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Up to date Astrid & Stephanie prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: French, Coffee & Tea, Bakery & Pastries, Brunch.


John Doe Breakfast $9.90 3 eggs any style, bacon, 2 slices of sausage, french fries and tomatoes.
French Breakfast $6.70 croissant, french bread (1.9oz), butter, jam & o.j.
French Breakfast $2.00 freshly squeezed add
Omelette Breakfast $9.40 with potatoes, tomatoes and ham inside with salad on the side.
Vitamin Breakfast $7.90 yogurt with granola, fresh fruits salad inside, proteins powder on the side & o.j.
Vitamin Breakfast $2.00 freshly squeezed add
Healthy Breakfast $7.90 oat meal (with milk or water), fruits, granola, & o.j.
Healthy Breakfast $2.00 freshly squeezed add
3 Pancakes $7.50 maple syrup & whipped cream
3 Pancakes $1.00 with blueberries or strawberries add
Pain Perdu $6.90 french toast with homemade brioche
3 Eggs $6.90 3 eggs any style with salad on the side.
White Omelette (Plain) $7.10 salad on the side
White Omelette (Plain) $1.00 ham, cheese, spinach or turkey add
Omelette Ham & Cheese Or Turkey & Cheese $7.50
Western Breakfast $9.70 bacon, baked beans, 3 scramble eggs, french fries.
Pigalle $10.70 croque monsieur (melted ham, cheese & bechamel on homemade soft bread) with salad and oj
Pigalle $2.00 freshly squeezed add


Bagel Cream $3.90 plain bagel with cream cheese.
Bagel Jam $4.10 plain bagel with jam, butter and cream cheese on the side.
Bagel Butter $3.10 plain bagel with butter.
Bagel Chocolate $4.10 bagel with dark chocolate.


A & S Brunch $13.90 3 eggs any style, smoked salmon or ham, french fries and tomatoes, 3 eggs any style, smoked salmon or ham, french fries and tomatoes, french croissant and yogurt with granola. salad on the side.

Hot Sandwiches

Served With Lettuce & Tomatoes And French Fries Or Salad. 1.Choose Your Cheese: Cheddar, Swiss Or Mozzarella. 2. Choose Your Bread: French Baguette, Homemade Bagel, Croissant, Whole Wheat Add $0.50.
Grilled Chicken Breast $9.99
Salmon* $9.99 fillet
Skirt Steak* $9.99
Chicken & Vegetables $9.99
Vegetarian $8.99
Egg $8.99 ham & cheese
Egg $9.99 sausage, bacon & cheese

Cold Sandwiches

Served With Lettuce & Tomatoes And French Fries Or Salad. Choose Your Bread: French Baguette, Homemade Bagel, Croissant Or Whole Wheat Add $0.50.
Brie Or Camembert Sandwich $9.99
Tuna Salad Sandwich $8.99
Turkey & Cheese Sandwich $8.99
Ham & Cheese Or Salami & Cheese $8.99
Caprese $9.99 prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, olive oil.
Chicken Salad $8.99 mixed green, tomatoes, corn, onion
Italian $8.99 ham or turkey, salami, pepperoni
Smoked Salmon* $9.99 with cream cheese, onions and capers
Pate De Campagne $9.99 homemade pate with pickles, mustard and mixed greens


Salmon Salad* $13.90 mixed greens, avocado, onions, capers, cherry tomatoes & smoked salmon.
Chicken Caesar Salad $11.15 mixed greens, croutons, chicken breast and grated parmesan cheese.
Salade Nicoise $14.90 tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, black olives,cold cooked potatoes, anchovy, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, black olives,cold cooked potatoes, anchovy, tuna salad, red pepper, green beans
Chicken Salad $12.15 mixed greens, corn, onions, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots & chicken salad
Tuna Salad $12.15 mixed greens, tuna, onions, cherry tomatoes & 2 slices of lemon.
Parisienne Salad* $13.50 mixed greens, avocado, ham, tomatoes, hard boiled egg and onions.
Provencale Salad $12.15 mixed greens, blue cheese, tomatoes, olives, goat cheese & walnuts.
Grilled Shrimp Salad $14.10 mixed greens, hard-boiled egg, corn, tomatoes, onions, lemon & grilled shrimp
Salade De Brie Roti $15.50 baked brie, roasted potatoes, prosciutto, mixed green salad, cherry tomatoes.
Cobb Salad* $14.60 mixed greens, hard-boiled egg, bacon, blue cheese, tomatoes, onions, avocado, grilled chicken.

Create Your Own

Fresh Fruits Salad $4.99
Plain Butter Croissant $2.35
Jam Croissant $3.50
Cream Cheese Croissant $3.50
Apple Croissant $3.50
Pain Au Chocolat $2.50
Pain Aux Raisins $3.50
Almond Croissant $3.50
Parfait Low Fat $6.10 yogurt with granola, fresh fruits salad inside.
Yogurt Low Fat $1.70
Bread Toasts $4.15 french or whole wheat (1/2) with butter & jam or nutella.

Create Your Own – Plate

French Fries Or Green Salad Or Ratatouille $4.50


Soup Of The Day $5.99
French Onions Soup $6.99

Croque Sandwiches

Served With Green Salad Egg On Top $0.60
Croque Monsieur $9.30 melted ham & cheese on homemade white bread with bechamel.
Croque Madame* $9.90 croque monsieur with 1 egg sunny side up on top.
Croque Turkey $9.30 melted turkey on homemade soft bread.
Croque Turkey $0.60 egg on top add
Croque De Dijon $9.90 melted ham, bechamel, tomatoes with mustard on homemade soft bread.


Served With Salad On The Side. Choice: Whole Wheat Or Spinach. Choice Of Dressing: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Italian, Caesar & Balsamic.
Veggie $8.99 mixed green, corn, tomatoes, onion, roasted vegetables
Farmer $11.50 grilled burger beef, mixed greens,avocado, corn, tomatoes, onion & bacon
Norvegian $12.50 smoked salmon, mixed greens, red onion, avocado, tomatoes and a squeeze of lemon juice
Sea Steak $10.35 homemade tuna salad, mixed greens, corn, tomatoes, onion
Rivoli $9.99 homemade chicken salad, mixed greens, corn, tomatoes, onion, bacon & cilantro
Sea Food $12.50 grilled shrimps, mixed greens, avocado, cream cheese, tomatoes, grilled shrimps & cilantro
Stephanie’s $12.90 mixed greens, tomatoes, heat of the palm, prosciutto, goat cheese, olive oil & grapes

Cheese Plate

Assortment Of 5 French Cheeses $16.90 salad, walnuts, grapes with cantal, brie, roquefort, camembert, st andre, chaume, mimolette, fourme d’ambert, beaufort. imported from france. subject to change


Choice Of Bread: Homemade Bun Or Homemade Bagel. Choice Of Cheese: Cheddar, Mozzarella Or Swiss. Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Onions & Pickles, All Served With A Side Of French Fries Or Salad.
A Burger* $12.90 2×1/2 lb angus beef
Salmon Burger $12.90 fillet with tartar sauce
Bacon Cheese* $12.90
Veggie * $11.90 soy steak

French Specialties – Appetizers

Escargots A La Provencale $8.90
Assiette ;French Charcuterie; $15.25 charcuterie platters w/ prosciutto, pate de campagne, mortadelle w/ pistachio, rosette,chorizo, black olive and pickles.
Garden Salad $8.50 mixed greens, corn, carrots, onions, cherry tomatoes.
Tomatoes Mozzarella $9.50
Pate De Campagne $8.50 homemade pate with mustard, pickles, bread and salad on the side.
Warm Goat Cheese $9.50 hot goat cheese topped on homemade puff pastry, walnuts and salad on the side.


Boeuf Bourguignon $21.90 served with potatoes or fettuccini
Lamb Foreshank $21.90 served with sliced fried potatoes
Grilled Chicken Breast $14.50 homemade wine sauce
Skirt Steak $17.95 homemade forest sauce
Angus Steak $17.95 homemade wine sauce
Salmon Fillet $15.90 homemade citrus sauce
Mahi Mahi (Fish) $15.90 homemade provencale sauce


Available Upon Request.
Chicken Basquaise $17.80
Bouchee A La Reine $15.25 chicken or seafood
Couscous Poulet $19.90
Steak Tartare $19.15
Risotto $15.10 chicken or seafood
Moules Frites $15.25

Fresh Pasta

Fettuccini A La Checca $12.95 cherry tomatoes, cappers, fresh mozzarella, olive oil topped with fresh basil.
Fettuccini Alfredo $13.35 homemade bechamel, peas topped with grated parmesano.
Fettuccini Alfredo $3.25 with chicken add
Spaghetti Al Pesto $13.35 homemade al pesto sauce topped with fresh basil
Spaghetti Bolognese $13.35 homemade bolognese sauce topped with fresh basil & grated parmesano
Spinach & Ricotta Raviolis $13.35 homemade tomato sauce or white sauce
Seafood Pasta $15.35 choice of pasta, sauteed shrimps & homemade marinada.
A La Carbonara $13.35 choice of pasta, bacon, garlic, white wine & cream sauce.


Homemade served with a side green salad
Quiche Lorraine $7.90 made with ham, and gruyere (french cheese).
Spinach $7.90
Quiche Provencale $7.90

Club Sandwiches

On Homemade Bread, Served With Salad Or French Fries.
Ham $10.50 tomatoes, cheese
Prosciutto $11.50 pesto sauce & fresh mozzarella
Smoked Salmon $10.50 cream cheese, capers

Sweets And More

Make Your Choice From Our Selection Of Homemade Pastries
Fruits Tart
Key Lime Pie
Apple Tart
St Honore
Cup Cake
Pudding & Flan
Paris Brest
Chocolate Mousse
Muffin & Cookie
Other Pastries!


With Milk Or Yogurt Low Fat Add $1.
Miami Style banana, lemon
A tutti frutti
Crazy Kiwi kiwi, cantaloupe, pineapple, o.j.
Green Dream banana, kiwi
B banana, strawberry
Berrys rasp. straw. and blue
Power protein powder, banana, strawberry, honey, o.j.

Hot Drinks

Cappuccino $3.90
Espresso Or Colada $3.50 – $1.80
American Coffee $2.35
The Real Hot Chocolate $7.50
Cortado $1.80
Cafe Mocha $3.90
Coffee $3.10 with milk
Hot Chocolate $3.10
Tea $2.60 mate or flavored
Tea $3.50 luxary
Macchiato $3.90
Coffee $3.90 choco. viennois

Cold Drinks

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice $3.50
Milk $1.80
Bottle Water $1.29 more or less (16.9oz)
Perrier $2.25
Water San Pellegrino $4.50 aqua panna
Orangina $2.25
Snapple $2.25 diet snapple
Mistic $2.25
Nesquick Chocolate $3.10
Minute Maid $2.35
Coconut Water $2.95
Sprite $2.25 diet sprite
Fanta $2.25 orange
Coke $2.25 red coke, diet coke, coke zero
Iced Coffee $3.10
Iced Tea $3.10
Iced Cappuccino $4.10

Savory Crepes

Farine De Sarrasin / Buckwheat Flour.
Jambon Fromage $8.50 ham & swiss cheese with salad
Jambon, Fromage Et Oeuf $9.00 ham, egg & cheese with salad
Vegetarienne $8.50 healthy spinach with red pepper and salad
Poulet Aux Legumes Et Champignons $10.00 chicken, spinach, red pepper,mushrooms and salad
Auvergnate: Raclette, Pommes De Terre, Bacon & Ail $11.90 raclette cheese, potatoes, bacon and garlic and salad.
Norvegienne: Saumon Fume, Fromage, Onions, Capres $12.50 smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions, capers
La Fromagere: Brie, Raisins, Noix Et Salade $11.90 brie cheese, grapes and walnuts with salad
Italienne: Tomates Al Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella, Jambon Cru $12.50 tomatoes al pesto, fresh mozzarella et prosciutto
Seguin: Fromage De Chevre, Miel, Noix Et Herbes Aromatiques $13.50 goat cheese, honey, walnuts & special herbs

Sweet Crepes

Sucre & Beurre $5.00 sugar & butter
Sucre & Citron $5.20 sugar & lemon
Miel & Chantilly $5.50 honey
Chocolat Amandes Grillees Chantilly $6.20 chocolate & grilled almonds with whipped cream
Confiture Maison $5.50 homemade jam & whipped cream
Creme De Marrons Chantilly $7.00 chestnut puree with whipped cream
Coco: Chocolat Et Noix De Coco Rapee $7.00 chocolate & fresh shredded coconut
Chocolat Fraises $8.50 dark chocolate with fresh strawberries & whipped cream
Nutella Fraises $8.50 nutella with fresh strawberries & whipped cream
Golden $12.00 caramelized stewed apples with calvados, ice cream & whipped cream
The Famous $12.50 nutella with ice cream, fresh strawberries, banana & whipped cream

France – Rouge

Red. (750ml)
Chateau Andriet $8.75 bordeaux superieur, 2010
Chateau Dallau $9.75 bordeaux superieur, 2010
Franc Beausejour $8.75 bordeaux, 2010
Chateau De Viaud Lalande De Pomerol, 2010 $10.25
Cotes Du Rhone $6.75 les vignerons st hilaire d?ozilhan, 2010
Charles Rousset $12.75 bordeaux superieur limited, 2009


Pink. (750ml)
Cotes Du Ventoux Versant Sud, 2008 $13.25
Cotes De Provence $7.50 83 rue de st tropez, 2012


White. (750ml)
Bordeaux Sauvignon $7.50 blanc de camarsac, 2011
Bourgogne $9.75 pouilly fuisse, 2011
Sancerre $9.75 domaine de la villaudiere, 2011
Chardonnay $9.75 paul bouchard, 2009
Macon Village $8.75 paul bouchard, 2010
Franc Beausejour $7.50 bordeaux, 2011
Chablis $14.50 paul bouchard, 2011

Champagne – France

Ferrat & Fils Cuvee $14.75 regal premier cru
Champs Elysees $7.50 sparkling, brut
Mimosa $7.75 champagne & orange juice

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