Audrey Bakery & Cafe

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Cuisine: Coffee, Desserts, Bakery & Pastries.

Full Moon Cake

Bless Of Joy In This Wonderful Day. We Like To Share With You The Joy Of A New Journal.
C1. Big Black Lin
C2. Strawberry Mousse
C3. Tiramisu Cakes
C4. Mango Mousse
C5. Black Forest
C6. Green Tea Pudding Cake
C7. Fruit Of Love
C8. Coffee Walnut Cake
D1. Irish Coffee
D2. Strawberry Sweetheart
D3. Montblanc
D4. Strawberry Thira
D5. Chocolate Mousse
D6. Small Black Forest
D7. Small Black Lin
D8. Tiramisu Cake
D9. Almond Fruit Cup
D10. Mango Mousse
D11. Blueberry Mousse
D12. Coffee Mousse
D13. Strawberry Tart

Delicious Dessert For Banquet

Sweet And Savory Flavors Of The Desserts Always Make You Come Back For More
E1. Homemade Cookies
E2. Cream Puff
E3. Sandwich
E4. Mini Sponge Cake
E5. Mini Walnut Coconut Tart
E6. Fruit Tarts
E7. Mini Mousse Cake
E8. Strawberry Mochi
E9. Mini Hamburger

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift

Happiest Day The Most Delicious Gift
F1. 3Q Pastry
F2. Pineapple Crisp Gift
F3. Green Bean Pastry Gift
F4. Red Bean & York Pastry Gift
F5. Green Bean Pastry
F6. Taro Pastry
F7. Pineapple Crisp

Birthday Cake

Audrey’s Insistence Fresh Of Success.
A1. Maple Syrup Cake
A2. Green Note
A3. Peach Cake

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