served on a bun w/bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles served w/a side of fries.
Classic Cheeseburger Platter $6.95 6oz. sirloin burger topped w/choice of american, cheddar or swiss cheese served w/french fries and a pickle.

Cold Cuts

Boar’s Head Gold Label Swiss Cheese (1 lb.) $8.99
Boars head Muenster Cheese (1 lb.) $8.99
Boar’s Head Everoast Chicken Breast (1 lb.) $9.99
Boar’s Head Oven Gold Turkey (1 lb.) $9.99
Boars Head Bologna (1 lb.) $5.99
Boar’s Head Honey Maple Turkey (1 lb.) $9.99

Fresh Poultry

Bell & Evans Chicken Cutlets $3.99 We can slice them any style for you.
Buffalo Blue Cheese Marinated Chicken Filets $5.99 Marinated in our homemade buffalo blue cheese sauce. grill for 3-4 minutes per side. Great over a salad or rice.
Chicken Cordon Bleu $7.99 Bonless bell & evans chicken breast stuffed w/ham and swiss cheese.
Italian Style Marinated Chicken Filets $5.99 Marinated in our homemade italian marinade. Grill for 3-4 minutes per side.
Bell & Evans Bone In Chicken Breast $4.49 Served whole, cut in half or quartered

Prime Beef

Beef Cubes for Stew $6.99 We use center cut chuck for our stew. Great for slow or pressure cookers, Melts in your mouth, 1lb. served 2 guests.
Flank Steak Pinwheels $10.99 A thin sliced flank steak pounded and seasoned w/garlic, pepper, parsley, grated locatelli cheese and mozzarella. Pan sear for 3-4 minutes per side then simmer covered in a little marinara sauce.
Fresh Sirloin Burgers $6.99
Porterhouse Steaks $17.99 You get the best of both worlds with this steak. One side being a Shell steak and the other being a Filet Mignon with a bone in the middle to seperate the two. Great to serve family style. Save $3 pe
Prime Rib Steaks $17.99 This bone in steak is just fully of juicy love. Salt and pepper is all you need for this beauty. Eats good rare, medium or well done.
Skirt Steaks $19.99 Also known as rumanian steak or a diaphram steak.

Boars Head Brand Products

Cracked Pepper Mill Turkey (1 lb.) $10.99
Honey Maple Turkey (1 lb.) $10.99
Alpine Swiss Cheese (1 lb.) $8.99
American Cheese (1 lb.) $8.99
Blackened Turkey (1 lb.) $10.99
Boars Head Bologna (1 lb.) $6.99
Buffalo Chicken (1 lb.) $10.99
Chipotle Gouda (1 lb.) $8.99
Everoast Chicken (1 lb.) $10.99
Genoa Salami $10.99
Hard salami $10.99
Honey Maple Ham $10.99
Hot Sopperasatta (1 lb.) $12.99
Low Salt Ham (1 lb.) $10.99
Monterrey Jack Cheese (1 lb.) $8.99
Mortadella (1 lb.) $8.99
Mozzarella (1 lb.) $8.99
Muenster Cheese (1 lb.) $8.99
Our Fresh Roasted Roast Beef $13.99
Pastrami $12.99
Pepper Jack Cheese (1 lb.) $8.99
Pepperoni $10.99
Prosciutto (1 lb.) $12.99
Provolone (1 lb.) $8.99
Smoked Gouda $8.99
Sopperasatta (1 lb.) $12.99
Virginia Ham (1 lb.) $10.99
Cappacolla (Hot) – Boar’s Head (1 lb.) $12.99
Cheddar – Horseradish Boar’s Head (1 lb.) $8.99
Cheddar – Sharp Boar’s Head (1 lb.) $8.99
Deluxe Boar’s Head Ham (1 lb.) $10.99


Cranberry Apple Pork Pinwheels $6.99 A stuffed pork loin sliced into a pinwheel w/a cranberry apple stuffing. Saute for 5 minutes per side in olive oil then lower the heat and cover, simmer in apple juice for 10 minutes.
Italian Sausage $3.99 Our homemade Italian sausage is made with fresh pork butt and the perfect mixture of salt, pepper and fennel seed.
Center Cut Pork Chops $4.99 Center cut pork loin starts with rib cut chops and turn into the loin section. The rib cut is known for its juiciness like prime rib and the loin in the porterhouse of pork.
Apple Sage Stuffed Pork Chops $4.99 Cooks in 1 hour at 350 degrees turn once and add a little apple juice in the beginning for a sauce.
Marinated St. Louie Ribs $6.99 Seasoned and slow roasted ribs until they are ready to fall off the bone and marinated in our homemade barbeque sauce.

Specialty Sandwiches

Balsamic Beauty $7.95 Grilled chicken served on a toasted roll topped w/grilled vegetables, fresh mozzarella and balsamic drizzle.
Jumpin Jack Chicken $7.95 Fried or grilled chicken cutlets topped w/bacon, pepperjack cheese, hot sauce and blue cheese served on a toasted roll.
Paizano Chicken $7.95 Fried or grilled chicken cutlets served on a garlic toasted roll w/sauteed broccoli rabe and fresh mozzarella.
Thousand Island Chicken $7.95 Golden fried chicken cutlets served on a toasted roll w/bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes and thousand island dressing.
Chipotle BLT $6.95 Crispy bacon served on a roll w/lettuce, tomatoes and a chipotle sauce
Tuscany Chicken $7.95 Golden fried chicken with homemade fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, romano cheese and balsamic drizzle served on toasted roll.

Memorial Day Specials

Prime Top Round London Broil (1 lb.) $5.99 Top round is the best cut of London Broil. Great for serveral guests. This steak is best mid to mid rare and must be sliced this for tenderness. Try our marinated ones. their our best seller.

Extra Specialty Items

Boneless Duck Breasts
Ground Chicken (1 lb) $4.99
Ground Lamb (1 lb) $8.99
Ground Veal (1 lb) $8.99
Long Island Ducklings (1 lb) $3.99

Homemade Sauces

Marinara Sauce $7.99 A fresh tomato sauce great to use for a quick meal with our homemade ravioli’s, lasagna, baked ziti, meat balls, or our fried chicken cutlets for a quick parmesan. Sold by the quart.
Vodka Sauce $5.99 Toss w/your favorite pasta of ravioli. Also great served over your favorite vegetables.
Francaise Sauce $5.99 Take thin sliced chicken cutlets and dip in flour and then egg. Sautee in olive oil and butter until golden brown, pour sauce over chicken and simmer for 3 – 5 minutes.

Side Dishes

Mashed Potatoes $5.99 Whipped w/ butter, salt & pepper. Creamy and delicious.
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe $9.99 Blanched broccoli rabe sauteed in fresh garlic & olive oil
Double Stuffed Potatoes $3.50 A baked Idaho potato scooped and smashed w/crisp bacon, spinach and cheese.
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe $9.99 Tender sauteed broccoli rabe in an olive oil garlic broth topped w/ parmesan cheese.
Roasted Potatoes $5.99 Seasoned and roasted to perfection and tossed w/ sauteed onions.
Sauteed Broccoli Rabe $9.99 Sauteed w/ garlic & olive oil, parmesan cheese. Great for a quick meal. Tossed w/ pasta and top w/grated cheese, top it on chicken and melt mozzarella or slice some grilled Italian sausage and toss i
Creamed Spinach $7.99 Sauteed w/butter, cream, onions and parmesan cheese. Excellent side dish for steak or chicken.

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