Athens Market Tavern

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Group Take-Out – Menu 1

For 10 or more people.
Menu 1 $9.00 Per person. Build you own sandwiches consisting of – lamb gyro meat, seasoned roasted chicken strips, diced cucumber, tomatoes and onions, tsatziki dip, pita bread, greek salad.

Group Take-Out – Menu 2

Traditional greek dishes served family style with rice, green beans, salad & bread (choose between the 4 entrees).
Menu 2 $10.00 – $11.00 One of the entrees per person, two per person.
Kotopoulo Baked chicken seasoned with lemon, olive oil and oregano.
Moussaka Baked layers of eggplant, zucchini and ground sirloin topped with bechamel sauce.
Stifatho Piquant beef sirloin tips and onions spiced with twelve seasonings.
Pastitso Macaroni with finely seasoned meat sauce and cheese topped with bechamel sauce.

Group Take-Out – Menu 3

Ka-bobs served family style with rice, green beans, salad & bread.
Menu 3 $14.00 Per person.
Beef Souvlaki Tender morsels of filet mignon threaded on skewers (ka-bobs).
Chicken Souvlaki Tender morsels of chicken breast on skewers (ka bobs).

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