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Up to date At the Table prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Spicy Calamari Rings $11.99 tender calamari rings dusted in seasoning and lightly fried to a crispy golden brown
Shrimp $12.95 plump ocean shrimp are lightly fried until crisp and served with our spicy sauce
A Taste Of “at The Table” $18.95 battered juicy chicken wings dripped with bbq or buffalo sauce, tilapia fingers, calamari rings and shrimp
Lovell’s Wings $10.99 fried, honey bbq or buffalo
Collard Greens Bacon Dip $8.99 – $12.99 served with nacho chips
Tilapia Fingers $8.49 cornmeal crusted tilapia and served with tartar sauce


add small garden salad or caesar salad with entrees $3.99
Garden Salad $5.99 – $6.00 crisp greens, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, choice dressing
Caesar Salad $6.99 fresh romaine tossed in a classic caesar dressing, topped with croutons and parmesan cheese

Entrees – Beef

all entrees include your choice of 2 sides
Beef Short Ribs $21.99 braised until fork tender highlighted with brown gravy or bbq sauce
Meatloaf $17.99 ground beef baked in a slow oven and served with gravy
Ox Tails $18.99 slow cooked to tenderness (weekend only)

Entrees – Seafood

all entrees include your choice of 2 sides
Tilapia $15.99 fresh catch served blackened, baked or fried
Fried Whiting $15.99 flaky white fish breaded and fried to golden brown
Darius’ Fried Shrimp Dinner $18.99 battered and fried golden brown
Salmon Cake Dinner $14.99 salmon blended with onion, pepper then deep fried or saute to golden brown
Ms. Maya’s Sweet Potato Crusted Tilapia $16.99 saute and oven baked
Seafood Comb $18.99 Shrimp and Fish – Saute or Fried

Entrees – Poultry

all entrees include your choice of 2 sides
Smothered Turkey Wings $15.99 braised then slowly oven-cooked to tender perfection. gravy or bbq sauce
Herb Roasted Chicken $14.99 seasoned with our special bbq sauce or special herb blend
Southern Fried Chicken Or Smothered $14.99 seasoned and deep fried to golden brown
Vernon’s Turkey Chop $15.99 fried or smothered in gravy


platters served with french fries , sweet potato fries or grits
Southern Fried Chicken $7.95
Salmon Cakes $7.95 grits or fries
Fried Fish $8.95 whiting or tilapia
Chicken Fingers $7.95


Beet And Black-eyed Pea Salad $5.99 served with a vinaigrette dressing
Potato Curry $10.99 red bliss potato, sweet potato, sweet potato and pinto beans in curry sauce
Tofu Nuggets & Fries $7.99
Vegan Collards $5.75
Vegan Mashed Potatoes $4.75
Vegan Asparagus $5.75
Tofu Nuggets Salad $7.99 Crisp greens, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes,choice dressing (wing Tofu croutons)

Gluten Free

Gluten free flour,Gluten free Cornmeal
Southern Fried Chicken $15.99 Seasoned and deep fried to golden brown
Smothered or Barbequed $16.99 Baked or Fried in Gravy or BBQ sauce
Tilapia $16.99 Fresh catch served blackened ,baked or fried
Whiting or flounder $16.99 Crispy fish fillets breaded or baked to a golden brown
Fried Shrimp Dinner $18.99 Battered and Fried to a golden brown
Seafood Comb -Shrimp and fish $18.99 Saute or Fried

Kids Corner

11 yrs & under. all kids’ meals will be served with a small fountain drink
Chicken Fingers $5.49 served with french fries
Grilled Cheese $5.29 served with french fries
Macaroni & Cheese $5.95 cheesy and yummy. served with small salad

Side Orders

Black-eyed Peas & Rice $3.75
Grilled Asparagus $4.75
Candied Yams $3.75
Mashed Potato $3.75
Collard Greens $3.75
Green Beans $4.75
Grits Or Polenta $2.50 – $3.50
French Fries $2.50
Sweet Potato Fries $4.50
Onion Rings $4.50
Potato Salad $4.75
Macaroni & Cheese $4.75
White Rice $2.00
Brown Rice $3.75


Desserts Vary Daily
Ora’s Cream Cheese Pound Cake $3.95
Sweet Potato Pie $3.95
Red Velvet Cake $3.95
Coconut Cake $3.95
Chocolate Cake $3.95

Drink Selection

Sweet Tea $3.00
Lemonade $3.00
Up-town $3.00 sweet tea & lemonade
Unsweetened Tea $3.00
Cola $2.50
Diet Cola $2.50
Sprite $2.50
Fanta $2.50
Pink Lemonade $2.50
Hot Tea $2.50
Coffee $2.50


SUNDAY BUFFET $17.95 A variety of great food from salads to desserts

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